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Author Topic: One Petronas, no waiting?  (Read 4009 times)

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Offline Mewwie

One Petronas, no waiting?
« on: April 05, 2012, 02:56:25 PM »
It seems like it's taking forever waiting on another batch of disks for the lex and while there is the option of getting it from a server, I was wondering if there could be an alternative to this as well. This alternative being a smaller donation required for certain buildings. Every time I've had the chance to get the lex dvd it seems that I've been short on cash and simply couldn't get it. now I'm sure there's plenty of neat things on it, but my primary concern is getting my hands on a copy of that lovely petronas lot.

As far as the problem with "smaller amounts" because of paypal's transaction fee, couldn't you just have an admin accept paypal-paypal transfers on a "free" account and then transfer larger sums over to whatever account needed them for.. site maintenance or whatever? and as for the hosting and the fact that it's a 20mb file, couldn't you simply send an email with a randomly generated number and you use that number as a password to get to the file? surely the smaller donation would cover the bandwidth needs of that one file and then some.

Think of the increased donations you'd get both from people who just want the buildings now, and then later when you release your disk again. (the disk would then become a handy little backup!) I know this is completely up to you guys and it has probably been suggested before, but hey! it's one more option for people who want to donate.