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Why Support Sim City 4 Devotion?ฟ

Dear Sim City 4 Devotion member, thanks for your interest in supporting the site.

All the content at this site is freely available for all the members. You can also use all the site's features at your disposal This is free and so will be as far as the site exists.

As many of you may know, all these posibilities must be hosted somewhere, and this hosting needs to be kept so the site may exist. Actually it is a pleasure for me to keep this from my own resources. I am a Sim City 4 Devoted, and I feel the need to support this game as far as I can กกก.

However, as the site grows and expands, and the LEX starts to have a few hundred more downloads, the technical requirements will have to be revised. Who knows?, maybe someday even a dedicated server could be needed ;-D.

So,if you like the contents of this site, and you enjoy using them, and if you feel the need to make a contribution to keep the site fully resourced, me, the technical staff and all the SC4D community will be eternally grateful for your support กกก.

How Can I Support Sim City 4 Devotion?ฟ

  • This first, easier and cheaper method of supporting this site is uploading all the SC4 useful material that you can. All sort of tutorials are specially appreciated. Of course LOTs, BATs, MODs and all custom content is highly welcome.
  • As a secondary option we have a donation account at PayPal, a secure payment system. One of the best and more reliable secure servers in the web. Simply click the button, and be judicious. Dont exceed yourself กก ;)

  • And as a third option, hopefully useable for some of you, there is the HostGator option. This site is hosted at the HostGator servers, which are proved to be really reliable. The support at this hosting serivice is great, and the options they offer are quite balanced and interesting.
    So, if for some reason you are searching a secure, easy to manage, and not expensive hosting for a web site, and you decide to host your web at HostGator from the banner below, you will also contribute to the site's maintenance in a really appreciated way.
    Please, dont abuse this option. Use it if you really plan to host your web there for a period not shorter then six months. If this is not your case, I please you to consider any of the other available support options.


Thanks for your support to this site !!!!!

jeronij and the SC4Devotion Team.

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