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Cube Apartments by mattb325
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Pirie St Adelaide by mattb325
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WMP Causeway Tutorial by Tyberius06
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CasperVg on 2019-08-22 00:00:04
A few bugs have been fixed, meaning that the Download List 📥 feature is once again fully functional. Thanks to the improved hardware, it should also run much quicker! 👌
Tarkus on 2018-10-04 10:02:33
PSA: If you are encountering difficulties with your LEX account, new or old (i.e. not getting an activation or password reset email), the best place to receive assistance is on the SC4D Forums. Response time via this avenue is generally within 48 hours (and often less). Emails to the webmaster or the general site support email address (which goes to the webmaster) regarding LEX account issues are unlikely to receive a response.
CasperVg on 2018-08-07 01:34:56
The Dependency Tracker has been updated, it should be faster and now supports cascading dependencies. So, if a file has dependencies that have dependencies themselves, they will also be listed in the results. Happy downloading :)
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brancra posted on Cube Apartments
These are charming neo-brutalist midrises. They are thoughtfully modeled, lit, and lotted, and complement the medium-density residential offerings that fill out so many players' cities. A useful and delightful addition to the game. Thank you so much Mattb325!
techpenblot posted on Network Addon Mod (Cross-Platform)
Thanks! After retrying and uninstalling the game (Steam version) several times, it worked after installing the 4gb_Patch correctly.
ThomyTomato posted on Network Addon Mod (Cross-Platform)
It's working now! Thanks for this amazing mod!
pedroach20c: Run the 4gb_patch.exe file that's included in the download. Point it to C:\GOG Games\SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition\Apps, select "SimCity 4.exe", click "Open". You should then get a message "Executable successfully patched!". Click the "OK" button. Then open the game--you should now be able to run NAM 37 without the game crashing.
pedroach20c posted on Network Addon Mod (Cross-Platform)
I gave up, I can't get the NAM 37 to work, I install it following all the steps, and every time I enter a city or try to create a new one the patanlla gets dark and the game comes out, my game is compactible it's a GOG version , completely updated, I have no Ram card compactness problems, I have done all the uninstallation of the old NAM that I had and the cleaning of the files that could create conflict, I have done the installation 5 times, I do not know what to do I will have to return to NAM 36.