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Author Topic: [HOW TO] Playing SimCity with a controller  (Read 2294 times)

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[HOW TO] Playing SimCity with a controller
« on: February 23, 2020, 12:53:31 AM »
Hi there,

SimCity, like any simulator game, requires involvement and time. However, spending hours sitting in front of a PC is often far from satisfying. That's why I looked for a way to play with the comfort of a couch and TV.

Here it is. In my case, I have a PS3 controller. This one is not as easy to set up as an Xbox controller, but it is completely possible. While you need two programs to use the former, you only need one for the latter.

Step 1. (Only for PS3 controller) Download driver and wrapper for the controller:

GitHub user Nefarius last released ScpToolkit in 2016, so it's not updated anymore, but it works perfectly. Download the last version here:
Code: [Select] it is pretty straightforward and quick. With your PS3 controller plugged in via USB, select all the components to be installed.

Once done, look for ScpToolkit Driver Installer and check the boxes for your controller and Bluetooth device.
This process ends in 5 minutes and will notify you of the success with this message:

Now you should see the controller lights turn fixed instead of blinking. Now you have the power, but you need control. Few games for PC have controller support, let alone decade-old games like SimCity 4. That's why you need another piece of software, which works for any game and program, too! It's called AntiMicro. It binds controller keys with keyboard and mouse functions. reWASD does the same, but it is paid.

Step 2. Install key mapper:

AntiMicro is also in GitHub. You can get it here:
Code: [Select] the portable version if you want. AntiMicro is easier to install. Just click next. Once installed, you'll get to the setup screen.

Here you can assign keyboard or mouse functions to every button in the controller. Only one is not accessible for the PS3 and is the PS button, which by default opens up Windows Game Bar. At the bottom, you can preset multiple mappings that adapt to different situations. For example, you can map L stick to control the pointer in SC4 to have your right hand free to activate other functions of your liking. In a shooter game, you'd use the L stick to look around.

An important feature is the stick's range of movement. By default, it is lightly restricted for up and down movement, but it's changed in "Diagonal Range" upon clicking the "L- or R- Stick" button. Its sensitivity is adjusted in "Mouse Configurations".

A key's normal behavior and mapping can be changed in the "Advanced" tab for each one. It can have multiple functions, depending on how long was pressed or other conditions. For example, here, the "Select" button is set to have two functions: TAB to cycle items in-game or Windows/Super after pressing for 0.5 seconds.

Just get creative with mappings and I'm sure you can make use of many of the same functions of the keyboard while playing.

Final Word:

Here you have a way to play comfy. As said earlier, get creative and enjoy the game. Let's keep it alive!

Best regards,
Daniel Cárdenas.
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