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Creator: SimGoober Upload Date: 2007-06-23
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A set of four lots, designed to expand the horizons of the base set. They are an expansion set, and need the base set to function correctly.
Culvert : Overflow Designed for many uses. This piece can be used on a road side, or at the edge of a drop off, to give the impression the canal water continues underground.
Culvert : Fill Pipes Designed for the opposite side of whichever obstacle the culvert should flow under. Has the appearance of water flowing out.
Culvert Tunnel Designed for use against a sharp slope, to look like a tunnel entrance or exit. Careful terraforming is necessary for best appearance. The tunnel entrance overhangs the lot, to sink into the neighboring slope.
Canal Water Pump: A duplicate water source to the Maxis water pump. Capacity is 20,000. Found in the water utility menu.
BSC Textures Vol01
BSC Essentials Files
BSC Brick Canal Set


cronop44 Thanks 2017‑08‑29
Disasterjunkie looks like a pool for catfish 2014‑07‑08
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sejr99999 thank you for this excellent canal system 2010‑06‑14
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Mawgojzeta Really helps the canals seem realistic. Thank you. 2009‑09‑16
Tprocheira This is just amazing! 2009‑07‑11
Chlev GREAT 2008‑11‑21
Chlev I love your exchange! 2008‑11‑21
jacqulina thankyou this is wonderfull 2007‑06‑23