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This is a reworked schwartz model turned into a coal power plant. It has the same stats as the Maxis one.


BSC Mega Props - JES Vol01
BSC Mega Props - JES Vol04
BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01
BSC Textures Vol 01
BSC Textures Vol03
subgrav Power Transformer
jes_PowerPlantFiles.dat - included


sejr99999 thank you the subgrav power Transformer is on Simtropolis search under content by subgrav 2017-05-08
rummtata Very good, not much power plant variety out there, thankful for every one, and this is well done. 2015-03-22
themaroonday i was i could replace the shabby maxis one for this 2011-10-29
mastarick \"But for non-experts it isn\'t easy to find out that the BSCTexturePack JES Vol04 is included in BSC Textures Vol 03.\" thanks for the info :) 2011-03-21
M45661 Best SC4 coal power plant! But for non-experts it isn\'t easy to find out that the BSCTexturePack JES Vol04 is included in BSC Textures Vol 03. 2009-12-29
palmtown thank you very much !! :D 2009-12-26
patfirefghtr thank you!! 2009-04-15
userfri3ndly thanks! this really puts a more solid look 2009-01-03
Lilojame Thank you very much! 2008-10-30
cggg the link to the power transformer is here: http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/index.cfm?id=12629 2008-10-04
crimsonbludgeon The link in the readme to subgrav Power Transformer is dead. 2008-07-16
Death54 Great job! 2008-03-03
bblubb Nice details and a realistic look. 2007-09-26
mattb325 An excellent building indeed, thanks for sharing 2007-08-11
zzsim2 Excellent work! Much more realistic than the original SC4 coal power plant. 2007-07-03
Hydra Nice work jestarr. 2007-07-01
skyjuice Nevermind. read the readme.of course. 2007-06-30
skyjuice 2007-06-30
Mas71 It\'s high detail !! Thank you for sharing good work Jestarr san!! 2007-06-29
Silur Excellent object - Thank you ! 2007-06-29
bigslark Looks great! 2007-06-28
SpartanB292 wow, Very nice, been looking for great alternative (to the ingame) power plants for a looong time, Very Nice job jes 2007-06-28