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Creator: Swamper77 Upload Date: 2007-07-15
Last Update: 2009-03-25 File Type: Gameplay
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Updated 3/24/09 to fix an issue with "twisted" train cars

This is the Regional Runner Train Set that Kenworth of the SFBT and I have been working on together. He created the original GMAX models and had requests to turn it into automata. I stepped forward and offered to do so. These are the automata versions of his train engines and cars.
This download contains the Regional Runner Train Set and two other trains: a BR143 passenger engine and a DR243 freight engine.
A complete Readme is included, and it is recommended that you read it before installing the files!


Isschei Are these addon or replacment 2016-04-16
Nyraion Just what i needed for my European city! Also theses things run on tracks where i live to :D<br /> 2015-01-30
nightshadow666 Great! Thank you for travelling with Deutsche Bahn ;-) 2014-06-23
grstudios Looks like Bombardier Double Deck Coach, painted red like at Israel Railways 2011-11-23
pochi333 Great mod! But I have a question: is there a way to modify the models textures, in other words, re-skin the models? 2010-12-28
palmtown thank you very much !! :D 2009-12-26
funny guy329 Epic 2009-07-16
funny guy329 Nice! 2009-07-16
EraZor Best train mod ever. Thanks 2008-04-29
bblubb Excellent replicas of the originals. I use them every day... 2007-09-21
royal Thank you swamper :) 2007-08-24
Swamper77 8/8/2007: Train Set has been updated to fix the skin on the Second Class Car for the Regional Runner Train Set. 2007-08-08
snorrelli Great work, Swamper. Thanks! 2007-07-15
Silur Excellent ! 2007-07-15
High5Tower Its nice to get some new rolling stock on the rails. Thank you 2007-07-15
PG100PG Great work! They look exactly like the trains im my area 2007-07-15
Meastro444 awesome! 2007-07-15