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Creator: bixel Upload Date: 2007-06-20
Last Update: Never File Type: Props
Views: 6688 Category: Dependency
Last Downloaded: 2019-12-20 Downloads: 6439


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Admin note - This file is permanently locked due to the propensity of the contents to cause the Immortal Lot Syndrome.  Any comments asking for it to be unlocked will be deleted on sight.

A set of models from bixel collected into packs with is permission. These will be used in forthcoming CAM lots.
To avoid duplication of models, please remove any of the following before installing this pack or use the enclosed RemoveList with BSC Cleanitol to do the work for you.
HK The Arch 1.SC4Model
HK The Arch 2.SC4Model


AsimPika3172 OK Tarkus! Meanwhile, I found another "HKABT bixel MEGA Pack Vol08" which included under CAM Pack version 2! Got it from somewhere! Included other props, dependencies etc... 2018-08-06
Tarkus AsimPika3172: bixel hasn't even logged onto the site in 5 years (and hasn't posted here in 9 years). It's extremely unlikely he'll fix it, and the scrutineers who found the issue are also long gone. The models included are rendered in a strange off-center position and at least in 2012, when the issue was found, it was deemed something beyond reasonable to fix, and everything that linked here was locked/removed. The intention appears to have been to remove the offending lot (The Arch) from the BXL set and keep this package locked/archived, but due to some rather serious RL on the part of the scrutineering team of that time, that unfortunately never happened. 2018-06-19
AsimPika3172 Look likes this props have problem.... waiting for Bixel for fix it or make another props by replacing the old one. :) 2018-06-18
danarputra Please Unlock this.... :( 2015-12-12
Tarkus Begging for the file to be unlocked will not lead to it being unlocked, especially 5 years after the locking. Read <a href=http://simtarkus.wordpress.com/2014/07/13/insight-from-an-admin-why-we-lock-files-on-the-sc4-devotion-lex/>for more information on why we lock files</a>. 2014-09-22
LowerLevelLux Please unlock? 2014-09-20
kandi17 Unlocking anytime soon sc4? 2014-04-09
openworld3 Please unlock the file ! Thank you 2013-08-04
openworld3 Please unlock the file ! Thank you 2013-08-04
openworld3 Please unlock the file ! Thank you 2013-08-04
Nightbird615 Can someone please unlock this? Thx! 2013-04-27
Servius when will unblock???? 2013-04-02
Eryx I\'m also waiting for this to be unlocked to be done \"installing\" CAM... It\'s been two hours, I was hoping I would be done today :( and apparently it\'s been a while. 2013-01-14
Runningham Currently locked, 12/9/2012, 7pm. Any idea when it will be unlocked. It is one of my billion dependencies for CAM :s 2012-12-09
geindoll thank... 2011-03-29
mafukw Thanks 2009-02-12
Lilojame Thank you! 2008-12-19