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April 10, 2021, 05:15:51 PM

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Network Addon Mod (NAM) / Re: NAM: Development
« Last post by Wiimeiser on April 06, 2021, 08:09:26 AM »
It's where two streets are coming off opposite sides of the same avenue segment. Failing that it's one of the avenueXavenue intersections. Other than that I have no clue.
Network Addon Mod (NAM) / Re: NAM: Development
« Last post by Durfsurn on April 06, 2021, 07:28:31 AM »

Spot the new flex piece...  :P

- Billy
Network Addon Mod (NAM) / Re: 2 Lane roads connecting to Avenue
« Last post by Wiimeiser on April 06, 2021, 07:16:54 AM »
If you have some extra space you could try using the slip lane method. That should do it.
Further experimentation:
-An "Unsuitable area" extends for five tiles past the override piece/stub.
-The game will refuse to place the auto-destroy tile directly adjacent to any of these five tiles if it is in the same orientation as the existing piece.
-If two portals are placed adjacent first, dragging subway from one creates an undraggable stub on all adjacent override tiles and all tiles adjacent on further portals.
-Because of the above points, it is physically impossible to have two portals directly next to each other and have them both function.
-The space directly in front of the glitched stub is also "unsuitable" due to the Subway network having auto-connect.
-The cosmetic override when two RHW-4 portals are adjacent does not function.
-Any manipulation creates severe lag, placing a portal takes ~2 seconds and placing an adjacent portal takes ~10 seconds, demolition can take anywhere between 3 and 30 seconds.
If any of this is untrue for the NAM Team, then it's highly likely being in LHD is messing things up somehow. Perhaps LHD messes with the Subway network somehow? Or are the RULs just missing or incompatible?

Also, I don't have a way to transition Avenue to Subway and I am using the MHO, so old FLUPS or AVE tunnel shenanigans it is...

EDIT: I also seem to be unable to drag straight into the overridden Subway when coming from the opposite direction with another override.

My hypothesis is, since IIRC the overrides are the result of leftover code from an unfinished auto turn lanes idea, then:
-Subway existed in the base game, and was copied directly from Street before the latter's ability to be dragged diagonally was disabled (the only network for which this is the case)
-Alternatively they were all just copied from Road
-IIRC LHD did not exist in the base game and was added in Rush Hour (only two highway interchanges existed in base game IIRC so it wouldn't have changed anything anyway) and the intersection overrides, pending the unreleased second and third expansions, was copied over and converted to all surface networks except power lines, including the unused Dirt Road, but not to Subway since Subway is supposed to be an abstract network like in previous titles. And the lack of LHD-specific Subway code is messing things up somehow. I'm honestly just guessing at this point, though.

EDIT2: I don't know how, but I did get the adjacent overrides to work once during my experiment with 5 portals (and somehow I got "Unsuitable grade for construction on a region with unmodified terrain)

And to clarify, the RHW-2 draggable tunnels are working fine, provided they're long enough. It's when I try putting two next to each other that the problems begin. I think the instability in this case might be due to the Subway's auto-connect (two facing stubs will automatically connect, though dragging across doesn't trigger it like with streets and RHW) and since the overrides are technically intersections something there may be triggering auto-connect unexpectedly.
Thought I had deleted the previous NAM, guess I didn't the double folders are now gone thanks Alex.
NAM Creations / Re: RHW (RealHighway) - Development and Support
« Last post by Haljackey on April 05, 2021, 01:53:04 PM »
Showcasing a couple new features from NAM 40 from a new highway project of mine

You can click them for full size.

Diagonal RHW-6S to 8S ramp pieces

Solid stability. 5 tiles of overpasses all in a row and no sweat.

I would advise completely removing the "Network Addon Mod" folder out of your Plugins folder, and then reinstall NAM 40.
I was wondering about that when I read the NAM-40 announcement and it said to run a bat file without first mentioning to delete any prior NAM version. You might add an echo (tell user to remove/move prior NAM) and a pause to do so at the start of that bat file.
Simmer2's Place / Re: Simmer's Lotting Lab.
« Last post by Tyberius06 on April 05, 2021, 10:39:18 AM »
Woow. Timed "animated" solar-windmill. I love this. Really nice model, but I really like the detailed timed scene.
Great job on this!

- Tyberius
Simmer2's Place / Re: Simmer's Lotting Lab.
« Last post by Simmer2 on April 05, 2021, 01:15:14 AM »
SM2 Advanced Solar Array

12 models and 21 timed exemplars gives you this...

The suspended highway > there is any feet on the floor  :o . Physicaly it's a biggest constrain on the suspended hhighway  :D

That looks as if it may be a T21 issue.  I haven't encountered it personally yet, but I will investigate to see what may be happening there.

Why am I getting double folders after downloading NAM 40?

Those aren't technically double folders, as far as Windows sees it--you'll notice amongst that first batch, you have "1 Core", without the underscore ("_"), and "1_Core", with the underscore.  You do, however, have two NAM versions installed, and since NAM 40 is the one without the underscores (removed because of Mac load order issues), and the Windows version of the game will read "_" as coming later in the load order than a single space, that old NAM version will be overriding NAM 40.

We mention in the installation instructions that users should remove any previous NAM versions prior to installing the latest.  This is a relatively recent change, prompted by the fact that our present installer (introduced last July with NAM 37) does not have the ability to detect previous installation options.

With the new installer, the old NAM installation is no longer removed automatically, so users should manually remove the "Network Addon Mod" and "z___NAM" folders from their Plugins directory. If you use the "Cleanup" option under the "Setup" tab, it is highly recommended that you select the "Backup" option upon completion, and "Delete" will in fact delete all those files, making them unrecoverable. It is recommended, particularly with this Release Candidate, that you back those folders up in a location that is not in your Plugins folder. The "z___NAM" folder has been eliminated, and all files are now installed to the "Network Addon Mod" directory.

I would advise completely removing the "Network Addon Mod" folder out of your Plugins folder, and then reinstall NAM 40.

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