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Creator: barbyw Upload Date: 2007-06-20
Last Update: 2008-10-20 File Type: CAM files
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Updated to fix errors and to replace that have been superseded by mega packs.
The address to Superstar's Citibank and Key Tower have also been corrected.

This text file can be used with BSC Cleanitol to check for the models used in the CAMeLot Starte Packs.
You do not need to remove any of the files it finds but you will be able to find any that you currently do not have.


themaroonday OMG thank you, now i can see if i missed anything! 2011-10-31
fangio057 merci 2011-10-22
lotherius I am assuming that you ONLY need the sc4model and other support files from the dependencies this finds, not the LOTs, since these will be replaced with CAM lots? 2010-09-05
Molarboy Thank you very much! I started with a \"plain vanilla\" SC4 and have been downloading for 5 days straight. It\'s a whole new world out there. I started with the oldest files (2 STEX disks) so by the time I got to the newer files, there was a lot of concatenation in the prop packs (very good idea) and a lot of duplication in my plugins folder. This text file really helps a lot. 2010-01-20
folder0503 oh no! 2009-10-15
Lilojame Thank you! 2008-12-11
bblubb a very useful helper 2007-09-26
khalidboussouara Thanks very much. This will prove very useful. 2007-08-30
towtruck2007 I did get my files from there though not from the undo.bat.(there was actually files missing) I wasn\'t sure how to use it. i double clicked and it came up with an error message? 2007-06-24
barbyw The files that are removed by BSC Cleanitol are all placed in a BSC_Cleanitol folder in the My Documents\\SimCity 4 folder with a report. You should be able to retrieve ALL your files from there by using the undo.bat file 2007-06-24
towtruck2007 Just for anyone who is unsure be careful not to press b/up. Stupid me did this and all my plugin files dissapeared. I was able to retrieve about 90% of them. Though now they all unorganised... Very messy situation. be careful 2007-06-23
TheTeaCat Thank you so much for this. And for all the hours you and the rest of the team have put into this. 2007-06-20