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Simmer2's Place / Re: Simmer's Lotting Lab.
« Last post by Simmer2 on Today at 09:14:15 PM »
1987 Ford Econoline Cargo Van:

2015 GMC Sierra 3500HD Denali:


That Peterbuilt is fabulous.

Thanks :)

2020 Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder:

That Peterbuilt is fabulous.
Independent Mod Projects / Re: SNT road diagonal
« Last post by Akallan on Yesterday at 10:35:49 AM »
Hello everyone, it's been a long time since I published anything ... For the simple reason that I went from Win7 to Win10, and I waited for the big sales on Steam to buy SC4 as cheaply as possible. Other games have come out in the meantime (Anno 1800 mainly), and I have not advanced anything to the SNT ... But I am back and, to show that the project and I are still alive, a small image Diagonal streets with parking:

It's just to show that the project is coming back, not to show great progress. I do not know if I will manage to release the second version of the SNT this year, we'll see... :squirrel:
Mayors' Diaries / Cities Skylines - Newport, a vintage americana
« Last post by Unconstantean on Yesterday at 08:44:31 AM »

Episode #1 - an almost epic fail

Intially i wanted in the 1st episode to show the construction of the power plant but sadly the entire footage file was corrupted so in the 1st episode i can show you the heating plant. The theme of the series will be a 70s vintage americana/cold war thingy (yes i'm very eloquent today  :D ::))

^^ I've added the video as a direct link cause chrome beta blocks all flash even if blocking flash is disabled in the settings  &cry2 :( ()sad()

Forum Games / Re: What are you listening to right now?
« Last post by Krasner on Yesterday at 07:36:33 AM »
Absolute french punk standard  &hlp I'm almost annoyed by the fact I discovered this so recently  :P
 Personal point of view here : but it's both so provocative, and so sad at the same time - and I believe this is completely intentional.
Matt's showcase / Re: BAT Showcase
« Last post by Unconstantean on Yesterday at 06:26:33 AM »
It's people like you who make me come back to sc4 and add new stuff to my city  &apls &apls &apls
Thank you for keaping this game alive after so many years with your amazing creations. I can only wish that someday you'll come and do buildings for Cities Skylines. We do need the asset quality of your creations!!!  &apls &apls &apls
Simmer2's Place / Re: Simmer's Lotting Lab.
« Last post by Simmer2 on September 16, 2019, 09:59:20 PM »
SM2 Rona is ready to roll.






Independent BAT (Building Architect Tool) Projects / Re: Goldman Sachs BAT Thread
« Last post by alejogc13 on September 16, 2019, 05:36:49 PM »
I can't find the exact dimensions of this truck...

1988 Peterbilt 379:

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