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This is the base set for the re-rendered Canals by Simgoober. There are some new pieces and some pieces not included from the previous set.


cronop44 Thanks 2017/08/29
nos.17 For those of you wanting diagonals, here you are : http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/31183-sg-cal-canal-diagonal-addons/ 2016/08/22
sava sabayomu thanks 2015/10/30
cromabianca I mean: this are just glorious! Thanks! 2015/09/01
Abrams124 Awesome! 2015/01/31
Disasterjunkie I have officially learned my lesson! make a back up. make a back up. It will take me days to get all my info again. 2014/07/07
wwhhll0824 偶哈,又一个中国的朋友抱走拉 2012/08/02
945207773 中国的朋友抱走咯!! 2012/05/01
steffenriebl Calla Any plans to make diagonal pieces? 2012/04/12
rzk01 very good stuff! 2011/12/23
tarmiji thanks 2011/11/08
ragna214 CALLAGRAFX. ADD CANAL NARROW SET :) please 2011/09/25
Pica Corvidae Really impressive. I spent an age building a non-functional canal system in SimCity 3000 as a series of landmarks, lovely to have it all ready and available for SimCity 4 :o) 2011/02/15
jicesuyi 中国的声音 不错哈哈 喜欢 2010/10/06
brandbrand32 thanks! 2010/09/26
roe99 Nice! amazing 2010/09/06
sameul Nice! 2010/08/24
Kuera Thanks! I downloaded.I like it!! 2010/08/10
victory6483 せせせ 2010/07/25
sejr99999 thank you have enjoyed Simgoober's canals and can't wait to see what the new render has done 2010/05/31
plai thanks 2009/12/30
soulvision I downloaded it then the boxes appear for every canal sets. What going on? 2009/10/17
roni-m3 Thanks guys 2009/09/21
diegoPPbr true 2009/04/30
mafukw Thanks 2009/04/08
Lilojame Thank you! 2008/11/13
pedroferreiralp a feature i always missed is now available. this is amazing. 2008/10/08
taichan Thank you! 2007/12/19
SimNation Question....will the mml that worked for the original canals work for this one? Or are you going to make a new mml for it? 2007/09/10
Kirk22 These are great. Can't wait for the Bridge overpass's to follow....Please.. 2007/09/10
Lana 10/10 2007/08/27
DocWright These look amazing! I hope to see ALL the SG canal lots re-rendered like this! 2007/08/07
TheTeaCat A wonderful reworking of a classic. 11/10 2007/08/03
Russell This is excellent. I love it. 2007/07/26
Ajax These are fantastic! I always loved Goober's canals, but thought the water could be a little better. I hope there are more to come. Thanks! 2007/07/26
Antoine the new texture is excellent 2007/07/26
Burro Wowowow... damn, that water is awesome! 2007/07/26
JTB1000 thanks a ton cal! new water is great 2007/07/25
Mas71 Very beutiful !! The splendid series became more splendid and came back! Thank you very much callagrafx!! 2007/07/24
jacqulina beautifull work 2007/07/24
zero7 The new water texture is excellent. SC4 canals just entered a new generation. 2007/07/24
kimcar Excellent as always . This is a must. Thanks 2007/07/24