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Author Topic: BAT Showcase  (Read 362537 times)

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Re: BAT Showcase
« Reply #2200 on: December 03, 2019, 10:02:58 AM »
Nice, thank you. This is good news. :)
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Re: BAT Showcase
« Reply #2201 on: December 05, 2019, 09:19:23 AM »
Thanks guys... :thumbsup:

So, some new bats in the works:
The two buildings on the same Ginza street as the Yamaha building. These three buildings make for interesting W2Ws:


oOh Media (a building in North Sydney). I just wanted to see if I could do those etched skylights that you see everywhere....the building was just an afterthought  ::)

New Releases:

The community Centre


And a whole new series of passenger ferries. A lot of custom content passenger ferries don't actually work for a whole slew of reasons, or if they do work, are very difficult to place, so I made some. I expect to see some copy-cat stuff soon. :P These ferries have the added bonus in that they will work with almost all of the sea-wall kits available







And, a brand new (old) one, V4:


Matt, if you think it's wrong I will delete this post, but I couldn't hold back - I wanted to repeat this bunch of beauty again on the following page.

(But of course also I hope to get some likes for nothing by stealing them from you)
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Re: BAT Showcase
« Reply #2202 on: January 16, 2020, 12:27:45 PM »
Hi Matt!

I see that you don't stop with making great buildings! With every one I'm always amazed how you can keep an excellent quality... and quantity!  &apls

May I have a suggestion?  ::) I just thought... You make a lot of commercial offices... May I give you an inspiration to bat... my workplace? :D

Jacobs office in Krakow is probably one of the best commercial buildings built in this city in the past decade. It's a mid-rise, glass-covered and mostly consist of straight and sharp lines.

Aerial photo 1

Aerial photo 2

Link to the building in Google Maps 3D

I could make even more of real-life photos if needed.  ;D

If you look for more inspiration for your future projects, I could show you more offices in Krak󷠨or Warsaw). There's a lot of commercial mid- and high-rises that have been under construction in recent years (many of them really good pieces of architecture) :)
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Re: BAT Showcase
« Reply #2203 on: Yesterday at 03:56:32 PM »
Thanks guys.

I like the Krakow offices and you should see them very soon.

Just a quick update on stuff in the works/new releases.


Sunken Library
Designed to fit in with the sunken plazas from a few months ago; like that series, this will also receive shadows from surrounding buildings and trees


Ginza Buildings
A series of buildings from around the Ginza district of Tokyo. I chose these particular ones as they are able to blend in with western streetscapes. These were described by one so-called 'batter'(I use the term very loosely) as "simple square cardboard boxes".
I have set them to grow only on the Houston T/S so they don't become weedy. I do intend to make more of these 'simple square cardboard boxes'.

Yamaha Building


Giza gCube


Salvatore Ferragamo






Millennium Mitsui Hotel






LSG Bucharest
A weird little W2W from Romania


Berry St North Sydney


Excelsior Hotel


RSL club
A very Australian thing...


Griffin Financial
A fictional building with tacky wall-art bling


Trimble Sydney



SC4 Lacks functional, narrow pedestrian laneways that are seen in so many cities.
I am making a series of interconnecting ones that all function together and tie into ped malls. As this is kinda new, and it is slightly different modding from the usual pedestrian enabled parks, I am giving them fairly thorough testing

So far, so good:

All together in action:

Brentwood Savings, LA
Another mid-century, mid-rise thing.

Burberry Chicago
A nice segue with the Ginza buildings, and shows that "simple square cardboard boxes" appear much closer to the Canadian border

Fictional New Build High Rises
Just exploring the modern penchant for moody, monochromatic colour schemes:

CG Trader
This is more of campus style arrangement for suburban areas

Nickov Industries
Nickov is a brand of Vodka. But you can bet your last dollar that this was not my intention with the name of this squat, uninspired and dumpy fictional building. Although, like too much vodka, the effects are the same: over-marketed to tell whoppers about how good it is, when all it leaves is a nauseating hangover and complete regret at ever having interacted with the stuff. And, just like Nickov, you really don't need it in your life at all.

NAB Hobart
Just a mid-rise from the BAT request thread

H&R Block
A request, because who doesn't want tax affairs in SC4....

Tree Farms
This is also a new type of farm field to represent tree plantations

....but, in my testing, I am having an issue with other farms growing over the top of it (and still leaving the original farm and fields showing). I've made farms before and never had this issue....everything is set correctly to the best of my knowledge (eg, monopoly pieces, I-Ag, etc). I wish I had collected more from the old BSC board, as Barby had written extensively on this may never see the light of day unless I can figure a fix

Vandamm House
From the movie North by Northwest. A fictional painting of the villains lair at the top of mount rushmore. I've made it a Mayors House (who doesn't want a lair) that provides the benefit of the reward without needing road access. (It can also be placed to overhang in game water)

I think that is all.... ::)

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Re: BAT Showcase
« Reply #2204 on: Today at 12:10:23 PM »
I hope you can get the farm sorted out. In the meantime, I'll be playing with everything else you've done. :)

Offline kbieniu7

Re: BAT Showcase
« Reply #2205 on: Today at 01:27:19 PM »
Excellent quality and jawdropping quantity, I will repeat it every time you add a new bat :P
Thank you for visiting Kolbrów, and for being for last ten years!