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Beverly Apartments by mattb325
Beverly Apartments category
Harrods (Maxis Nite) by mattb325
Harrods (Maxis Nite) category
Harrods (Dark Nite) by mattb325
Harrods (Dark Nite) category
Kensington Apartments by mattb325
Kensington Apartments category
SM2 Crown and Pinion Gears Ltd by Simmer2
SM2 Crown and Pinion Gears Ltd category
Gertrude Apartments by mattb325
Gertrude Apartments category
SM2 Danforth Station by Simmer2
SM2 Danforth Station category
Houston Place Apartments by mattb325
Houston Place Apartments category
SM2 Small Town Water Tower by Simmer2
SM2 Small Town Water Tower category
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Tarkus on 2020-12-09 01:34:17
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Latest Comments:
Paulo34 posted on Bank of Brazil Branch
It will stay top and excel in my City Rio de Janeiro
sejr99999 posted on SM2 Crown and Pinion Gears Ltd
thank you I really love your grungy looking industrials that are borderline steam punk
sejr99999 posted on Beverly Apartments
thank you lots of visual interest with garage entrance, pool and entrance stairway and of course the balconies and they grow as expected also I really like the different colors in the lighted windows
sejr99999 posted on Harrods (Maxis Nite)
thank you for this essential building for a London style city incredible amount of detail, beautiful textures and of course the intricate lighting
sejr99999 posted on Gertrude Apartments
thank you these are really beautiful apartments and your modding is flawless
sejr99999 posted on Houston Place Apartments
thank you for another update to 21st century housing for SC4 keeping the old game fresh and more beautiful with these buildings and the 8X4 lot grew with no problems
sejr99999 posted on SM2 Small Town Water Tower
thank you nice addition to SC4's collection of water towers perfect for USA small towns
sejr99999 posted on Old North Church Boston
thank you for this important historic building beautiful details and love the lighting
sejr99999 posted on SM2 Supertanker Corina
thank you looks great in game day & night and much appreciate the small lot to enable MMP detailing
Une_ame posted on American Cement Building
Another very attractive creation. With is inherent beauty and realistic texture, it will fit perfectly in my current city. Way to go !