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Author Topic: ????  (Read 3920 times)

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« on: February 23, 2012, 12:42:43 PM »
hey folx, im completely lost with this Cleanitol thing. I get this msg:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "BSC Cleanitol", line 489, in OnStart
  File "BSC Cleanitol", line 247, in process
  File "distutils\file_util.pyo", line 224, in move_file
distutils.errors.DistutilsFileError: couldn't move 'C:\Users\snorierdnaed\Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins\SFBT_park_set_high_wealth\SFBT_park_set_high_wealth.exe' to 'C:\Users\snorierdnaed\Documents\SimCity 4\BSC_Cleanitol\20120223_04\SFBT_park_set_high_wealth.exe': Permission denied

Then, i get a window that says "moving file, please wait" but it ain't movin' nothin'!
I have no computer skills WHATSOEVER and i tried the whole "look up the missing .dll" thing and it was like reading French.  I have Windows Vista (home edition, i guess) if that helps so ANYBODY that can walk me thru this step-by-step would be appreciated.

Offline whatevermind

Re: ????
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2012, 11:26:59 AM »
First, ???? is not an appropriate thread title.  Take a few seconds to put your problem in to words so people can more easily find the thread and decide if they want to answer it.

Second, it looks like you might be having problems with the Vista user rights.  Vista gets very picky about what files can be moved and where you can move them.  Since you're trying to move an .exe file, Vista might be flagging you for not having permission to move the file.  Two things I would try:

  • Make sure your user account (snorierdnaed) is an administrator account.  You check this by opening Users in your Control Panel, it will say if you are an administrator or not.  If you are not an administrator, you will need to use an administrator account to change your account from a default user to an administrator.
  • Once you know you have an administrator account on your computer, try running Cleanitol as an administrator.  You can do this by right-clicking on the Cleanitol icon, and selecting "Run as Administrator".  This provides the program with more abilities than you get by simply double-clicking on the icon and opening the program normally.