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A set of four lots, designed to expand the horizons of the base set. They are an expansion set, and need the base set to function correctly.
Culvert : Overflow Designed for many uses. This piece can be used on a road side, or at the edge of a drop off, to give the impression the canal water continues underground.
Culvert : Fill Pipes Designed for the opposite side of whichever obstacle the culvert should flow under. Has the appearance of water flowing out.
Culvert Tunnel Designed for use against a sharp slope, to look like a tunnel entrance or exit. Careful terraforming is necessary for best appearance. The tunnel entrance overhangs the lot, to sink into the neighboring slope.
Canal Water Pump: A duplicate water source to the Maxis water pump. Capacity is 20,000. Found in the water utility menu.
BSC Textures Vol01
BSC Essentials Files
BSC Brick Canal Set


cronop44 Thanks 2017-08-29
Disasterjunkie looks like a pool for catfish 2014-07-08
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Mawgojzeta Really helps the canals seem realistic. Thank you. 2009-09-16
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Chlev I love your exchange! 2008-11-21
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