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Catenaries (overhead wires) for railways are mainly used to supply electric locomotives with power. They consist of a special wire that hangs above the tracks. The height can differ from country to country. The pantograph that is mounted on top of a locomotive is in constant touch with the wires, so it can conduct power to the electric generators and engines of the vehicle.

The first tests for an electric engine on a rail vehicle took place in 1835, the first commercial applications were the tram services in several European cities around 1880. Apart from the "third rail" that runs parallel to the tracks, catenaries were designed in order to protect persons and animals from the hazardous voltage (trams usually need a few hundred volts, whereas railway catenaries can concuct up to 50,000 volts). In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, 15,000 volts are used. The high voltages are necessary to minimize the loss of power due to the resistance of the wires.

Unfortunately, the SimCity developers didn't show much interest in realistic railways. Because of that, I put some effort in creating realistic railway catenaries, as they are used by the Deutschen Bahn AG (German railway). Unfortunately, the don't show the wires, but at least we can have the masts now. :-) This set includes 17 different lots that can be placed next to your railway tracks, some of them are transit enabled and can be placed directly onto the tracks, this is useful in tight spaces, such as in downtown situations. All lots feature a transparent base texture and can be used with all available terrain mods.

The lots can be found in the lower part of the power menu. Place them every other two tiles next to your railway tracks. The lots don't have a base texture, so you can use them with every terrain mod. The catenary props extend over the lot borders and show up directly above the adjacent tracks. Some lots are transit enabled and can be placed directly onto the tracks. This is useful in tight situations, such as the tracks in front of a large railway station. It is advisable to use a rail texture mod, such as PEG's and Swamper77's "No Rail Dirt" mod or PEG's "Alternate Rail Set Mod", which will prevent ugly brown textures below the tracks.

Dependencies (see readme file for links):

- SFBT Essentials


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