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Title: 4-Way Turbo AVENUE roundabout with slip lanes
Post by: Falcon319 on December 13, 2015, 11:54:53 AM
Compatible with NAM, of course.

Basically, looking for a modern, four-way roundabout with slip lanes and avenue attachments.

All it is is four avenues at the roundabout. They come in at slight angles towards the right (RHD) at their entry point, not straight ahead.

The roundabout is two lanes. The left lane can go straight or around the roundabout. The right lane can go straight only. The slip lane can only go right, and then must merge.

The slip lane is right at the entry point, and doesn't branch off early, like with custom slip lanes using NAM.

Make the slip lane an extension, an added lane. Basically, split the right lane into a right lane and a split lane.

So basically, I want these to attach to TWO-lane avenues, with the split lane splitting the right lane into two.

It would be an AMAZING help if this could be done. Obviously want the left and middle lane to be TE, and would prefer if the right somehow could be as well.

If I could have a 2 x 2 square in the middle, that would be awesome!