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Author Topic: File Locations - Buildings Won't Grow - FIXED  (Read 4891 times)

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Offline deecee

File Locations - Buildings Won't Grow - FIXED
« on: November 15, 2009, 05:25:19 PM »

thanks for looking - i had one building out of the pack that grew, so that gives me hope that the rest will too at some point.  usually bixel's stuff grows like crazy but these are being shy.  i'm going to wait and see what happens.  thanks again, DeeCee

i have cam and have downloaded a bunch of camlots that all work.  however, i haven't been able to get CAM LOTS Bixel 1 to grow and i'm thinking it has something to do with where i saved the files or how i packed them.

i had all the associated files in the following directory before packing (including lots and megapacks)

C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins Disabled\HKABT\bixel

MEGA packs

but none of the approximately 30 buildings will grow - not one!  i have all the dependencies, lots, models, megapacks, everything - and not one building will grow.

When the folders are packed, it still separates the files into two separate dat files.  could this be the problem?
C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins\Plugins_Compressed\


any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks, DeeCee
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Offline gabrielbyrnei

Re: File Locations - Buildings Won't Grow - FIXED
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2010, 08:19:59 PM »
may i ask how did u fix it ?

Offline deecee

Re: File Locations - Buildings Won't Grow - FIXED
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2010, 06:37:03 PM »
may i ask how did u fix it ?

well i didn't exactly fix it - i just had some patience and eventually they grew.  i will say that the buildings in this pack don't grow nearly as well as others made by the same person - i really like their work.  See ya - DeeCee