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This is the first add on set for the canal set, to help transition from one level to another. The top piece needs to be on a 3x2 level piece of land, with a 1 tile wide slope down to the next level for the locks. Then the bottom piece is placed at the bottom. The top piece can also be used to go into in game water.
The losse Readme in the zip has been updated but the one that installs has not.
Dependencies BSC Essentials


cronop44 Thanks 2017-08-29
Gtaman Is this functional?<br /> It looks amazing 2015-07-08
RowBear I love it all. but every time I put a street or road next to the canal lock, the program (SC4) immediately crashes. Any ideas? 2013-08-13
yumayo884 thank you very much 2012-09-03
tarmiji thanks 2011-12-18
ovan155 thanks 2011-03-22
City Builder It\'s very nice, all of the canals are and Im suprised I\'ve never tried them before now. Big Thumbs up. 2008-02-22
Lana ;) 2007-09-13
jacqulina thankyou wonderfull work 2007-07-02