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Author Topic: A question: freight trucks drivers into car drivers  (Read 1618 times)

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A question: freight trucks drivers into car drivers
« on: September 26, 2008, 11:47:49 AM »
Hi pals, I'm almost sure that this thread will be moved somewhere else, but I think that this may be interesting for the NAM purposes. I hope too that this is not an already-known trouble.

In the very few days I was fixing and old city, that was a 100% industrial area. It is part of a 3-cities vertical line from S to N, composed by a residential area, a commercial area and the industrial area. The commercial city can satisfy 95%+ of job demand from the residential city and so almost all sims from the residential city don't travel further than the commercial city, but in the industrial city there are still some industries that - in fact - have NO EMPLOYED. Still, there are a lot of trucks that are leaving the map from a connection with a neighbour city in the East.
When I turn to that city, that is NOT part of that previously described vertical line, I see a HUGE flux of commuters FROM the industrial city, that had NO commuters!!! They are all car drivers, looking for employment and their number is equal to the freight truck drivers from the industrial city! In short, that city that has industries with no employment, is converting truck drivers into car drivers and is creating commuters instead than satisfying jobs request from existing Sims!!!!!!!

There is no error, I'm sure! Is it an already known matter? Can be fixed with NAM?