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Creator: BSC Upload Date: 2007-06-17
Last Update: Never File Type: Gameplay
Views: 6080 Category: Mods - General
Last Downloaded: 2019-01-16 Downloads: 8807


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This zip file contains three further zips: one each for Residential, Commercial and Industrial. The files were made by different BSC members some time ago. You are recommended to make a separate folder for each type and unzip the files you wish to block. You can use all or any combination of these files to block any Maxis sets you wish. This set is not the same as any other available.
These files are compatible with the forthcoming CAM which ohers are not.


KOKUTETUHIROSIMA Some of the BATs introduced by me are no longer displayed. 2018-01-13
KOKUTETUHIROSIMA Some of the BATs introduced by me are no longer displayed. 2018-01-13
badpat Great work. Keeps \"Stone-Mansions\" away from my suburbs :D 2013-08-31
Snagwell Great Thankyou 2013-08-10
VM2000 i must put this on plugins? 2013-01-16
rajpoot wonderfull thankyou 2012-11-27
Reginasunrae This is a great mod! I\'m loving it!! For anyone thinking it doesn\'t work, did you make sure to extract the files from within the three .zip files inside the .zip you downloaded? 2012-11-18
Gurning_Chimp Doesn\'t work, I\'m still seeing Maxis buildings! 2012-04-13
alvinheriadi Not working for me. :( 2012-04-09
Fingolfin1 How do I make it work?? 2012-03-06
tarmiji thanks 2012-01-10
fred wu 亜込込込込込込込込込込込込込込込込込込込込込込込込込込込込込込込込込込込込 2011-11-04
fjpool Great!!! 2011-09-03
Exla358 It doesnt\'t work after 2 days 2011-04-10
jblack no maxis yes 2011-02-17
thingfishs one of my most appreciated downloads ever, how did it take me so long to find this! thankyou!!!! 2009-12-11
Mancito No maxis LM :(! 2009-07-28
Triden007 You people use this to delete Maxis farms huh? I hate those litle apple trees and green stripes farms... 2009-07-08
allan_kuan1992 i apologize for the huge number of downloads... = \\ 2009-01-10
un1 Totally needed!!!! 3/3!! 2008-06-16
Unassigned A good idea. Thanks. 2008-05-14
jacqulina wonderfull thankyou 2007-10-16
The Big Z This is exactly what I\'m looking for! Thanks a million! 2007-09-21
patfirefghtr thank you for this y\'all 2007-09-18
mightygoose surely a block all maxis mod should work regardless....??? 2007-06-18
freedo50 Yes, they will work exactly the same but these ones are CAMpatible (check out the BSC section of the forums for more on the CAM). Good work guys! 2007-06-18
comptongb This looks like DT no maxis but anyways thanks for uploading 2007-06-17