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3 Further pieces for the remastered Goober Canals...A lock and a raising bridge.


dhaniduduls great job 2012/01/28
tarmiji thanks 2011/12/18
english would be nice if there was some kind of conformity to the color of water in the canal system every body has a version of the items i want but looks terible with 4 or 5 different canal water colors but in most cases the details are outstanding 2009/01/10
mayormalsy Brilliant, great looking water textures, cheers. 2008/12/20
Lilojame Thank you! 2008/11/13
Swesim Thanks for Your work on remaking these! However I wonder if it would be possible to make a few wishes: The railroad bridge doesnŽt connect in both ends, IŽll see if I can fix that myself somehow. The streetbridge is good, but a functional one would be even better, is there a functional raising bridge for roads/streets coming? 2008/07/24
c.p. Excellent remastering work on this series. Thank you. 2007/08/05
jacqulina wonderfull work 2007/07/24