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Author Topic: BSC Texture Index  (Read 115618 times)

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Offline Duco

Re: BSC Texture Index
« Reply #620 on: July 04, 2019, 02:26:22 PM »
I am a little bit confused because there isn't any reply and it is not clear to me if it is possible or not to asked for an texture ID. Well, whatever. I hope everything will come to an good end.

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Re: BSC Texture Index
« Reply #621 on: July 04, 2019, 07:24:36 PM »
It is indeed not the best time to be requesting a range, because as the recent incident showed, we're not in shape to be able to assign IID ranges with absolute certainty.  The lack of reply is because I wasn't sure how to respond to your request.

Theoretically, after nathkel and ezequiel558's new ranges (F90C0000 - F90FFFFF for the former, F9100000 - F913FFFF for the later), the next range should be F9140000-F917FFFF, but without the spreadsheet or a re-assembly of it, I'd only consider it provisional at the moment. 

I have no idea as to just when the re-assembly of the spreadsheet will happen.  Between life outside SC4, and my duties to the site (which still needs to move) and the NAM Team (currently in the midst of an never-ending development cycle for NAM 37), I'm probably not the guy to do it, unfortunately.


Offline Duco

Re: BSC Texture Index
« Reply #622 on: July 05, 2019, 01:03:25 AM »
It is indeed not the best time to be requesting a range

Thank you for your answer. You could say just that: I don't know how to respond, so I know what the situation is. I can't look inside your head.
It is like it is, I don't mind and I  know the 'just 24 hours in a day' issue.
Again, thank you for your answer, so I know where I am standing.

I am a complete noob with Gmax and Fishman. So it will take so time before I actually need them. First a lot, a lot of practice. :-)

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Re: BSC Texture Index
« Reply #623 on: July 05, 2019, 05:49:39 AM »
And indeed, my apologies for everything. :-[  I do hope that once we can get the site moved, that we can at least do something to fix the index--hopefully, before you've started making textures for your Lotting purposes.


Offline Duco

Re: BSC Texture Index
« Reply #624 on: July 06, 2019, 06:12:34 AM »

Canít let go, (because you apologied and that is to big) just wanít to say: I think it is great what you (and all others) do to keep SC4 alive.

Offline catty

Re: BSC Texture Index
« Reply #625 on: July 06, 2019, 06:41:31 AM »
......I have no idea as to just when the re-assembly of the spreadsheet will happen.....

Its a work in progress and doesn't included anything issued for the BSC Team or over at Simtrop and I'm not going to guarantee how accurate it is either, and I can't post the name of the first person on the list due to his lifetime ban from this site

Code: [Select]
His [banned] range is 0xF84C0000 to 0xF84FFFFF
@ 11241036 your range is 0xF85C0000 to 0xF85FFFFF
@ Aaron Graham your range is 0xF7C00000 to 0xF7C3FFFF
@ Acemusik your range is 0xF5480000 to 0xF54FFFFF
@ adroman your range is 0xF6680000 ot 0xF66BFFFF
@ Agathorn your range is 0xF6D00000 to 0xF6D3FFFF
@ Akallan your range is 0xF8DC0000 to 0xF8DDFFFF
@ AKPSV your range is 0xF6E00000 to 0xF6E3FFFF
@ Aquazona883 your range is 0xF7D00000 to 0xF7D3FFFF
@ Aran your range is 0xF7C40000 to 0xF7C7FFFF
@ Badsim your range is 0xF8D00000 to 0xF8D3FFFF
@ bap your range is 0xF6FC0000 to 0xF6FFFFFF
@ Battlecat your range is 0xF5A80000 to 0xF5AFFFFF
@ belfastsocrates your range is 0xF88C0000to 0xF88FFFFF
@ benjamin_germany your range is 0xF7200000 to 0xF723FFFF
@ bento your range is 0xF5F00000 to 0xF5F7FFFF
@ bighead99 your range is 0xF4280000 to 0xF42FFFFF
@ BLaM your range is 0xF1B00000 to 0xF1EFFFFF
@ carlfatal your range is 0xF77C0000 to 0xF77FFFFF
@ Catalyst your range is 0xF8500000 to 0xF853FFFF
@ ccy your range is 0xF8680000 to 0xF86BFFFF
@ Chrisim your range is 0xF4180000 to 0xF41FFFFF
@ CorinaMarie your range is 0xF8B40000 to 0xF8B7FFFF
@ CSGdesign your range is 0xF5900000 to 0xF597FFFF
@ cuda7185 your range is 0xF8A80000 to 0xF8ABFFFF
@ Danthe your range is 0xF5380000 to 0xF53FFFFF
@ DaveN your range is 0xF7B40000 to 0xF7B7FFFF
@ DCMetro2834 your range is 0xF6400000 to 0xF647FFFF
@ delija21 your range is 0xF8040000 to 0xF807FFFF
@ delta9 your range is 0xF6500000 to 0xF657FFFF
@ Diggis your range is 0xF3500000 to 0xF357FFFF
@ djp your range is 0xF7340000 to 0xF737FFFF
@ dobdriver0xF7440000 to 0xF747FFFF
@ DonVitoCorleone your range is 0xF81C0000 to 0xF81FFFFF
@ dragonshardz your range is F3680000 to F36FFFFF
@ droric your range is 0xF80C0000 to 0xF80FFFFF
@ dsrwhat316 your range is 0xF4D00000 to 0xF4D7FFFF
@ dunzer your range is 0xF7800000 to 0xF783FFFF
@ earwax_man your range is 0xF6580000 to 0xF65FFFFF
@ eggman121 your range is 0xF7FC0000 to 0xF7FFFFFF
@ ElPhantasmo69 your range is 0xF9080000 to 0xF90BFFFF
@ emanuelfranco0390 your range is 0xF87C0000 to 0xF87FFFFF
@ Ennedi your range is 0xF4C80000 to 0xF4CFFFFF
@ epicblunder your range is 0xF7680000 to 0xF76BFFFF
@ ezequiel558 your range is 0xF8DF0000 to 0xF8DFFFFF
@ fafalone your range is 0xF67C0000 to 0xF67FFFFF
@ fantozzi your range is 0xF82C0000 to 0xF82FFFFF
@ ferdinnd your range is 0xF8880000 to 0xF88BFFFF
@ Fireworks your range is 0xF4D80000 to 0xF4DFFFFF
@ Framly your range is 0xF7640000 to 0xF767FFFF
@ Frex_Ceafus 0xF79C0000 to 0xF79FFFFF
@ ftop your range is 0xF6940000 to 0xF697FFFF
@ Gherkin your range is 0xF3A00000 to 0xF3A7FFFF
@ gihunnam your range is 0xF8740000 to 0xF877FFFF
@ Golhbul your range is 0xF8780000 to 0xF87BFFFF
@ Gondracorn your range is 0xF8B80000 to 0xF8BBFFFF
@ gottago your range is 0xF6100000 to 0xF617FFFF
@ greckman your range is 0xF7400000 to 0xF743FFFF
@ Gwail your range is 0xF4800000 to 0xF487FFFF
@ hakki your range is 0xF7D40000 to 0xF7D7FFFF
@ Handyman your range is 0xF8C80000 to 0xF8CBFFFF
@ harishna your range is 0xF75C0000 to 0xF75FFFFF
@ Heblem  your range is 0xF49A0### to 0xF49F0###
@ Heblem  your range is 0xF5000000 to 0xF50FFFFF
@ Heblem  your range is 0xF50A0### to 0xF50F0###
@ Heblem  your range is 0xF5100000 to 0xF51FFFFF
@ Heblem  your range is 0xF51A0### to 0xF51F0###
@ Heblem  your range is 0xF5200000 to 0xF52FFFFF
@ Heblem  your range is 0xF52A0### to 0xF52B0###
@ heitomat your range is 0xF6080000 to 0xF60FFFFF
@ hooha47 your range is 0xF5D00000 to 0xF5D7FFFF
@ Indiana Joe your range is 0xF7F40000 to 0xF7F7FFFF
@ iphy22 your range is 0xF71C0000 to 0xF71FFFFF
@ isii94 your range is 0xF8280000 to 0xF82BFFFF
@ ivo_su your range is 0xF7240000 to 0xF727FFFF
@ Jackfelle your range is 0xF5180000 to 0xF51FFFFF
@ janbryan your range is 0xF7540000 to 0xF757FFFF
@ JayStimson your range is 0xF6B40000 to 0xF6B7FFFF
@ jjeffrey your range is 0xF7F80000 to 0xF7FBFFFF
@ jmelvin your range is 0xF6600000 to 0xF663FFFF
@ Jmouse your range is 0xF4400000 to 0xF447FFFF
@ joelyboy911 your range is 0xF5500000 to 0xF557FFFF
@ jondor your range is 0xF6C00000 to 0xF6C3FFFF
@ Kack your range is 0xF7A80000 to 0xF7ABFFFF
@ kaylacey  your range is 0xF7940000 to 0xF797FFFF
@ khimera your range is 0xF8C00000 to 0xF8C3FFFF
@ Khiyana your range is 0xF3780000 to 0xF37FFFFF
@ khoianh94 your range is 0xF76C0000 to 0xF76FFFFF
@ kingtai your range is 0xF86C0000 to 0xF86FFFFF
@ Kitsune your range is 0xF8CC0000 to 0xF8CFFFFF
@ knapp your range is 0xF7600000 to 0xF763FFFF
@ Konrad your range is 0xF8600000 to 0xF863FFFF
@ koszt your range is 0xF7CC0000 to 0xF7CFFFFF
@ krashspeed your range is 0xF7B80000 to 0xF7BBFFFF
@ Kuddelmuddel your range is 0xF7A40000 to 0xF7A7FFFF
@ kwakelaar your range is 0xF3B00000 to 0xF3B7FFFF
@ ldvger your range is 0xF5E00000 to 0xF5E7FFFF
@ lemurien your range is 0xF8240000 to 0xF827FFFF
@ Leodido your range is 0xF5B00000 to 0xF5B7FFFF
@ M4346 your range is 0xF3600000 to 0xF367FFFF
@ Madeira your range is 0xD7000000 to 0xD74FFFFF
@ Maffylein your range is 0xF7780000 to 0xF77BFFFF
@ Magneto your range is 0xF7B00000 to 0xF7B3FFFF
@ mak your range is 0xF8180000 to 0xF81BFFFF
@ mbsimcity your range is 0xF8980000to 0xF89BFFFF
@ Meastro444 your range is 0xF4980000 to 0xF49FFFFF
@ metarvo your range is 0xF6200000 to 0xF627FFFF
@ mgarcia your range is 0xF8480000 to 0xF84BFFFF
@ mgb204 your range is F8340000to 0xF837FFFF
@ michae95l your range is 0xF8C40000 to 0xF8C7FFFF
@ Mighty Dubselector your range is 0xF7E00000 to 0xF7E3FFFF
@ mntoes your range is 0xF78C0000 to 0xF78FFFFF
@ mosin33 your range is 0xF5300000 to 0xF537FFFF
@ Mr.Lin your range is 0xF8100000 to 0xF813FFFF
@ mrmike1979 your range is 0xF7040000 to 0xF707FFFF
@ mr_patrick your range is 0xF6280000 to 0xF62FFFFF
@ MrSkyline your range is 0xF7D80000 to 0xF7DBFFFF
@ MushyMushy your range is 0xF8800000 to 0xF883FFFF
@ Nardo69 your range is 0xF3D00000 to 0xF3D7FFFF
@ nas-t your range is 0xF7AC0000 to 0xF7AFFFFF
@ natejamison your range is 0xF74C0000 to 0xF74FFFFF
@ nathkel your range is F8DE0000 to F8DEFFFF
@ NCGAIO your range is 0xF7740000 to 0xF777FFFF
@ NecoraNecora your range is 0xF7480000 to 0xF74BFFFF
@ nekseb your range is 0xF6700000 to 0xF673FFFF
@ neomx your range is 0xF6DC0000 to 0xF6DFFFFF
@ ngpillow your range is 0xF8940000 to 0xF897FFFF
@ Nijomi your range is 0xF6F80000 to 0xF6FBFFFF
@ nirasa your range is 0xF8400000 to 0xF843FFFF
@ noahclem your range is 0xF8540000 to 0xF857FFFF
@ nos.17 your range is 0xF8840000 to 0xF887FFFF
@ nPr your range is 0xF6980000 to 0xF69BFFFF
@ Olasz your range is 0xF5580000 to 0xF55FFFFF
@ omgitskosc your range is 0xF8A00000 to 0xF8A3FFFF
@ Orange_o_ your range is 0xF4E80000 to 0xF4EFFFFF
@ oren your range is 0xF7980000 to 0xF79BFFFF
@ packersfan your range is 0xF7E80000 to 0xF7EBFFFF
@ paeng your range is 0xF5F80000 to 0xF5FFFFFF
@ panerai1 your range is 0xF8640000 to 0xF867FFFF
@ PaPa-J your range is 0xF73C0000 to 0xF73FFFFF
@ Pat your range is 0xF4C00000 to 0xF4C7FFFF
@ pcr231 your range is 0xF5000000 ot 0xF507FFFF
@ puresim your range is 0xF6640000 to 0xF667FFFF
@ pxljce your range is 0xF8140000 to 0xF817FFFF
@ Rady your range is 0xF5D80000 to 0xF5DFFFFF
@ Randye352 your range is 0xF8D40000 to 0xF8D7FFFF
@ Rayden your range is 0xF4F00000 to 0xF4F7FFFF
@ raynerlim36 your range is 0xF6F40000 to 0xF6F7FFFF
@ riiga your range is 0xF6380000 to 0xF63FFFFF
@ rivit your range is 0xF5E8000 to 0xF5EFFFFF
@ rottenart your range is 0xF7700000 to 0xF773FFFF
@ rusekrax your range is 0xF7EC0000 to 0xF7EFFFFF
@ RuskiG2 your range is 0xF8AC0000 to 0xF8AFFFFF
@ Sam Johnson your range is 0xF4880000 to 0xF48FFFFF
@ scoty your range is 0xF8E00000 to 0xF8E3FFFF
@ selles your range is 0xF72C0000 to 0xF72FFFFF
@ Shackmahn your range is 0xF7DC0000 to 0xF7DFFFFF
@ ShadeSlayer your range is 0xF6740000 to 0xF677FFFF
@ Shaggy your range is 0xf7380000 to 0xf73bffff
@ shokthrpy your range is 0xF7500000 to 0xF753FFFF
@ shy dude your range is 0xF7F00000 to 0xF7F3FFFF
@ Simcitler your range is 0xF7280000 to 0xF72BFFFF
@ Simcoug your range is 0xF8080000 to 0xF80BFFFF
@ Simmer2 your range is 0xF8900000 to 0xF893FFFF
@ sithlrd98 your range is 0xF3D80000 to 0xF3DFFFFF
@ smileymk your range is 0xF8440000 to 0xF847FFFF
@ soulstealer your range is 0xF3E80000 to 0xF3EFFFFF
@ spritesftw your range is 0xF8BC0000to 0xF8BFFFFF
@ Stefan79 0xF6AC0000 to 0xF6AFFFFF is good enough!
@ Sunset_baby your range is 0xF7A00000 to 0xF7A3FFFF
@ swat-medic your range is 0xF4700000 to 0xF477FFFF
@ Swordmaster your range is 0xF7880000 to 0xF78BFFFF
@ tamorr your range is 0xF6480000 to 0xF64FFFFF
@ Tarkus your range is 0xF3580000 to 0xF35FFFFF
@ tb7 your range is 0xF7BC0000 to 0xF7BFFFFF
@ Terring7 your range is 0xF7C80000 to 0xF7CBFFFF
@ Themistokles your range is 0xF89C0000 to 0xF89FFFFF
@ Themistokles your range is 0xF8A00000 to 0xF8A3FFFF
@ TheTeaCat your range is 0xF3F00000 to 0xF3F7FFFF
@ TownMaster2005 your range is 0xF8300000to 0xF833FFFF
@ travismking your range is 0xF6D40000 to 0xF6D7FFFF
@ Travis your range is 0xF6300000 to 0xF637FFFF
@ TwistedMentat your range is 0xF4780000 to 0xF47FFFFF
@ Tyberius06 your range is 0xF8D80000 to 0xF8DBFFFF
@ VeeTHis your range is 0xF8B00000 to 0xF8B3FFFF
@ vershner your range is 0xF5400000 to 0xF547FFFF
@ Victor Gonzalez your range is 0xF4900000 to 0xF497FFFF
@ Vlasky your range is 0xF83C0000 to 0xF83FFFFF
@ vortext your range is 0xF8200000 to 0xF823FFFF
@ wes.janson your range is 0xF4A00000 to 0xF4A7FFFF
@ WillG_75 your range is 0xF5200000 to 0xF527FFFF
@ woodb3kmaster your range is 0xF6780000 to 0xF67BFFFF
@ XiahouDun your range is 0xF3700000 to 0xF377FFFF
@ Xiziz your range is F3800000 to F387FFFF
@ xonedl your range is 0xF8700000 to 0xF873FFFF
@ Xyloxadoria your range is 0xF6D80000 to 0xF6DBFFFF
@ y4d12 0xF4380000 bis 0xF43FFFFF ist Richtig!
@ YouBet your range is 0xF8380000 to 0xF83BFFFF
@ Youcefk69 your range is 0xF4F80000 to 0xF4FFFFFF
@ Zelgadis your range is 0xF6A00000 to 0xF6A3FFFF
@ zimmie your range is 0xF7900000 to 0xF793FFFF
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Re: BSC Texture Index
« Reply #626 on: July 07, 2019, 08:50:15 PM »
Thank you so much for that, Cathy--between this and what mattb325 supplied me with, it looks like I have almost all the ranges that have been assigned.  :thumbsup:

I can, based on this, officially confirm that F9140000-F917FFFF can be your range, Duco.  And F9100000-F913FFFF is the new range for ezequiel558.


Offline Duco

Re: BSC Texture Index
« Reply #627 on: July 10, 2019, 04:21:50 AM »

I can, based on this, officially confirm that F9140000-F917FFFF can be your range, Duco


Great, thanks.

Offline pgxpgx

Re: BSC Texture Index
« Reply #628 on: October 22, 2019, 04:04:55 AM »
I need a range of free IDs for a custom texture pack. I hope this thread is still followed and that someone will answer me. Thanks

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Re: BSC Texture Index
« Reply #629 on: October 22, 2019, 05:30:38 AM »
Hi Pascal-

You can have the next available range block, which would be F9180000-F91BFFFF.


Offline pgxpgx

Re: BSC Texture Index
« Reply #630 on: November 04, 2019, 08:18:24 AM »
Hi Alex,
I would need a second ID Range, if possible just following the one I already have (F9180000,F91BFFFF). Thank you

Offline mgb204

Re: BSC Texture Index
« Reply #631 on: November 04, 2019, 03:25:17 PM »
The range you were recently given allows for 36,864 unique texture IDs, have you really made that many textures? If not, perhaps we could help you to better understand how to make use of the full set of IDs? I've attached an Excel Spreadsheet, that lists your F918 Families 9,216 unique IDs. You were assigned 4 families (that's the first four digits of a texture ID), this sheet only covers the first. It ignores all IDs with the 5th digit of 0, 1, 2 or 3, since the use of them will trigger undesirable wealth families for your textures.

If I can be of any further help explaining this side of things, please do not hesitate to ask.
« Last Edit: November 04, 2019, 03:29:15 PM by mgb204 »

Offline pgxpgx

Re: BSC Texture Index
« Reply #632 on: November 05, 2019, 01:00:13 AM »
Thank you for the fast answer.
Didn't know it allows me so many ! I have done two big packs (around 700 each), and before recording the second one I was just wondering to be sure it will not be truncate or jumping from one range to another. I'm beginning custom stuff and as every beginner I don't know a lot. Sorry for asking another one, obviously it will go well with the first one only. And probably for my whole lifetime ! :-)

Offline Tyberius06

Re: BSC Texture Index
« Reply #633 on: January 30, 2020, 11:48:17 AM »
Hi there!

So I ran into an issue while I was checking Fordoniak's creations. (it's about the polska restoration) He managed to reuse some of his texture IIDs in different projects, so now those are conflicting. Also some of his textures IIDs are rather confusing. Can someone ( @catty-cb or @mgb204) help me figure it out if Fordoniak/adrian10/adik151 had any official texture IID range.
Because he used textures IIDs starting with 0xFC000000-0xFC000004 and 0xFC100000-0xFC100004 and later texture IIDs withing this range (properly): 0xFC782DA0-0xFC782DFE

Now taking a deeper look onto his used texture IIDs I found two gaps in the older texture file, so I found space for the two conflicting texture, but I don't know what's going on with the first two above.

The more promising thing, that he used properly the texture IIDs within this range, but there are two gaps, and two ID conflicts which technically could cover each other:

The first gap:
The second gap:

And the conflicts:

So it would be awesome if we could check whether these IIDs are free or were asigned to Fordoniak etc... Then I could make the necessary fixes (PIM-X is my best friend)
I checked Fordoniak's other creations, he doesn't used custom textures for other projects.

Thanks in advance!

- Tyberius
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