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Author Topic: P.R. Crastina's Travels  (Read 18627 times)

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Re: P.R. Crastina's Travels
« Reply #160 on: January 22, 2020, 01:24:51 PM »
Nice! I repeat after Matt, this plaza around the gallery looks pleasant with this pattern :) Also, the church is an interesting addition, seems like a unchanged witness in a dynamically changing neighbourhood.

Btw, I feel like we have some more order compared to previous updates  ;D

PS. What is that black and grass-roofed building at this photo? Could you give some hint where to find it, please? :)
Thank you for visiting Kolbrów, and for being for last ten years!

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Re: P.R. Crastina's Travels
« Reply #161 on: January 22, 2020, 09:53:17 PM »
Thank you.  (“Order in the city, order !” -- hammer banging  :P )

the green-roofed one ... Ah. Let me spelunk into my SC4 Stash (remember, all these CJs are from way back then.)

FOUND IT  ! (my filing system works, sometimes...) : it's the Center For The Performing [Preforming, hum] Arts by Xiloxadoria.

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Re: P.R. Crastina's Travels
« Reply #162 on: February 08, 2020, 10:19:13 AM »
P. R.'s long week-end in Zinfandel was coming to a close, the buzz of the Big City was getting too loud for her country girl's ears. She was ready to leave, with a jumble of impressions stored in her mind (and camera). First and foremost : that city is almost infuriatingly clean, Switzerland-like clean. There was even a time when both its dumps were clean, though they partly process the garbage of Eden Bay -- there was talk of closing the big one down, but it would have been silly, so the Mayor stood firm. It made for Once-In-a-Lifetime pictures for the city Archives, though ; and people really don't mind living near.

They also don’t mind living close to the waterworks, for that matter :

A last visit to the Central Balthazar Market, where one can find hundreds of delicious regional products ; it’s close to the bunkery Courthouse (and its historical Archives) and to the university.

There are two rail stations in Zinfandel, the East Market station, the first one in Zinfandel when it was just a rather small town ; the market has disappeared but the name stayed.

And now the main one, Central Station, where people of a nocturnal bend can have a drink at any hour : it never closes).

And that's from there that P. R., not bright-eyed and bushy-tailed but having secured an invitation to come back for lectures and workshops, went back home -- she snored all the way back and almost missed her stop. Big Cities are exhausting.

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Re: P.R. Crastina's Travels
« Reply #163 on: February 12, 2020, 06:59:38 PM »
Nice entry.  Tell P.R. that I'm just as tired as she is.  LOL
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