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Creator: jeronij Upload Date: 2007-06-24
Last Update: 2008-04-18 File Type: Plop
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Jeronij PlopMod 04

This is a set of +30 new plopable models. Included in the zip are two folders. One contains the models and the other contains the mods.
As usual, the plopable items show in the Mayor mode flora menu.
Included in this set:
Acer Plat.
Caya Tormentosa
Ulm Wood
Plat New

I hope you enjoy the models ���

There is also a cleanitol file included, which must be removed after using it ( or if you dont use it)

This file actually needs the following Pack/s to work:


File updated 04/2008: Changed / added Dependency links


palmtown Thx u ;D 2013-01-10
blebell wonderful versatile tree pack thank you 2011-10-06
sejr99999 thank you time to go to the tropics! 2010-06-21
gn_leugim excelente =) 2008-03-29
KooriSim123 thank you jeronij 2008-01-11
FrankvU Jeronij, does it never stop? Thanks a lot. 2007-10-15
patfirefghtr sweeeeet ty 2007-10-13
bat56 Fantastic new trees... thx Jeronij!!! 2007-09-26
jeronij demoreno, they work as standard trees ;-D 2007-07-27
demoreno These are great, but I was wondering if they cut down pollution or if it\'s just eye candy? 2007-07-23
jeronij Thanks to all for the nice compliments and feedback. In fact, I have made this set during the last year, today one mod, tomorrow another.... 2007-06-28
Badsim Hi , jeroni . You know how I love your previous ones ...this new collection is a great surprise . I would have followeded a thread about their creation with a major interest .... Anyway , thank you so much ! 2007-06-27
jacqulina excellent work thankyou 2007-06-27
Mas71 Very beatiful trees!! I love nature LOTs. Thank you very much Jronij!! 2007-06-26
HabLeUrG thank you very much!! 2007-06-26
Lana 10/10 2007-06-26
mattb325 Thank you Jeronij. 2007-06-26
Travis Great work Jeroni. Always needed more tree variety. 2007-06-25
Hippobabe Trees make a city. Lovely variety! 2007-06-25
c.p. Awesome. They look fantastic in the pictures. Thanks Jeroni! 2007-06-25
kimcar Thanks a lot . They are great 2007-06-25
High5Tower More flora great! The bushes I really like. Bushes on steep slopes behind buildings looks great. Thank you 2007-06-24
shoreman905 Fantastic. While waiting for CAM zones to develop I used each of these and I love them, as I did all the others. But, the bamboo will really come in handy when I get to return to regular SC4. Thank you. 2007-06-24
Sim Shady cool more trees :)you must have put alot of work into this 2007-06-24
seanallenpearce sweet... love trees 2007-06-24