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Author Topic: List of Health-Related Plugins  (Read 10557 times)

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List of Health-Related Plugins
« on: November 08, 2008, 10:51:55 AM »
I have spent the past day working on an Excel-list of all health-related custom content (at either LEX or STEX), which includes the plugin name, author name, exchange and hyperlink to the file. I decided to post it here, so that everyone who needs health-related content, can easily take a look.

I hope some people can put the list to good use,


For the first time ever, I have made the table myself! Thanks to RippleJet for explaining me how!

[tabular type=1]
[row][head colspan=4]
Health-Related Plugins
(sorted by AUTHOR)
[row][data]Private Clinic Medeival House[/data][data]agart[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Sarah H Bingham Hospital[/data][data]agentuhoh7[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Small Town Hospital[/data][data]Anubis89[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Nameless Hospital[/data][data]Anubis89[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Old Albert Muti Shop[/data][data]BarbyW[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Greek Revival Hospital[/data][data]c.p.[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Bywater Springs Medical Facility[/data][data]Callagrafx[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Wooden Waterfront Civic[/data][data]Citynut[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Newman Inc Memorial Hospital[/data][data]Citynut[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Health Spa[/data][data]Colyn[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Mercy General Hospital[/data][data]Colyn[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Day Clinic[/data][data]Colyn[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Indoor Sports Centre[/data][data]deadwoods[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]SimCity Medical[/data][data]dk1[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]General Hospital[/data][data]frogface[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]St Twiggyan Hospital[/data][data]Glenni[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]14 Story Brutalist Hospital[/data][data]Glenni[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Stokkdum Hospital[/data][data]Glenni[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Dutch Small Hospital "Assen"[/data][data]haarlemmergold[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]German Historical Hospital[/data][data]haarlemmergold[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]St Addielines Hospital[/data][data]ill tonkso[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Quayside Tower/Hospital[/data][data]ill tonkso[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Weatherwax Pharmacy[/data][data]JBSimio[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Metro Mercy Center[/data][data]joerg[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Hospital Usage And Population Graph Mod[/data][data]jplumbley[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Taunton State Hospital[/data][data]mattb325[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Red Cross House[/data][data]mattb325[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Nexis General Hospital[/data][data]mrbisonm[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Gentlemans Health Club[/data][data]mrbisonm[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Wild West Doctors Office[/data][data]onlyplace4[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Aalesund Hospital[/data][data]plan9[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Polish Clinic[/data][data]primorsk[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Katrina Memorial Trauma Centre[/data][data]RebaLynnTS[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Health Assortment[/data][data]SimGoober[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Base Hospital[/data][data]SNM[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Consolidated Hospital Complex[/data][data]SOMY[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Dental Clinic[/data][data]The New Thing[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Big Hospital Uni Klinik[/data][data]thorsten dhf[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Sick Kids Hospital[/data][data]tjonthenet[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]Hospital Pack (Gold)[/data][data]Victor Gonzales[/data][data][/data][/row]
[row][data]New Urban Clinic[/data][data]woelfwynde[/data][data][/data][/row]
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Re: List of Health-Related Plugins
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2008, 10:55:58 AM »

Excellent table, I lost my old hard drive about 3 months ago and am just getting back into Sim City so I know that this list is going to be an excellent resource. I love tables that group together special interest things in Sim City, makes it a lot easier to find what you need and get going.

Thanks again!!!

        &apls         &apls
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Re: List of Health-Related Plugins
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2008, 11:16:38 AM »
Thanks again, Casper, for an excellent reference list! &apls

For the first time ever, I have made the table myself! Thanks to RippleJet for explaining me how!

The pleasure is mine, Casper! :)

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Re: List of Health-Related Plugins
« Reply #3 on: November 08, 2008, 11:27:22 AM »
Good job  :thumbsup:

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Re: List of Health-Related Plugins
« Reply #4 on: November 08, 2008, 11:37:32 AM »
Thanks for that list Casper, and great job  &apls
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Re: List of Health-Related Plugins
« Reply #5 on: November 09, 2008, 09:34:57 AM »
Wonderful work there on that list... :)