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SM2 CO2 Scrubber by Simmer2
SM2 CO2 Scrubber category
SM2 Oregon Lighthouse by Simmer2
SM2 Oregon Lighthouse category
Low-Altitude Color Schemes for SC4 Mapper & SC4Terraformer by tagehring
Low-Altitude Color Schemes for SC4 Mapper & SC4Terraformer category
Currently 85.76% of LEX Uploads support the Dependency Tracker!
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CasperVg on 2019-08-22 00:00:04
A few bugs have been fixed, meaning that the Download List 📥 feature is once again fully functional. Thanks to the improved hardware, it should also run much quicker! 👌
Tarkus on 2018-10-04 10:02:33
PSA: If you are encountering difficulties with your LEX account, new or old (i.e. not getting an activation or password reset email), the best place to receive assistance is on the SC4D Forums. Response time via this avenue is generally within 48 hours (and often less). Emails to the webmaster or the general site support email address (which goes to the webmaster) regarding LEX account issues are unlikely to receive a response.
CasperVg on 2018-08-07 01:34:56
The Dependency Tracker has been updated, it should be faster and now supports cascading dependencies. So, if a file has dependencies that have dependencies themselves, they will also be listed in the results. Happy downloading :)
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PackagedOneasy posted on BSC Textures Vol 01
PackagedOneasy posted on BSCBATProps Mattb325_Vol03
LostRealist posted on Bauhaus Mannheim
Well you got parts of their slogan right, but the real one they currently use is: "Wenn's gut werden muss", which essentially means "For when it has to turn out good."
caspervg posted on SM2 CO2 Scrubber
Very CO₂ol!
caspervg posted on SM2 Rona