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Author Topic: GitHub  (Read 4145 times)

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« on: April 15, 2010, 03:14:38 AM »

Uh, how about we create a GitHub user called CityMania, push the code upto a repo (so it doesnt have the forked from [person]) and then add the developers as colaborators to it. It means theres a one-stop-shop for the stable code and an obvious place for new dev's to send pull-requests to. It also means we can put up other stuff relating to the project in separate repos, and even have a website at :D

I'll quite happily set this up, using a clone of croxis' code rather than a fork (unless you say otherwise), as long as I have permission.

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Re: GitHub
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2010, 11:10:20 AM »
I think this is a good idea. I suggest waiting until tomkeus and I merge our two code bases together first. There will probably be a lot of reconciling of ideas and debates for that to happen :)