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Author Topic: List of Plopable Waterways  (Read 11012 times)

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List of Plopable Waterways
« on: November 09, 2008, 08:21:11 AM »
I have spent the past hours working on an Excel-list of all canal-related custom content (at either LEX, STEX or PLEX), which includes the plugin name, author name, exchange and hyperlink to the file. I decided to post it here, so that everyone who needs Canal-related Plugins, can easily take a look. It includes for example Canals, River Sets, Pond Sets etc.

I hope some people can put the list to good use,


[tabular type=1]
[row][head colspan=4]
Plopable Waterways
(sorted by AUTHOR)

[row][data]Royal Oak for Canals (CAL/SG Canal)[/data][data]BarbyW[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CAL Canals Wharves[/data][data]BarbyW[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
Slaytfork Mill (RPK)[/data][data]BarbyW[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
SG Canals Overhanging Set[/data][data]Battlecat[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
Ascenseur Strepy Thieu (CAL Canal)[/data][data]blanco_05[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
River Park Kit (RPK)[/data][data]BSC[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
VOC Ship in Oppie Canal[/data][data]burgemeestertijn[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
Gateshead Millenium Bridge (SG Canal)[/data][data]Callagrafx[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CAL Canals Base Set[/data][data]Callagrafx[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
Gateshead Millenium Bridge (CAL Canal)[/data][data]Callagrafx[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CAL Canals Addon - Small Wharf[/data][data]Callagrafx[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CAL Canals Extra's 1[/data][data]Callagrafx[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CAL Canals Addon - Paddleboats[/data][data]Callagrafx[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CAL Canals Addon - Aqueduct[/data][data]Callagrafx[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CAL Canals Addon - Terraces[/data][data]Callagrafx[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CAL Brixham Sculling Club[/data][data]Callagrafx[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CAL Stone Canals Bridge Pack v1[/data][data]Callagrafx[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CAL Stone Canals Base Set[/data][data]Callagrafx[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CCPW Canal Park Walk (SG Canal)[/data][data]Citynut[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
Agricultural Suburban Cabals[/data][data]Citynut[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CCPW Canal Park Walk (CAL Canal)[/data][data]Citynut[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
Shedd Aquarium (SG Canal)[/data][data]Citynut[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
Jeronij Canal Set - CSX Twist[/data][data]Colyn[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
Spotted Duck Pond[/data][data]Colyn[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
Ponds Shingle Base Set[/data][data]Diggis[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
Streams Shingle Diagonal Base Set[/data][data]Diggis[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
Streams Shingle Base Set[/data][data]Diggis[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
UK Barges for Oppie Canals[/data][data]ill tonkso[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
Puente Del Campo Volantin (Oppie Canal)[/data][data]jec[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
Urban Canals[/data][data]Jeronij[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
Urban Canals Narrow[/data][data]Jeronij[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
Oppie Canal Overpasses[/data][data]Marrast[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
Japan River Project - Core Lot Pack[/data][data]MAS71[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
Japan River Project - Addons 1[/data][data]MAS71[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
Japan River Project - Addons 2[/data][data]MAS71[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
Oppie Canal Set[/data][data]Oppie[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
Streamkit - Deluxe Edition[/data][data]Pegasus[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
Streamkit - Style 2 Patch[/data][data]Pegasus[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
Pond kit - Transparent Patch[/data][data]Pegasus[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
Pond kit - Deluxe Edition[/data][data]Pegasus[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CSK - Narrow[/data][data]Pegasus[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CSK2 - Locks[/data][data]Pegasus[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CSK2 - 3x Railroad Swing Bridge[/data][data]Pegasus[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CSK2 - 3x Avenue Draw Bridge[/data][data]Pegasus[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CSK2 - 3x Road Swing Bridge[/data][data]Pegasus[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CSK2 - Lift Bridges[/data][data]Pegasus[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CSK2 - Railroad Lift Bridge[/data][data]Pegasus[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CSK - Railroad Lift Bridge[/data][data]Pegasus[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CSK - Lift Bridges[/data][data]Pegasus[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CSK2 - Random Traffic[/data][data]Pegasus[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CSK2 - Functional Small Port[/data][data]Pegasus[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CSK2 - Fountains[/data][data]Pegasus[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CSK2 - Docks[/data][data]Pegasus[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CSK2 - Functional Water Taxis[/data][data]Pegasus[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CSK2 - Annabellelin Restaurant[/data][data]Pegasus[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CSK2 - Bridges 'Crossing Over'[/data][data]Pegasus[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CSK - Waterfalls 'Go with the Flow'[/data][data]Pegasus[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CSK 2 - Base Set[/data][data]Pegasus[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CSK - Ends 'A means to an End'[/data][data]Pegasus[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
CSK - Locks 'Gettin Down…'[/data][data]Pegasus[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
Utopia Series - Sunken Canals[/data][data]Pegasus[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
SG Canals Base Set[/data][data]SimGoober[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
SG Canals Addon - Locks[/data][data]SimGoober[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
SG Canals Addon - Terraces[/data][data]SimGoober[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
Irrigation Canals[/data][data]SimGoober[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
SG Canals Addon - Small Wharf[/data][data]SimGoober[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
SG Canals Expansion Set 1[/data][data]SimGoober[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
SG Canals Addon - Canal Parks[/data][data]SimGoober[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
SG Canals Addon - Bridge Pack 1[/data][data]SimGoober[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
SG Canals Addon - Gondola Landing[/data][data]SimGoober[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
SG Canals Addon - Paddleboats[/data][data]SimGoober[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
SG Canals Narrow Set[/data][data]SimGoober[/data][data][/data][/row][row][data]
Sunken Canals Base Set[/data][data]zero7[/data][data][/data][/row][/tabular]

N.B.: I left out Plopable (flora) Waters out on purpose, since that type of plugins will get it's own list sooner or later
When the Canal Set a plugin belongs to was not completely clear in the original title, I added (XXX Canal) to it.

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Re: List of Plopable Waterways
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2008, 08:30:18 AM »
Awesome work on that list Casper  &apls &apls thanks for it !! that can help a lot of people  &apls &apls
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Re: List of Plopable Waterways
« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2008, 08:37:43 AM »
This is a splendid idea, Casper.  I'm impressed that you took it on yourself to make these lists.  Can someone give Casper a karma point?  He truly deserves it, since he has performed a beneficial service.

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Re: List of Plopable Waterways
« Reply #3 on: November 09, 2008, 08:56:47 AM »
Great job  :thumbsup:

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Re: List of Plopable Waterways
« Reply #4 on: November 09, 2008, 02:01:49 PM »
You are missing my diagonal streams.  :'(

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Re: List of Plopable Waterways
« Reply #5 on: November 09, 2008, 11:06:25 PM »
Oops, added them  ;)
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Re: List of Plopable Waterways
« Reply #6 on: November 26, 2008, 08:54:24 PM »
This needs to be updated soon with Pegs new Utopia series canals.

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Re: List of Plopable Waterways
« Reply #7 on: May 16, 2010, 01:24:02 PM »
I have updated the list to include PEG's Utopia Series (thanks, wes.janson) and also added in Callagrafx new canal set.
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Re: List of Plopable Waterways
« Reply #8 on: May 16, 2010, 10:43:40 PM »
I didn't see any of mine in there :(

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