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Author Topic: Textures show correctly in Lot Editor, but ingame only the first texture works  (Read 4003 times)

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Offline Zanza

I created a dat file with a couple of textures using the Texture Creator. These textures show correctly in the Maxis Lot Editor, iLives Reader and the PIM-X tool. When I plop a building using the textures, only the first texture I put into the file is used for all the squares regardless of which texture I assigned to a particular square in Lot Editor or PIM-X. If I use Maxis textures as well, they show correctly on the building.

Here is an example. As you can see, the textures in the Lot Editor show correctly. In the game, only the sand texture (the first in the dat file) shows for all three of my custom textures. The Maxis texture (lower right) is show correctly in the game.

Here is the dat file in question:

What's my mistake?  ()what()
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Offline BarbyW

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Your problem stems from your use of 0 in the fifth position of the IID. You should avoid using 0 to 3 for any textures which have no alternatives for wealth settings. Try changing the IIDs from 0xf580000x ( where x is the final number in the IID) to f580400x for the complete set. Test them again once you have done that.
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Offline Zanza

Thanks. That worked.  :)