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Author Topic: all of a sudden dat packer creates 2 files (filename.dat & filename-001.dat)  (Read 4399 times)

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Offline justinrpg

the lats couple of times i've used dat packer it has been doing something that it has never done before... when i compress files with the dat packer it creates filename.dat and filename-001.dat... I don't know what to do about this and i don't know if i should delete one... i tried to redo the dat packing several times deleting both files and starting over... the same two files are created everytime.

Offline Andreas

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If I remember correctly, SC4DATPacker does this once a certain filesize is exceeded. The game might have some problems loading really large files, and also SC4DATPacker needs too much RAM for such huge files, so they are split automatically in order to prevent corrupt files.

Offline wouanagaine

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yes, Andreas is totally right on this

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Offline justinrpg

must be 400MB...