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Creator: barbyw Upload Date: 2007-06-18
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A merged dat of 40+ BLS farm fields for BSC Farms. This replaces the previous two packs that were available. They have been adjusted for slopes and have an updated Dependency list. Please remove all previous fields prior to installing this pack and a Cleanitol file is included to help with that.


BSC Essentials


SG Farmfields Vol02

BSC MEGA Props MJB Vol01

BSC MEGA Props Misc Vol01

BSC MEGA Props SG Vol01

BSC MEGA Props RT Vol01

CSX MEGA Props Vol06

BSC Textures Vol01

CP Textures Vol01

PEG Xmas Dev Kit


shushujing Hey, did I miss some dependency? Download all files and installed. Doesn't show beautiful stuff like the photo in file. Always brown field?????????? 2015-03-18
shushujing Hey, did I missing some dependency? Download all files and installed. Doesn't show beautiful stuff like the photo in file. Always brown field?????????? 2015-03-18
toftof bonjour a vous tous vous pouver trouver toute sorte de depandance sur http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_depend00.html 2014-03-31
ubirabira ? 2013-08-23
CaptivatedLady Simtropolis does can not find sg farmfields vol01 nor Vol02 even when using their search function. Luckily I already had most of the dependencies already but not those two. 2013-01-05
Knosith CP Textures Vol01 and SG Farmfields Vol02 no longer seem to exist 2012-04-15
tarmiji THANKS 2012-03-15
apesfiu thanks 2012-02-08
dazniniel Muchas Gracias....!!!! 2011-08-03
geindoll thank you very much! 2011-03-22
draco.argento What\'s happening to simtropolis? half of these dependencies are from that site, and they are impossible to find. can antone help me with this? 2011-02-27
sejr99999 thank you will get good use 2010-04-25
sejr99999 thank you will get good use 2010-04-25
yeah_right Okay, i managed to find most of them... except CSX mega props vol6, CP textures i will keep looking though 2008-06-20
yeah_right Half the dependencies are impossible to find!! and then the other half have been merged into prop packs, which have been locked..... cmon! 2008-06-20
canadacactus I live in the country so I\'m partial toward all things rural. Thanks a bunch! 2007-09-12
ZonZaucker priceless!! :D 2007-06-20
wouanagaine What a lovely surprised. I Was not aware of such a packaging. Great job Barby ! 2007-06-19
barbyw Thanks for the comments. The fields already in a city will not be affected as the IIDs are all identical. The difference in size is due to omitting the unneccessary PNG files generated by LE. All the dependencies are available and have links in the Readme. 2007-06-19
patfirefghtr Ty Barby for getting this to us 2007-06-19
shinkansen1 Are most of the dependancies still available? I think I tried looking for a lot of them, but couldn\'t be found because they were merged into mega packs that weren\'t available anymore. 2007-06-18
jmelvin383 I think the Cleanitol file missed a file (BLS GA Farm Field - Pumpkins_6e17f4bd.SC4Lot). I was cleaning the files manually and saw that this was the only BLS GA field not on the list. I checked the DAT file and saw that it did include an exemplar for this field. And, thanks for the upgrade. 2007-06-18
High5Tower Wow what a difference in size. The old field files =1.58mb. The new merged dat =40.1kb. Nice savings! 2007-06-18
High5Tower Thank you for the upgrade,love the farms!.I take it you mean to remove the field files and not the actual fields in my working cities. 2007-06-18