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Author Topic: Is It Possible To Transit Enable A Lot For Two Different Transpot Networks  (Read 3327 times)

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Hello Everyone,

I would like to dual transit enable CTA Madison and Wells Station for both road traffic and elevated rail traffic - much like the NAM el over road pieces.  Currently it is TE for road, but not for el-rail.  I would like for the lot to accommodate both.  Is this possible (to have el-rail over road on the same tile)?  With the SC4 Tool?  Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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A certain tile on a lot can be transit enabled (or more specifically, network enabled) for one transit type only, so you have to decide which one. For the GLR-in-Avenue stations, for instance, we chose oneway road, since an avenue is basically working like two oneway roads in different directions. The main advantage of using oneway road, though, is the fact that we effectively eliminated the puzzle piece crash to desktop bug. If we would have chosen el-rail for the TE, touching the lot with an el-rail puzzle piece would have led to an immediate crash to desktop. To make the lot functional for one or more transit types, you need to set the transit switch properties accordingly, i. e. conversion between pedestrians and el-rail, and maybe with bus as well if you want to integrate a bus stop into the lot. Cars, buses and freight trucks should be set to drive-through only. The station in question should be set up properly already, if not, have a look at the following TE list:

As you can see, the station allows el-rail traffic from east to west through the lot, pedestrian, car, bus and freight truck station through the lot from all directions, and switching between pedestrians and el-rail (3rd and 4th line). The network enabling is just road, but that's perfectly ok, since you only need that in order to activate the automata paths, so cars and other vehicles that are displayed will go through the lot properly.

Offline ssquicci

Thank you for your quick response.