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Creator: SimGoober Upload Date: 2007-06-16
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By popular request, this is a base set of more industrial canals, similar in concept to those by Oppie and Pegasus. I always enjoyed using both of those creators versions, but wanted a set more industrial in nature, and more variations of pieces.
This is the base set of lots; there will be add on sets over time, by myself, as possibly by other BSC Members.
These lots are designed to play as neutral as possible in game. This will allow the player to build an extensive set of canals, without "ruining" game play by making a city develop too easily. There are no park, landmark or Mayor Rating effects, nor demand cap relief. No pollution, nor monthly cost. This set will function, by design, as 99% eye candy only.
The Readme loose in the zip has been updated but not the one that installs.
DependenciesBSC Essentials


cronop44 Thanks 2017-08-29
sejr99999 thank you for these excellent canals they are so much fun to build 2016-07-21
irishvandal thank you. just reinstalled sc4 and having to go through the whole process over. tnx for all. 2015-12-29
Disasterjunkie Canal. <br /> do this canal work for through traffic?<br /> hope so. 2014-07-07
nuberoja very good taste, thks 2014-05-09
aaron thank you<br /> 2014-03-15
thatphan BSC Canal 2013-12-20
Snagwell very nice, thank-you 2013-08-19
xZEUS99x nice work these look pretty cool 2013-02-20
nuberoja veneziaaa 2012-10-05
yumayo884 thank you very much 2012-09-03
missjny fantastic ! Thank you ! 2012-05-08
apesfiu thanks 2012-02-09
tarmiji thanks 2011-11-11
AlbW oh i like it thanks 2011-02-26
dennyrr35 I Like It Thanks 2010-12-20
manicwhofan Very very nice! Looks great in my city. If you don\'t download this one, you are missing out! 2010-09-08
uploadman Thank you very much ... 2009-10-24
roni-m3 wonderfull 2009-09-21
Mawgojzeta Very nice. 2009-09-16
Haxish420 I\'ve installed this and all dependencies (BSC Essentials and its two dependencies), but NOTHING additional has been added to any of my in game menus! The 6/09 NAM works fine, but even if I remove that, I have NO canals! What am I doing worng? 2009-06-30
SCGOY Yess! I needed this! 2009-03-28
joltmeister great stuff 2009-01-19
simsamerica SG You rock your canals and BATS RULE!! you are the greatest batter alive 2008-11-16
pedroferreiralp thank you, thank you... i always loved canals. 2008-10-08
erickou Very nice stuff 2008-08-10
gerkan Yeah, cool 2008-03-24
Lana texture of water not beautiful 2007-09-03
jacqulina thankyou excellent rk 2007-07-02
EDGE4194 It great to see these here finally. thanks SG! 2007-06-16