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Creator: Andreas Upload Date: 2007-06-26
Last Update: 2009-03-28 File Type: Growable
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Gasthaus Maria (Maria's Inn) is a restaurant with bed and breakfast. Such buildings are typical for southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I was inspired for the building by a hotel in Andechs where I stayed overnight once. No Bavarian beergarden would be complete without a majestic chestnut tree, therefore I owe a special thanks to Cycledogg, who BATted a seasonal horse chestnut especially for this lot. The download contains both a growable and ploppable lot.

Dependencies (see readme file for links):

- SFBT Essentials

Updated to fix a bug in the growable lot.


sejr99999 thank you brings fond memories 2010-12-07
mrbisonm I miss Horse chestnuts here in North America....lol. Nice to have a Gasthaus von Bayern in the game now. Just beautiful. 2007-06-29
jacqulina this is wonderfull work thanks 2007-06-27