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The development of tram vehicles began around 1830 with the introduction of horse-driven wagons. Later, there were some experiments with steam-powered vehicles, but shortly afterwards, the electric drive succeeded because of its power and the fast acceleration capabilities. The first electric tram of the world was installed in the year 1881 in Lichterfelde, near Berlin, Germany. Only 20 years later, more than 150 German cities had built a tram system, and the trams rapidly developed to a serious form of public transportation.

About 1920, the climax of the tram development was reached, with more than 3000 tram companies all over the world, mainly in Europe, but also in North and South America and in Australia. With the development of the automobile and the triumph of individual motor traffic, first in North America and later in the other continents as well, the importance of the tram became smaller rapidly, though. Around 1970, the fate of the trams seemed to be sealed, and the community authorities mainly concentrated on bus and subway systems for their public transportation network.

Since 1980 the trams have experienced a small renaissance, since buses often are not efficient enough, and the construction of commuter trains and subways is too expensive. Articulated cars replaced the separate wagons, and low-floor vehicles made entering and exiting the trams easier. Many cities expanded their tram system to a ligh rail system and added sections above and below ground level for less interference with the individual traffic.

The SFBT Tram Museum honors the formerly important means of transportation: An abandoned tram service building now functions as a museum. It's a reward building that comes in two variations. You can select between both and build one of them, once your city has attracted 180,000 inhabitants, and when you have developed a decent light rail system (at least 24 elevated rail, ground light rail or subway stations). The lot also features a tram stop for a museum tram that comes with the museum. You must connect the museum to your GLR network (included in the NAM) for this feature. The msueum tram can also be used in the "U Drive It" mode.

Dependencies (see readme file for links):

- SFBT Essentials

- BSC BAT Props Porkissimo Vol. 1 and 2
- Brandenburger Tor by Maxis or BSC Textures Vol. 1
- Network Addon Mod June 2007 version


nightshadow666 2014-06-20
djedu one great work from Germany! :D 2011-08-05
erazer32 i don\'t use tram in SC but i will find a nice place for this tiny museum. thx a lot!! :)) 2010-11-21
NinjaRobotPirate I love everything SFBT does! 2007-06-16
TheTeaCat Wow Looks wonderful. I shall have to find a suitable place for this :) Thank you very much for all your hard work. 2007-06-11