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Author Topic: NAM Request - Crossover Pieces  (Read 2538 times)

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Offline CrimsonPhoenix

NAM Request - Crossover Pieces
« on: April 29, 2011, 11:26:19 PM »
It'd be nice to have a couple additional crossover pieces for diverging interchanges. One signalized piece, like the current DDI piece, but without ramps (for diverging interchange designs where the ramps are placed elsewhere, like the Expanded Diverging Diamond and Diverging Double Roundabout interchanges). Also, if possible, a piece that takes an RHW4 through a grade-separated crossover movement (the elevated pieces should start and end at 15m, to increase customization options for placement of MIS ramps). This would especially be useful for Diverging Windmill and Diverging ParClo interchanges.

Here's a diagram showing traffic patterns for the proposed pieces:

The two flyover crossover pieces could be completed with the same model, paths and textures reversed. The first crossover could be easily completed with a re-design of the current DDI/Avenue piece, by removing the ramps from the model and textures, and their associated paths, and a bit of retexturing to replace where the ramps were.

Each piece should be no wider than two tiles, and aim to be as short in length as possible.

These pieces will make more room for MIS ramps in diverging interchanges and make them look far more elegant, as they will no longer require FLUPs to operate. (That and it'd be nice to have RHW crossovers, instead of FLUPs OWR tunnels.)

I'm semi-willing to take a crack at this myself, but I'm a total newbie to modding SC4. I'm sure someone more experienced with the NAM and RHW puzzle pieces could make these with less pain and suffering than I. :P
A photographer, with a (not-so-)secret love of SC4.

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Re: NAM Request - Crossover Pieces
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2011, 11:42:06 PM »
The signalized crossover piece would be a piece of cake to put together.  No problems there.

As far as those RHW-4 crossovers, setting them up as you suggested might be a bit problematic from an implementation standpoint.  Someone's going to then want an RHW-6S one, an RHW-6C-into-6S one, and so on, meaning we'd have dozens of fixed pieces and will have opened the door for requests for many more. 

That being said, I could see something like that being handled easier with some sort of "Flex S-Curve", similar to the existing FLEXFly pieces currently in the RHW.  I'm not sure when that will happen, however, and it may be awhile.


Offline CrimsonPhoenix

Re: NAM Request - Crossover Pieces
« Reply #2 on: April 30, 2011, 03:40:04 PM »
Thanks Alex!

For the RHW4 crossovers, I can see your concern. But I think you could pretty easily thwart requests for all those extra pieces by pointing people to my Diverging ParClo guide which will accommodate one of the RHWs at the interchange being RHW6 and above. If you like, I can also demonstrate (with a diagram, and in SC4) how the RHW4 piece alone would allow for a design to accommodate larger highways going both ways.

Furthermore, because diverging interchanges require the use of "inside" ramps inside the crossover points, building a diverging RHW6 or above is somewhat pointless, until such ramps are added as well. :P

I do like the idea of a FLEXFly curve, but they should be ploppable above the existing FLEXFly RHW4 lanes shift. Basically, a lanes shift, but elevated. If it's any larger, it starts loosing the advantages of using above ground pieces instead of FLUPs pretty quickly. &mmm

EDIT: Another thought on the signalized crossing. It would also be good to have one that only has ramps for right-turning movements too and from the arterial, and one where only left-turning movements have ramps. This is a purely aesthetic change, to accommodate designs where the left-turning or right-turning movements are handed elsewhere in the interchange.
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A photographer, with a (not-so-)secret love of SC4.