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Author Topic: Prototype VI -- Final  (Read 4962 times)

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Prototype VI -- Final
« on: March 25, 2010, 12:06:13 PM »
Reference image

Thats it! This is the last major release of the terrain prototypes! I will post updates to any serious bugs found, but my long haul on this leg of the project is mostly done.

What is new
  • Develop simple paged terrain. This is the part that took so long
  • Disable/enable ingame keybindings when entering text into a DirectText field
  • Convert to Panda virtual file system
  • Create small window to let people leave city
  • Make resize button optional in GUI code

Known issues:
  • You can see the sky below
  • One water view has odd behavior

If the game crashes, you see a bug, or what you see is not like the reference image at all, please attach a screen shot if possible and a text file named client.raw.

If you see the citymania logo you can access the client. (But if the citymania server is not running, you wont get past the login screen)

The server application is hosted on my home server. This program connects to my home machine, acquires the region data, and renders the terrain. Grass for all terrain, rocks for a certain steepness, snow and sand for certain elevations.

* If you can not connect at all - that means the server dropped the wireless connection (it is going through two brick walls)
* If you click login and the terrain does not show, that means the server crashed.
In both cases try again later.

What you need:
* Install the panda3d runtime (3 MB):
* Restart your browser and point to:

This will launch the game in the browser window

There will be an alert that this is a self signed certificate, view the certificate (it is me!) and click run the application.

Click multiplayer, set a user name, then click ok. You will then connect to the server and obtain the region data.

Current controls are the wasd buttons for moving around the terrain, or moving the mouse to the edge of the screen, and the middle mouse for camera rotation. Mousewheel zooms. Additional keys are printed on the screen.

You can also download the package at and run it locally instead of in the browser.