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Matt's showcase / Re: BAT Showcase
« Last post by PaPa-J on Yesterday at 09:15:53 PM »
I don't see how you keep putting these out so fast.  But hey, that's okay, you keep spitting them out and I'll keep downloading.  :thumbsup:
Matt's showcase / Re: BAT Showcase
« Last post by mattb325 on Yesterday at 05:18:58 PM »
Thanks - the angles won't work with FAR (the wall angles are 12, 57, 76, 8 degrees....all over the place (!))but certainly there is nothing stopping it from being turned into an overhanging prop.

The crosstown hotel is available for download:

Other Projects / Re: Reverse engineering SC4, help welcome.
« Last post by alejogc13 on Yesterday at 03:28:05 PM »
Matt's showcase / Re: BAT Showcase
« Last post by matias93 on Yesterday at 02:30:38 PM »
Some chance to see it on a 1x1 FA lot? At first sight, it looks perfect for that.
Simmer2's Place / Re: Simmer's Lotting Lab.
« Last post by Kitsune on Yesterday at 02:02:07 PM »
hmm I do wonder about getting a version with no cars so we can add our own if want to have it packed full.
Simmer2's Place / Re: Simmer's Lotting Lab.
« Last post by Tyberius06 on Yesterday at 01:55:52 PM »
I know, it's a "**** yourself" great idea, and I don't know how long it does take to export this amazing parking complex ONCE, so just an idea:
- three or more versions of this same parking building and on the additional versions there would be different cars or same cars on different locations, and the whole set-up would work as a timed prop family.  ;D :D

I know... I know... :D :D

Anyway it's a really nice building, and always great to see more variety of these urban parking complex specially that we don't really have many (if at all) in HD. So thanks for working on this.

- Tyberius
Simmer2's Place / Re: Simmer's Lotting Lab.
« Last post by Simmer2 on Yesterday at 10:55:24 AM »
Yep it can be used in many different settings.

LOL fantozzi  :D

Here is a little update. A few more cars and SUVs and some night lights including a lit sign. Still have a few more things to add.


Matt's showcase / Re: BAT Showcase
« Last post by art128 on Yesterday at 10:19:30 AM »
Love that little building. It breaks up the square feeling of the game. Nice.
Its common design will fit perfectly in my cities centers.
Matt's showcase / Re: BAT Showcase
« Last post by fantozzi on Yesterday at 10:17:31 AM »
For Sydney, Australia? Why?
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