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Title: Two questions about 'new_properties.xml'
Post by: Doodleroo on June 03, 2013, 01:37:59 AM

I have two questions about 'new_properties.xml':

1) What are the terms of use? Is this file intended for exclusive use with PIM-X or am I free to use it in connection with tools I develop myself? Note, these are private mini-tools, likely never to be released and even if they are released I will of course link to the original file here.
2) Is there a corresponding DTD file available somewhere?

Thanks in advance!
Title: Re: Two questions about 'new_properties.xml'
Post by: Doodleroo on June 04, 2013, 04:46:33 AM
Update: Since there has been no response, I went ahead and created a DTD myself.

While doing so I realized a couple of issues with the current 'new_properties.xml' version which cause problems if you want to process the file with standard XML tools; therefore I went ahead and applied a couple of changes:

Now, I do not know if anybody else has any interest in this, but nonetheless I'll attach the DTD as well as the modified 'new_properties.xml' in a zip file.
Link: new_properties with ( with

One issue remains on which I would appreciate input:
There are some ID conflicts concerning categories, the following categories share the same ID:

What would be the suggested resolution to this conflict? Assign some new IDs randomly? Or is there a specific method being used to determine these ids?

Thanks in advance!

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