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April 15, 2021, 10:59:24 PM

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The NAM (Network Addon Mod)

Find the latest documentation for the NAM here.

Version 39 - 3 December 2020


Before you run off in excitement to install the new NAM version, please make sure to read this (short) document first, to ensure the best Network Addon Mod experience. Note that without the 4GB Patch being properly installed, the game will crash to desktop.


Note that the NTCore 4GB Patch is REQUIRED, and due to the installer change, is no longer installed by default. The patch can be found inside the download, or downloaded directly from NTCore here, where further instructions on use of the patch can be found. Also due to this installer change, the NAM Controller Compiler is no longer run as part of the installation process. All users will be initially given a full NAM Controller, which has a substantial size. Users not using all features wishing to have a smaller controller can still run the Controller Compiler manually, as it is available in the download. Those on 32-bit versions of Windows should proceed with caution.

The NAM is also now using a Java-based installer, designed by daeley, which is cross-platform (meaning no more separate Mac versions, and Linux support without WINE). As such, the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is now REQUIRED to run the NAM installer. It was previous recommended for users wishing to utilize the NAM Traffic Simulator Configuration Tool (TSCT). An open source version of Java can be downloaded from here.

Users who fundamentally object to installing Java (or are unable to for other reasons) can perform a manual install, with patience. Details can be found here.

With the new installer, the old NAM installation is no longer removed automatically, so users should manually remove the "Network Addon Mod" and "z___NAM" folders from their Plugins directory. It is recommended, particularly with this Release Candidate, that you back those folders up in a location that is not in your Plugins folder. The "z___NAM" folder has been eliminated, and all files are now installed to the "Network Addon Mod" directory.

The RealRailway (RRW) standard for Rail is now the default and only option. One may choose to disable the RRW's more restrictive default slope settings by unselecting the "RRW Tunnel and Slope Parameters" box in the installer. The original Maxis Rail specification will be supported via a Legacy Plugin, downloaded separately, at a later date. Also note that a number of cosmetic-oriented NAM plugins, such as the El-Rail Alternate Implementation, the Bullet Train Mod, and some advanced texture options (largely deprecated) have been removed from the installer. The Alternate El-Rail and BTM will be made available separately at a later date. Please note that, much like Maxis Rail, these Plugins are effectively in "Legacy" status, and may not be actively maintained or supported by the NAM Team going forward. Both the original Maxis Highways (MHW) and the "Maxis Highway Override/Project Symphony" (MHO) remain available.

The Station Locator, Updater, and Reconstruction Project (SLURP) is also no longer handled by the new installer. A scaled down version of the old installer will be made at a later date to handle SLURP routines. Users wishing to retain SLURPed stations should retrieve them from the "z___NAM\Mass Transit Lots\Station Overrides" folder in their existing NAM installation, where they will be found in the "Mass Transit Lots" subfolder.

Note that users running the 64-bit version of SimCity 4 on macOS may wish to refrain from retrieving SLURP stations, as there have been some encoding issues with stations that cause that version of the game to CTD.

The new installer also no longer performs a version check. Please note, however, that for Windows users, Version 1.1.638 and above are still required, as Versions 1.1.610 and 1.1.613 have notable instabilities that may have a significant negative impact on the use of this mod. Copies purchased from the Origin Store may still not meet this requirement, and support will not be offered to users with "unofficial" copies of the game.

New Features for NAM 39

  • New Subway-based draggable implementation of the Flexible Underpass (FLUPs) system added, with FLEX-based network portals (modeled by Girafe) and underground networks for the RealHighway's RHW-2 and MIS networks. These portals include working nightlights, and options for both Maxis Nite and Dark Nite (selectable under the "Texture and Drive Side Support" section of the installer).
  • Three new draggable "Alternate Viaduct" styles added for the Road Viaducts--Stone Arch, Steel Arch, and Japanese (JPN) Facelift. These new viaducts act as separate networks, and are designed specifically for use as part of short oorthogonal overpasses over orthogonal networks, starting from On-Slope Transitions. Additionally, the Alternate Viaducts can be overridden by the Street network and some SAM types.
  • A FLEX On-Slope transition (FLEX-OST) has been added for the Hybrid Railway (HRW) FLEX-based dual-network.
  • FLEX On-Slope Transitions (FLEX-OSTs) for the RealHighway (RHW) plugin have been fixed, and now function as intended.
  • Support for 90° R1 "Mini-Curves" (3x3 footprint) has been added for the Road network.
  • Diagonal crossover paths and DIPs (Distilled Intersection Paths) have been added to the diagonals for the Wider RHW networks (courtesy of McDuell and Triple-Tile NWM networks (courtesy of Ganaram Inukshuk), improving capacity and functionality of the diagonal RHW-8S, RHW-10S, RHW-6C, RHW-8C, TLA-7, and AVE-6 networks.
  • Various improvements have been made to the NWM TLA-7/AVE-6-to-Dual-OWR-3 draggable transition, including the addition of proper Distilled Intersection Paths (DIPs) to mitigate capacity issues, along with fixing broken LHD pathing
  • The RULs for the LHD version of the FLEX Turn Lanes (FTL) Type 130 x Type 110 intersections have been improved, to eliminate previous texture and path flipping errors.

Requirements and Compatibility

The Network Addon Mod, in its current form with default installation options, is designed to run on systems with a 64-bit operating system and more than 4GB RAM. Most modern PCs should be able to comfortably run the mod. By installing fewer options and using the Controller Compiler to manually compile a smaller NAM Controller, however, it is possible to run the NAM on 32-bit operating systems, and/or systems with 4GB or less RAM. At least 1.2GB of hard drive space is required, in order to fully unpack the installer, but actual installation size may run from as little as 1.7MB to as much as 850MB, depending on the options chosen and if one selects to manually run the Controller Compiler after installation.

The Network Addon Mod is compatible with the following versions of the game:

  • A) Retail Windows disc copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe OR SimCity 4 with the Rush Hour Expansion Pack, updated to at least Version 1.1.638.
  • B) Retail Windows digital copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe OR SimCity 4 with the Rush Hour Expansion Pack (Version 1.1.641), from all digital retailers except Origin (i.e. GOG.com, Steam, Amazon).
  • C) Digital Windows copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe obtained redeeming an existing CD key (not purchasing) through Origin Customer Support.
  • D) Retail Mac digital copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe, purchased through Steam or the App Store. (NOTE: Platform-specific technical support for the NAM on macOS is extremely limited).
  • E) Retail Mac disc copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe, running on macOS/OS X Version 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or earlier. (NOTE: Platform-specific technical support for the NAM on macOS is extremely limited.)

The Network Addon Mod is NOT compatible with the following versions of the game:

  • F) Retail disc copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe OR SimCity 4 with the Rush Hour Expansion Pack that have not been patched (Version 1.1.610 or 1.1.613).
  • G) Retail Windows digital copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe purchased from Origin.
  • H) Retail disc copies of non-Deluxe SimCity 4 (sometimes marketed later as "SimCity 4 Classic"), without the Rush Hour Expansion Pack (Version 1.0.272 or earlier)
  • I) Pirated or cracked copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe OR SimCity 4 with the Rush Hour Expansion Pack.

What should I do if the NAM installer rejects my copy of the game?

The new NAM installer (introduced with the NAM 37 Release Candidate) no longer runs a version check. However, it is strongly recommended that users check the version they are running, as unpatched copies can be unstable. In Case F, the solution is simply to install the EP1 Update 1 patch, which can be downloaded from EA (SKU 1-5), SimCity 4 Devotion (SKU 1-5), or Simtropolis (SKU 1 and 2 only). To determine the correct SKU version for your copy of SimCity 4, find the installation directory, and look in the subfolder named sku_data. Alternatively, one can simply try all the SKU versions of the patch, until one works.

For Case G, see the section about Origin in the "Read First" document.

For Cases H, I, and J, it is recommended that you purchase a digital copy of SimCity 4 Deluxe (NOT from Origin).

For more information about NAM installation and this release, please see the "Read First" document, enclosed in the download (0-read-first.html) and available online. The remainder of the documentation can also be consulted online at sc4devotion.com/namdoc.


As usual, please read the included readme file first.

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