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Author Topic: sithlrd98's Wide Radius Curves mod with the Japanese Facelift Mod  (Read 3659 times)

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I've been trying to make these two mods work, mgb over at the PLEX told me it has something to do with the Facelift mod's folders but I don't know which to remove to make the two mods work.

Quote from: mgb
we have to remove everything manually, in the Jap facelift mod you should have a folder called "WideRadiusCurves", with subfolders:

  - "Common"
  - "Wide Curve... ***" where *** = anything after Wide Curve.

As far as I could tell, since I don't read Japanese, you only need one of the Wide Curve Folders, each one is a different style, if you've more than one, then you should try removing the others, and test that everything still works before continuing. For certain I only kept one, and have no problems at all.
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