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Author Topic: District of Wenzel - Update 116 - 3/17/15  (Read 165324 times)

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Re: District of Wenzel - Update 116 - 3/17/15
« Reply #500 on: March 24, 2015, 10:38:06 AM »
art128: In my opinion, wait a bit before getting CSK. Right now it's very much ugly. Wait until there are a few good transport mods, graphic mods, terraforming mods ect.

Wonderful work on the map tutorial. A few things I didn't know.

Nice to see the town's growing.

Yeah, I bought SC4 pretty soon after it came out, but I'm hesitant to leave a game which despite its limitations and flaws, really has a good realistic feel to it.  Cities: Skylines looks like a GAME.  Even if I get it now, I will just play it as a game (though I'd probably post pictures...I wouldn't try to get so detailed with maps and stuff).

Thanks for the feedback.  Glad you learned some new things from the tutorial.

kelis: I think you are doing a fantastic job creating a "Historical City", I like so much the last picture with the view of the entire town. Nice job !!


Thanks.  Things are starting to come together a little bit.  I was a bit frustrated the week before, things just not feeling right.  I'm trying to emulate SimCoug's New Sorgun, but now with the same success, style, or patience.  Ultimately, I want to be playing in a more modern city with freedom to use ALL styles of buildings.  Of course, when I'm playing that style, I want to have a beautiful old city core with all the great W2W BATs out there!

vortext: Definitely like the new direction you're taking DoW in!!  &apls

If you wish to take out the light posts, simply take out the T21 file located in the SAM subfolder, in this case that'd be 'SAM - 5 - Type21.dat'.

The map tutorials are welcome indeed, as Arthur said I learned a few things as well.

Thanks!  I'm really happy to have gotten such a fast response to my query about street lamp posts.  Is there a way I can limit WHICH lamp posts do appear?  Maybe I want JUST the low-wealth ones ... or the "high-wealth" ones which have the old-time style.

Glad you like the map tutorials.  There will probably be a few more parts to the Map tutorial.  I will also have tutorials on how to make seemless neighbor connections and creating cross-border composite pictures like that last picture of the whole town.  Not too difficult once you know how.

romualdillo: The town looks great. I fell in love with the last photo. And the maps are a great addition!!

P.S: May I know which terrain mod are you using?

That last photo is great...and due to the way I split my region into tiles, necessarily required a cross-border composite image (the town is split between two city tiles...if you look closely you can see the split...but the goal is to make it as seemless as possible.

I'm using Lowkee's Appalacian Terrain Mod.  I'll have to get back to you on the AWESOME new mod I also use that makes the base textures to the grass lots AND the streets and roads match the terrain mod (Sudden Valley Terrain mod has the base texture replacement...but this new mod ALSO fixes the baked in textures with the streets, roads, and avenues, and NAM in general!)

vinlabsc3k: Great development!! &apls
For the next update would be great the construction of a bridge between Morgan and Cass Town. ;)

Good idea.  Of course, I'll have to actually sit down and play SC4 for that to happen.  Sorry I missed the update this week.  I got busy and distracted by work and new games.  Damn you Steam!  I'll try to get an update up next week...or the week after that.  Plus, I'm having computer issues, ...I think.  Maybe, I'm paranoid, but I'm going to be re-installing a clean copy of Windows 8.1 soon, so that might slow things down on an update front.

Offline packersfan

Re: District of Wenzel - Update 116 - 3/17/15
« Reply #501 on: December 04, 2015, 09:06:19 AM »
Well, this is a shameless bump...or is it.

Wow, always interesting how I kinda move away from SimCity when March rolls around.  Maybe it is the warmer weather...I don't know.  Anyway, I recently opened up my external harddrive to grab a section of my map for Martin County to use a material for my ESL class (asking where people live, reading maps)!  Yeah, I know, silly, right?

Well, the seed has been planted for a comeback and continuation of District of Wenzel.  Ouisconsin needs to be built, doesn't it?  Of course, looking at the map of Martin County fills me with regret that problems plaguing the big tiles limit my options for continuing that region to rebuilding some really awesome areas OR not continuing...ugh.

Maybe, DoW will get going again.  Maybe with small updates every week or two weeks.  I'm really busy with my teaching work (I make myself busy and push myself so hard and then maybe play video games 20 - 30 hours over two weeks (by Steam's reckoning)...of course, those are low-maintenence type games like NBA 2K15, Wolfenstein, etc.  Sim City is another cat and I get really involved editing my pictures, laying out my city, trying to get the right BATs, and of course maintaining the crown jewel (I've gathered) of a map.

I probably need to do some maintenence with links to my maps on the interwebs.  Let me know if pictures aren't showing up or links aren't working.

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Re: District of Wenzel - Update 116 - 3/17/15
« Reply #502 on: December 04, 2015, 09:42:47 AM »
Green Bay gets a crazy win last night and who shows up this morning??   ;D

Offline packersfan

Re: District of Wenzel - Update 116 - 3/17/15
« Reply #503 on: December 04, 2015, 06:42:43 PM »
Agh, you spoiled it for me!  I'm in China and can't watch the game until tonight (I have it downloaded now but have to teach classes all day!)  I already spoiled an earlier score and now you spoiled the whole thing...well all the tension is gone for me, haha, now to watch my Chinese girlfriend fret during the whole game.  ;)

Alert for all you guys now.  DON'T spoil Star Wars for me!  It won't be released here in China until January am I supposed to use the internet between December 18 and January 9???

Anyway, yeah, like I said, opened up the external harddrive looking for my maps to use in my ESL classes and the seed was planted.

I actually transferred the files onto my computer.  I'll make sure SC4 starts up without issue tonight and probably do some mindless map work (still a lot of Ouisconsin's map to be done).