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Title: Where Are The Slope Properties And How To Add Slope To A Commercial Bldg
Post by: Sim.Rico on December 23, 2013, 09:27:37 PM
I have opened this Corner market lot in SC4PIM and created a 'ploppable' version titled "SALEEB'S QUIKKIE MART & LOTTO".  I have seen at the most - two rows down in the Lot Detail section where some rows have editable values.  I have modified a school building to have a "100.0000 slope in two different row locations that contained slope value settings which was set at 0.00.

Why would this Corner  Market original file 'not' have a slope setting row reference? Is there a way to add the slope into a "create a ploppable version"?  If so what are the step-hy-step to do so? And finally, is there tutorial or "Category Value Definitions" available that provide a description, range of value options per category that include examples for selected  values?

And finally could someone please share a  "Summarize LEPROP For Dummies 1.01" description that explains lot modifications I can make on the  "Saleebs Quikkie Mart" copy I've made in SC4Pim?

I have forgotten a lot since the last time I toyed around with GMAX and whatever the Lot editor was back in early 2003-2004.