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Author Topic: Gizmo's Files  (Read 8710 times)

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Re: Gizmo's Files
« Reply #20 on: October 28, 2019, 07:00:27 AM »

Oh, sorry to hear about your sickness, I hope you get better soon and wish you a full recovery!
Currently what is on LEX it's what I found on your site a couple of years ago, and collected them. I know at least one of the files which is on the german language SFBT site, and that is an older versions of a later release of yours. Namely the Vehicle Props v3.0, which has the Vehicle Props v4.0 as replacement, BUT many lots uploaded to the STEX before the V4.0, are still using the older version with the old Instance IIDs. So actually both of the prop sets are valid dependencies still.
Anyhow, nice to see you're back!

- Tyberius
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