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The Network Addon Mod (NAM) combines all transportation network-related fixes, additions and new creations that have been released so far. It will add countless new features to the existing network tools, such as new overpasses, highway onramps, intersections, ped-malls, a ground light rail network, roundabouts and turning lanes.

Version 38 - 3 September 2020

Before you run off in excitement to install the new NAM version, please make sure to read this (short) document first, to ensure the best Network Addon Mod experience. Note that without the 4GB Patch being properly installed, the game will crash to desktop.


Note that the NTCore 4GB Patch is REQUIRED, and due to the installer change, is no longer installed by default. The patch can be found inside the download, or downloaded directly from NTCore here, where further instructions on use of the patch can be found. Also due to this installer change, the NAM Controller Compiler is no longer run as part of the installation process. All users will be initially given a full NAM Controller, which has a substantial size. Users not using all features wishing to have a smaller controller can still run the Controller Compiler manually, as it is available in the download. Those on 32-bit versions of Windows should proceed with caution.

The NAM is also now using a Java-based installer, designed by daeley, which is cross-platform (meaning no more separate Mac versions, and Linux support without WINE). As such, the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is now REQUIRED to run the NAM installer. It was previous recommended for users wishing to utilize the NAM Traffic Simulator Configuration Tool (TSCT). An open source version of Java can be downloaded from here.

Users who fundamentally object to installing Java (or are unable to for other reasons) can perform a manual install, with patience. Details can be found here

With the new installer, the old NAM installation is no longer removed automatically, so users should manually remove the "Network Addon Mod" and "z___NAM" folders from their Plugins directory. It is recommended, particularly with this Release Candidate, that you back those folders up in a location that is not in your Plugins folder. The "z___NAM" folder has been eliminated, and all files are now installed to the "Network Addon Mod" directory.

The RealRailway (RRW) standard for Rail is now the default and only option. One may choose to disable the RRW's more restrictive default slope settings by unselecting the "RRW Tunnel and Slope Parameters" box in the installer. The original Maxis Rail specification will be supported via a Legacy Plugin, downloaded separately, at a later date. Also note that a number of cosmetic-oriented NAM plugins, such as the El-Rail Alternate Implementation, the Bullet Train Mod, and some advanced texture options (largely deprecated) have been removed from the installer. The Alternate El-Rail and BTM will be made available separately at a later date. Please note that, much like Maxis Rail, these Plugins are effectively in "Legacy" status, and may not be actively maintained or supported by the NAM Team going forward. Both the original Maxis Highways (MHW) and the "Maxis Highway Override/Project Symphony" (MHO) remain available.

The Station Locator, Updater, and Reconstruction Project (SLURP) is also no longer handled by the new installer. A scaled down version of the old installer will be made at a later date to handle SLURP routines. Users wishing to retain SLURPed stations should retrieve them from the "z___NAM\Mass Transit Lots\Station Overrides" folder in their existing NAM installation, where they will be found in the "Mass Transit Lots" subfolder. Note that users running the 64-bit version of SimCity 4 on macOS may wish to refrain from retrieving SLURP stations, as there have been some encoding issues with stations that cause that version of the game to CTD.

The new installer also no longer performs a version check. Please note, however, that for Windows users, Version 1.1.638 and above are still required, as Versions 1.1.610 and 1.1.613 have notable instabilities that may have a significant negative impact on the use of this mod. Copies purchased from the Origin Store may still not meet this requirement, and support will not be offered to users with "unofficial" copies of the game.

New Features for NAM 38

  • The L1 (Level 1, 7.5m height) Draggable Road, One-Way Road, and Avenue Viaducts can now form diagonal crossings with the following networks: Street, Road, One-Way Road, Avenue, Rail, Single-Track Rail (STR), Ground Light Rail (GLR), Elevated Light Rail, Monorail, L0 RHW-2, L0 RHW-3, L0 MIS, L0 RHW-4, L0 RHW-6S, L0 RHW-8S, L0 RHW-10S, L0 RHW-6C, L0 RHW-8C, and L1 MIS. Adjacency stability has been dramatically improved for all L1 Road, One-Way Road, and Avenue Viaduct crossings, and Diagonal FLEX Height Transitions have been added.

  • Diagonal FLEX Height Transitions (FLEX-HT) for the RHW-2, MIS, and RHW-4 have been added (all L0-L1 only). Note that the RHW-2 version does not automatically produce L1 RHW-2 by dragging out the top--a change that has been extended to the Orthogonal FLEX-HT as well, to improve stability.

  • The Hybrid Railway (HRW) FLEX Piece system has been added. Hybrid Railway tracks allow both Passenger Rail and Monorail/High Speed Rail traffic (designed for use with the future Real High Speed Rail (RHSR)), and also feature overhead catenaries. Stations, switches, and a base set of L1 Viaducts have been included. Ground HRW allows crossings with Road (OxO), L1 Road Viaduct (OxO and OxD), L1 One-Way Road Viaduct (OxO and OxD), and L1 Avenue Viaduct (OxO and OxD, click in Road stubs to fill in gaps on OxD). L1 HRW allows undercrossings with all ground-level Maxis, RHW, and NWM networks, plus L0 HRW (OxO only). To build these crossings, simply drag up to the edge of the HRW tracks, and once the crossing appears, resume dragging the network on the other side.

  • Transitions between different Street sets in the Street Addon Mod (SAM) plugin are now possible, thanks to the addition of a new FLEX Transition piece.

  • New Single-Tile Roundabout FLEX Piece added. The Single-Tile Roundabout allows for connections to Road and Street, and as the name indicates, takes up less room than the NAM's other Roundabout options.

  • The Road Roundabouts have become more flexible, allowing double corner connections. Stability and pathng improvements have also been made.

  • The diagonals for the Wider RHWs have received stability coding improvements. In addition, a capacity issue with the RHW-6C and RHW-8C diagonals has been addressed.

  • The RHW Disconnector now covers all possible network combinations (including Non-RHW Combinations), allowing for more gentle bulldozing of any network setting.

  • A multitude of pathing issues have been addressed, including a number of paths dating back to the original game, which had somehow escaped both Maxis and the NAM Team for the past 16 years.

  • Some of the overridable Road Multi-Radius Curves (MRCs) added in NAM 37 have been migrated to new Instance IDs (IIDs) and may need to be rebuilt. This change is designed to better accomodate future expansion of One-Way Road Multi-Radius Curve and Fractional Angle capabilities.

  • The GLR/Tram-in-Road and GLR/Tram-on-Street stations have been restored.

 Requirements and Compatibility

The Network Addon Mod will run on any system that meets the minimum system requirements for SimCity 4 Deluxe/Rush Hour. Most modern PCs should be able to comfortably run the mod, if running a 64-bit operating system. At least 1.2GB of hard drive space is required, in order to fully unpack the installer, but actual installation size may run from as little as 1.7MB to as much as 850MB, depending on the options chosen and if one selects to manually run the Controller Compiler after installation.

The Network Addon Mod is compatible with the following versions of the game:

  • A) Retail Windows disc copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe OR SimCity 4 with the Rush Hour Expansion Pack, updated to at least Version 1.1.638.

  • B) Retail Windows digital copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe OR SimCity 4 with the Rush Hour Expansion Pack (Version 1.1.641), from all digital retailers except Origin (i.e. GOG.com, Steam, Amazon).

  • C) Digital Windows copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe obtained redeeming an existing CD key (not purchasing) through Origin Customer Support.

  • D) Retail Mac digital copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe, purchased through Steam or the App Store. (NOTE: Platform-specific technical support for the NAM on macOS is extremely limited).

  • E) Retail Mac disc copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe, running on macOS/OS X Version 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or earlier. (NOTE: Platform-specific technical support for the NAM on macOS is extremely limited.)

The Network Addon Mod is NOT compatible with the following versions of the game:

  • F) Retail disc copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe OR SimCity 4 with the Rush Hour Expansion Pack that have not been patched (Version 1.1.610 or 1.1.613).

  • G) Retail Windows digital copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe purchased from Origin.

  • H) Retail disc copies of non-Deluxe SimCity 4 (sometimes marketed later as "SimCity 4 Classic"), without the Rush Hour Expansion Pack (Version 1.0.272 or earlier)

  • I) Pirated or cracked copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe OR SimCity 4 with the Rush Hour Expansion Pack.

What should I do if the NAM installer rejects my copy of the game?

The new NAM installer (introduced with the NAM 37 Release Candidate) no longer runs a version check. However, it is strongly recommended that users check the version they are running, as unpatched copies can be unstable. In Case F, the solution is simply to install the EP1 Update 1 patch, which can be downloaded from EA (SKU 1-5), SimCity 4 Devotion (SKU 1-5), or Simtropolis (SKU 1 and 2 only). To determine the correct SKU version for your copy of SimCity 4, find the installation directory, and look in the subfolder named sku_data. Alternatively, one can simply try all the SKU versions of the patch, until one works.

For Case G, see the section about Origin below.

For Cases H, I, and J, it is recommended that you purchase a digital copy of SimCity 4 Deluxe (NOT from Origin).

What if my disc copy has simply stopped working with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10?

Microsoft decided in 2015 that secdrv.sys, the driver file used by the SafeDisc and other disc copy protection systems present in many PC games from the early 2000s, was a security threat. As a result, the driver was not included as part of Windows 10, and Microsoft issued a Windows Update, KB3086255, which disables secdrv.sys on Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1. In the case of the older versions of Windows, secdrv.sys can be re-enabled when needed through the use of the command prompt or a batch file.

Aside from the advanced step of manually signing a device driver for Windows 10, the only viable courses of action are to either purchase a retail digital copy of the game (NOT from Origin), or to redeem your CD key at no cost via Origin Customer Support (which, unlike purchasing from Origin, will result in you receiving a properly-patched version of SimCity 4 Deluxe).

Note that cracked executables (i.e. a "No CD" .exe) are not eligible for tech support. The NAM Team does not support piracy, but understands the frustration with the game's original DRM system being blocked by Microsoft, forcing one to buy a new digital copy in order to continue playing. However, the reason why cracked executables are not eligible is for more practical reasons, namely the potential for version mismatches (i.e. a Version 1.1.638 crack with Version 1.1.610/613 .DAT files, or vice-versa), which can greatly complicate the team's efforts to provide useful technical support to users. The Origin issues played a role in our keeping the version check in place, until the recent installer change in 2020.

Please note that if you are attempting to use an old, 32-bit version of Windows in order to still run your disc game, this will substantially hamper the performance of the game with the full NAM installed, and it is highly recommended that you run the game on a 64-bit operating system. If you must run on a 32-bit OS, you will most likely need to manually run the Controller Compiler and install a smaller feature set. (The RealHighway (RHW) system is by far the largest part of the NAM.)

Notice to Users Who Purchased a Digital Copy from Origin

Aside from a brief period in 2014-2015, Origin, the digital retail platform run by Electronic Arts (EA), has been selling defective copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe to retail customers. As of the release of NAM 38, this appears to still be the case. Unlike the retail versions sold by GOG.com, Steam, and Amazon (the "Thin Game Download" version), which come pre-patched to Version 1.1.641, the Origin retail copy is Version 1.1.610. By virtue of switching out the original SafeDisc copy protection for their own DRM, Origin altered the checksum of the game's executable, which prevents the EP1 Update 1 patcher--a piece of software they made--from running. This not only prevents the NAM from being installed, but leaves Origin retail copies with all the bugs that the developers fixed in 2003. It also prevents first-party content creation tools like the Building Architect Tool (BAT) from being installed. In effect, the Origin retail copy is unpatched and unpatchable.

The NAM Team recommends you contact Origin Customer Support about obtaining a refund, even after the return period has expired, as users have had success in this case. If you are among the users who are saddled with the unpatched and unpatchable Origin retail version, the team would also appreciate hearing from you, as we have a strong desire to see Origin give their customers a properly-patched copy of the game, and are trying to document just how many users are affected.

Strangely, copies obtained by redeeming an existing CD key at no cost with Origin Customer Support (Case C) are properly patched, despite what the same support team routinely tells those who bought copies and received defective Version 1.1.610 digital copies.

In short:

  • Free copy from Origin Support for CD Key Redemption: Properly patched (1.1.641)

  • Purchased copy from Origin Store/Origin Access: Unpatched and unpatchable (1.1.610)

For a more detailed assessment of the Origin situation, NAM developer Tarkus has written extensively on the subject at his blog, SimTarkus.

Note to Mac Users

Aspyr recently issued an update to their port of SimCity 4 Deluxe for macOS, updating it from a 32-bit app to a 64-bit one on both Steam and the App Store, allowing it to be compatible with macOS Catalina (10.15) and later. This change has introduced a number of quirks, however.

Most notably, it has changed the key combination for cycling through TAB Loops under the NAM's various buttons. Instead of using TAB to move forward, and Shift-TAB to move in reverse, Mac users must now use Ctrl-TAB to move forward, and Ctrl-Shift-TAB to move in reverse. While TAB and Shift-TAB will allow one to move through the TAB Loop, these keys/combinations will cause some pieces under the buttons to be skipped.

Furthermore, the changes have also broken simmaster07's SC4MacInjector, which allowed DLL plugins--including SC4Fix.dll (which addressed the puzzle piece/TE Lot CTDs)--to run on macOS. As such, these fixes no longer work on Mac, and users should exercise caution when placing stations in the vicinity of static puzzle pieces.

Additionally, the installation procedure for the NAM varies depending on if one is using the Steam version or the App Store version.

With the Steam version, the NAM will install into the correct location by default: /Users/{username}/Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins/.

With the App Store version, after running the installer, move "Network Addon Mod" folder from the default install location to /Users/{username}/Library/Containers/com.aspyr.simcity4.appstore/Data/Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins/.

Preparing to Install The NAM

Instructions for All Users

When one initially opens the NAM package after downloading, there will be several items present, besides the document you are now reading: the installer itself is NetworkAddonMod_Setup_Version38.jar.

4gb_patch.exe is the NTCore 4GB Patch, the Controller Compiler folder contains the NAM Controller Compiler, the Documentation is loose in the folder (and in the "feature-guides", "images", and "old" folders-- this has not been substantially updated since NAM 36), and the Traffic Simulator Configuration Tool folder, which contains the Traffic Simulator Configuration Tool (TSCT).

NetworkAddonMod_Setup_Version38.jar is the NAM Installer, which you will need to run to install the NAM. If User Access Control (UAC) is enabled on your system, Windows may ask you to approve running the file with a simple "Yes"/"No" prompt. Click "Yes" to allow the installer to run.

In order to progress through the installer, simply click on each tab. Note that the license agreement must be agreed to before subsequent tabs can be accessed. The "Cleanup" tab allows one to remove any residual files from old NAM releases, and pre-NAM transit mods that might cause conflicts, and is loaded with the old Cleanitol list that shipped with NAM 36.

Upgrading from a Previous Version

If you are upgrading from a previous version of the NAM, MANUALLY MOVE YOUR OLD NAM INSTALLATION OUT FROM YOUR PLUGINS FOLDER, INTO A SAFE LOCATION (note that this has changed from previous NAM releases). The NAM installer can no longer detect your previous installation options by reading the existing folder structure. It is recommended that you check your existing installation, to determine which features you presently have installed.

Generally speaking, the NAM Team makes every effort to ensure that new versions at least retain some form of "legacy support", such that cities built with any previous NAM version will continue to function well with the latest version.

If you have consolidated your NAM files using a tool such as SC4DatPacker or JDatPacker, please read the appropriate section.

Running The Installer

Installer Options

The NAM Installer allows for many different types of installation--with the current NAM installation, custom installation is the only option, though the most common installation is set to be the default. Note that right-side driving (AKA RHD) and US textures are the default. A base Euro texture option remains available, and both the US and EU options are available for left-side driving (AKA LHD) as well.

A Note About Drive Side (RHD vs. LHD)

While the NAM Installer, as noted above, has a series of checkboxes in Custom Installation relating to drive side, it is worth re-iterating that these boxes only change the compatibility files installed with the NAM, and do NOT change drive side. If you have an installation with Right-Hand Driving (RHD, vehicles driving on the right side of roads--this concept is NOT the same as the side one sits on when driving a vehicle) and wish to switch to Left-Hand Driving (LHD, vehicles driving on the left side of roads), this generally needs to be done either by adjusting the game's locale files, and then either editing the game's Windows registry entries, or by modifying the game's shortcut.

The new NAM Installer cannot determine default drive side of your installation, so make note of which side vehicles drive on in your game prior to installation. If you have changed your drive side by modifying the game's shortcut, instead of editing the Windows registry, then this would be the one and only case when changing the box checked here would be needed.

A Note About the "4GB Patch"

Due to changes in computer systems, and continued expansions of the NAM's main Controller file, in 2013, it was determined that many newer systems, particularly those with more than 4GB of RAM, and running 64-bit versions of Windows, need additional accommodation. To that end, the NAM includes a "4GB Patch", also known as a "Large Address Aware (LAA) Patch", which allows the game to access the full 4GB of RAM that a 32-bit application can read, instead of the default 2GB. The NAM's patch was designed by NTCore, and built into the NAM with permission, and users with systems that need the patch will receive a prompt during NAM installation to install it. The original patch can be found here.

The only thing this patch does is to switch the Large Address Aware switch, an accessible switch present in all Windows executables, from "off" to "on" for the game's executable. Patches like this are common in game modding communities, including those associated with Skyrim, Fallout, and Morrowind, and can be used to enhance any 32-bit application's performance on systems with 64-bit operating systems and a suitable amount of RAM.

The default directory for where SimCity 4.exe may be located depends on how and where you purchased your copy of the game.

  • GOG.com: C:\GOG Games\SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition\Apps

  • Steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps

  • Original Disc: C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps

  • Origin*: C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps

*Note that only Origin copies acquired through Free CD Key Redemption (Version 1.1.641) are compatible with the NAM. Copies purchased through the Origin Store or accessed via Origin Access (Version 1.1.610) ARE NOT COMPATIBLE. See here for more details.

Running the Controller Compiler

If you are an advanced user, and would like to trim down your installation of the NAM on the Mac platform, it is still possible to run the NAM Controller Compiler (a cross-platform application) after installing the NAM.

Extract/open the "Controller Compiler" folder, and double-click the file "NAMControllerCompiler.jar". Select the 'input' folder "Network Addon Mod/Controller/" from the current "Controller Compiler" directory, and the 'output' folder "~/Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins/Network Addon Mod/" inside your plugins. For the rest, follow the instructions of the compiler.

Regarding "DatPacking" and File Consolidation Post-Installation

Programs to consolidate folders worth of SimCity 4 .DAT files, such as SC4DatPacker (Windows) and JDatPacker (cross-platform), are popular options known to improve game performance, given SimCity 4's preference to read a smaller number of larger files, instead of a larger number of small files--a fact determined by the BSC Team's "Miramba Experiment" of 2006. The use of "DatPacking" programs on one's NAM installation, however, is a controversial topic. The NAM Team's general advice is for Windows users to avoid DatPacking (unless one is extremely careful, while for Mac users, the use of JDatPacker is virtually required.

In general, if one plans to DatPack one's NAM installation, they should also save the pre-DatPacked NAM folder in a safe place, outside the Plugins folder beforehand. The reason for this is to avoid potential conflicts and issues, such as the "dual icon bug" and Controller file conflicts between new and old installations, as well as to make it such that one knows which options they have installed when upgrading to a new version, or re-installing the same version with different options.

In the case of the Aspyr port for the Mac platform (both App Store and Steam versions), it possesses a strange quirk in which exceeding a certain number of files or folders (regardless of size) in the Plugins folder can cause game slowdowns or even crashing-to-desktop (CTD). To this end, using JDatPacker after installing the NAM on a Mac is a necessity, in order to ensure proper game performance. Again, however, one should save their pre-DatPacked NAM installation in a safe place, outside the Plugins folder, to make for easy upgrades.

Uninstalling the NAM

To uninstall the files, simply bulldoze every NAM item from this download in your cities and remove the files from the Plugins folder afterwards, which will be contained in Plugins\Network Addon Mod by default.

Changing Options After Initial Installation

The NAM is a very expansive mod, with a substantial number of features, which may initially prove overwhelming to those not well-versed in its workings. The NAM Team anticipates that users, particularly those new to the NAM, may want to change the feature set they have installed, as they learn more about the mod's contents and capabilities.

To that end, we encourage users to keep the installer for the current version handy after initial installation. If you plan to change your particular set of options, you will need to remove your current installation. Moving it out of Plugins to a safe location is recommended, in case you want to keep your existing settings as a backup.

Manual Installation - Advanced

Users who are unable or unwilling to install Java can perform a manual installation of the NAM, something which the new file architecture introduced in 2020 makes far more possible than the previous "Monolithic" releases.

This method requires a file decompression tool capable of opening .jar files, such as 7-zip (Windows) or Keka (macOS). To begin, open NetworkAddonMod_Setup_Version38.jar using your file decompression tool.

The NAM's contents are located in the "installation" subfolder. The current installer uses a series of character flags at the start of directory names, in order to instruct the installer how to order the options, whether they're mandatory or optional, etc.

Numbers preceded by the dollar sign ("$"), i.e. "$1", "$2", etc., are merely being ordered with this flag.

Any directory with the caret ("^") in front of the name (or behind a "$" ordering flag) is mandatory.

Any directory with the exclamation mark ("!") in front of the name (or behind a "$" ordering flag) is not installed by default.

Any options where the equal sign ("=") and the dash ("-") are present are mutually exclusive--only one should be installed (the "=" option is the default).

The "$1^Core" directory is required. All other folders have options within them. With "4_Automata Controller#", "7_Texture and Drive Side Support", and "8_Traffic Simulator#", simply select one of the options inside and discard the rest, as these are straight up mutually exclusive one another.

The Automata Controller basically affects the display of the visual traffic in-game--Standard is going to be the lightest, while Radical is going to be the heaviest, Persistent makes the automata visuals last longer, and the 24-Hour modifiers handle whether the display is constant, or follows the data for the 24-Hour clock in-game.

The Texture and Drive Side Support includes four options, depending on whether you want to use US/North American textures or Euro/International Textures, and the drive side of your game (RHD or LHD, which should match your selection for the NAM Controller).

With the Traffic Simulator, these are ordered by the "$1" and the like in order of lowest capacity option to highest. Medium is the default.

With 5_DataView Options#, there's two subfolders. Both are just straight up options, with nothing mutually exclusive. You can probably just leave this one as is, unless you really don't like the Data View changes.

With 6_Miscellaneous, the two mutually exclusive options to watch out for are Extended Station Queries (there's four options in there--very subtle differences between them), and Maxis Transit Lots\Airport Capacity Adjustment#, which has three options (Default, Medium, and Large). And the Hole Diggers and Raisers are very much recommended--they have lots of use outside regular NAM usage, too.

With 3_Additional Transit Stations, this depends on if you want more transit stations beyond the game's default, and what the NAM adds by default for certain additional override networks. There should be no harm in either adding this one in whole, or leaving it out altogether, and if there's certain added stations you like/don't like, you can go in and customize this later.

2_Additional Network Features is by far the biggest area of the installer. This contains all the actual network feature addons in the mod. Most networks/network groups will have a "Base Features" folder, which really ought to be mandatory, as it contains a lot of the NAM's basic additions to each network, along with any Wide Radius/Multi Radius Curves and Fractional Angles, as well as Roundabout options for the various road-type networks.

The main "mutually exclusive" option to look out for here is with the Maxis Highways (there's two options--$1=Default Style, which keeps the Maxis Highways' default look and adds the NAM's additions for it, or $2-Maxis Highway Override (RHW-Style), which completely reskins the Maxis Highways, removes access to the default interchanges, and replaces them with RHW-style modular interchange functionality and a few new ploppable interchanges. Using the RealHighway (RHW) option is pretty much mandatory if you're going this route).

The other ones to watch out for are in Water Transport, where the Canal Addon Mod (CAN-AM) has two mutually-exclusive styles ($1=Callagrafx Style and $2-SimGoober Style), and there's also quite a few "non-default" options in Roads, One-Way Roads, and Avenues.

Those three non-default options are !Legacy Auto Avenue Turn Lanes (these are the old auto-turn lanes that appear on Avenue x Avenue intersections--largely considered "deprecated" now, as they can interfere with some newer functionality), !Legacy Semi-Auto Road Turn Lanes (the "semi-auto" replacement for the old auto-turn lanes on Road x Road intersections, which now appear by clicking over Road x Road + and T-intersections with the One-Way Road tool, also somewhat "deprecated" now), and !One-Way Road Arrow Plugins. These Arrow Plugins are mostly just a matter of taste, and, despite the folder naming, actually supposed to be mutually exclusive. "Elimination" gets rid of the arrows entirely, "Reduction" hides some of them (and actually impacts the base functionality of the OWR network to some degree), while "Single Arrows" replaces the default double arrows with just a single arrow (which looks nicer on the NWM networks).

The rest of 2_Additional Network Features is pretty self-explanatory, though micromanagement of these options is not recommended, since it is possible to produce a broken installation this way. RealRailway is the only/default option for Rail now, it's best to go all or nothing on RealHighways (RHW) and the Road, One-Way Road, and Avenue folder's "Additional Widths and Turn Lanes" option (which contains the Network Widening Mod and FLEX Turn Lanes).

If a feature has the word "Legacy" in the title, but it is not prefixed with "!", it is probably safest to install it, as it pertains to being able to keep certain older, deprecated content working, if you've built it with previous versions.


AsimPika3172 Oh yeah!!!! NAM 38!!!! Awesome!!! 2020-09-08
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midniteburbank NAM38 woohoo!! I am delighted about being able to combine different street SAM's!! 2020-09-04
midniteburbank NAM38 woohoo!! I am delighted about being able to combine different street SAM's!! 2020-09-04
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psycoblue Im so excited about NAM 37. I've been tinkering with it all day! I am working on upgrading my Bullet Trains throughout my region to HSR (after converting them from HSR to BTM about a year ago for access to tighter spaces and more station variety. I am curious if anyone else is experiencing issues crossing HSR with RRW? The only solution I am finding so far is to run GHSR under 15mm erw, but im in a tight space now and thats not a possibility. Is anyone aware of a workaround? 2020-07-29
psycoblue Im so excited about NAM 37. I've been tinkering with it all day! I am working on upgrading my Bullet Trains throughout my region to HSR (after converting them from HSR to BTM about a year ago for access to tighter spaces and more station variety. I am curious if anyone else is experiencing issues crossing HSR with RRW? The only solution I am finding so far is to run GHSR under 15mm erw, but im in a tight space now and thats not a possibility. Is anyone aware of a workaround? 2020-07-29
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Tarkus xkozyr: It hasn't been released as of yet. 2020-07-16
xkozyr i cannot find legacy rail plugin anywhere, where is that "separate download"? -.- 2020-07-14
techpenblot Thank you very much! Had some time to fix as it was not working. After thr 4gb_patch installed, it's working good now. Just takes a bit of time to load due to the NAM file sizes. 2020-07-14
techpenblot Thanks! After retrying and uninstalling the game (Steam version) several times, it worked after installing the 4gb_Patch correctly. 2020-07-11
ThomyTomato It's working now! Thanks for this amazing mod! 2020-07-08
Tarkus pedroach20c: Run the 4gb_patch.exe file that's included in the download. Point it to C:\GOG Games\SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition\Apps, select "SimCity 4.exe", click "Open". You should then get a message "Executable successfully patched!". Click the "OK" button. Then open the game--you should now be able to run NAM 37 without the game crashing. 2020-07-05
pedroach20c I gave up, I can't get the NAM 37 to work, I install it following all the steps, and every time I enter a city or try to create a new one the patanlla gets dark and the game comes out, my game is compactible it's a GOG version , completely updated, I have no Ram card compactness problems, I have done all the uninstallation of the old NAM that I had and the cleaning of the files that could create conflict, I have done the installation 5 times, I do not know what to do I will have to return to NAM 36. 2020-07-05
Tarkus pedroach20c: See my response to ThomyTomato below. It sounds like you're experiencing a "crash to desktop", and the reason why is that you haven't patched the game's executable with the included 4GB Patch (4gb_patch.exe). 2020-07-05
pedroach20c I gave up, I can't get the NAM 37 to work, I install it following all the steps, and every time I enter a city or try to create a new one the patanlla gets dark and the game comes out, my game is compactible it's a GOG version , completely updated, I have no Ram card compactness problems, I have done all the uninstallation of the old NAM that I had and the cleaning of the files that could create conflict, I have done the installation 5 times, I do not know what to do I will have to return to NAM 36. 2020-07-05
Tarkus ThomyTomato: If your game is crashing for that reason, that's a sign that your game hasn't been patched with the NTCore 4GB Patch. That patch flips the "Large Access Aware" flag on for the game, allowing it to access 4GB RAM instead of a mere 2GB, vastly improving performance and making things like this new NAM version possible. The patch itself is included in the package (4gb_patch.exe)--open it up, point it to SimCity 4.exe (it'll be in the Apps folder of the install directory), and you should then be good to go. Typical install directories, for reference: Disc (C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps), GOG (C:\GOG Games\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps), and Steam (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\Common\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps). 2020-07-04
ThomyTomato Hi, so I've installed the newest version, but for some reason the z_NAM Controller_RHD folder causes my game to crash when I try to load up a city. Upon deleting this folder, I can access my cities but I cannot place any of the NAM objects. Is there any way to fix this and/or install the previous version? 2020-07-03
AsimPika3172 Thanks for latest version! YEAH! 2020-07-02
Tarkus Now updated to NAM 37 (official release). 2020-07-02
Tarkus 20huskies: The NAM has technically always required Version 1.1.638 or later, all the way back to Version 1 some 16 years ago. There's actually quite a few other features the Origin version doesn't have, as well as some general game instabilities that were patched out years ago with 1.1.638. I'd advise attempting to get a refund from Origin (citing the disclaimer on Simtropolis' "Maxis Files" page has reportedly helped: https://community.simtropolis.com/sc4-maxis-files/), and/or purchasing a digital copy from another source. The cheapest right now is Steam, which is having a sale from now until the 10th--SC4's been discounted down to US$5. Steam sells Version 1.1.641, which has all the patches, including those to allow custom buildings to properly display nightlighting. 2020-07-01
20huskies Very disappointed Origin doesn’t let this work. Is there a version out there that would work under Origin settings? Something is better than nothing. Thanks! 2020-06-29
derLPMaxe Eureka! The installer is just incredibly choosy on where it is tasked to install NAM. Apparently it must be installed to "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Simcity 4\Plugins\Network Addon Mod", even if It's not the system's documents directory. I should have looked at what's different from my system to the average in the first place. (-_-) 2019-12-01
derLPMaxe Sorry for double-posting. I've used an older version of NAM, which is working great and - even on Linux. The current installer on the other hand isn't working for me, even on Windows. It doesn't create the "Network Addon Mod" folder within the "Plugins" folder, only the other one. Even when the the main NAM folder is created manually, it doesn't paste any extracted data into it. Judging by the fast-running live-log of the installer, it seem to decompress the NAM data but deletes it afterwards. The installer also seems to prematurely complete the installation. Are there any ways to install NAM 36 without using the installer? 2019-12-01
derLPMaxe G'day I've came back to playing SC4 recently after quite a while of abscence and I'm quite impressed by the progress the NAM team has made. I could not imagine playing SC4 without NAM. I'm a Linux user now, so I run into similar issues as mentioned in the comments. On my end, the installer has issues deleting files (seems like it gets caught in a loop). It doesn't make the installation impossible but cumbersome by using a Windows machine. I would suggest stepping away from an installer to a configurator (similar to Realism Dispatch Enhanced for GTA:V) which only performs basic, write-only file system interactions by creating a package only to be manually dropped into the respective folders (if that is possible). This would probably increase compatibility for systems requiring a compatibility layer like WINE, without the complexity of developing a multi-platform installer which may lead to more dependencies (like JRE) on certain systems, whilst keeping most of the otherwise well-working NSIS installer. I hope this suggestion was helpful. Keep up the good work. Greetings, Max. 2019-11-30
Tarkus sabbirahmed: Glad I could help! In terms of installation order, after the NAM, it's pretty much wide open in terms of what you want to do, though if you're going the CAM route, it's usually recommended to start a new region after doing so. As far as the full screen thing goes, it's just a matter of adding that "-f" flag on the shortcut target--alternatively, there are launcher utilities that can do that for you. It won't have any collateral damage to your game, and you can easily undo it if desired. 2019-02-07
sabbirahmed Mr. Tarkus: Its solved. Its working fine now. I think its always best choice to install NAM right after the game's first installation. Even in my past installation of NAM i did exactly the same custom installation and checked those boxes which you suggested but it didn't work than. However, one thing i must tell you in my past installation in the NAM installation directory many folders and files wasn't there even after full installation but now in my current fresh installation its all there. I think somehow its showed full installation but the those files and folders somehow missing. Thank you so very much for your time and valuable reply. I don't want to be greedy for your help but can you please suggest me a little about core & important plugins installation right after first game installation. I mean the chronological order. (not about all plugins, its dumb to ask help on that) Example: 1. Game installation, 2. NAM installation, 3. CAM installation like this. Also can you please tell me about a issue regarding full screen as per many people suggest to change the Target path. will it cost any collateral damage to the game. Again Thank you. 2019-02-06
Tarkus sabbirahmed: It sounds like the installer glitched out with some of the INRUL-based optional components, which has occasionally been an issue since some file architecture there. Basically, what happened is that your installation gave you the necessary underlying code that makes the Avenue Turning Lanes and the Avenue Roundabouts work, but did not get the textures and paths needed for them to show up and function properly in game. I'd advise re-installing the NAM again, using a Custom Installation, and ensuring that the Avenue Roundabouts and Avenue Turning Lanes boxes are checked, to see if it will give you the files after a second installation attempt. The files in question should be "NetworkAddonMod_Roundabouts_Avenues_Plugin.dat" (installed in Plugins\Network Addon Mod\Roundabouts) and "NetworkAddonMod_TurningLanes_Avenues_Plugin.dat" (installed in Plugins\Network Addon Mod\Turning Lanes). Otherwise, we'll have to work out some sort of other way to retrieve those files for you. 2019-02-05
sabbirahmed I have tried my best to put my situation to you as much as possible in my early post and also in simtropolis. I apologize if i have failed to address my issue properly. looking for your valuable reply Mr. Tarkus. you can ask me questions if needed. Thank you for all your effort to help us enjoy this game. 2019-02-05
sabbirahmed I have tried my best to put my situation to you as much as possible in my early post and also in simtropolis. I apologize if i have failed to address my issue properly. looking for your valuable reply Mr. Tarkus. you can ask me questions if needed. Thank you for all your effort to help us enjoy this game. 2019-02-05
sabbirahmed Please Help NAM Team : First, 1. I have made a fresh installation of NAM 36. No previous version present in my computer. 2. I don't have any conflicting plugins as i don't have any. 3. Installation is great and UN-interrupted. traffic configuration tools also installed. 4. Latest JAVA installed in my windows 10, 64 bit PC. Now the Problem i am facing: 1. 4 Way avenue intersection signs/texture or any other road intersections not showing/working.(which comes through NAM) 2. Many options are showing in the list but not working which comes by installing NAM. Like Roundabout. Whenever i try to apply a roundabout specially avenue roundabout, it shows in the list but i cant apply it. IT SHOWS BLANK when i try to apply, more like a blank square. (even most common NAM features are there for choosing but can't be apply). Lastly, I have played SimCity 4 deluxe/rush hour with early NAM version and with lots of other plugins few years back. I just started playing again and I was so excited to find NAM 36 version. but i never faced situation like this. i tried re-installing NAM with custom and complete installation but the problem persist. PLEASE HELP..........................! (I got a GOG version 1.1.641 of the game) 2019-02-05
riiga The #1 SC4 mod, all categories. 2019-02-03
mr.dmizer So awesome to download an old game and find such gems/fruits developed by the community. Does not happen with modern games. 2018-12-02
geoman.lin Thank you very much. 2018-05-16
mcarch Thank you to the NAM team! 2018-04-03
Tarkus Alex_SPR: Sounds like you might have gotten lucky and picked it up during a time when Origin was actually giving out properly updated copies. Hang onto that properly updated copy with all your might, and back it up. People who had the rare patched retail copies from the Origin Store and had to reinstall got saddled with the unpatched 1.1.610 upon doing so. Also, if Origin tries to claim there's an "update", stay far, far away--some users have reported encountering this, and found that the supposed "update" is a downgrade to 1.1.610. 2018-04-01
Alex_SPR If I remember correctly, I bought SC4D in the Origin store. But I'm not sure, it was about 5 years ago. Now I downloaded SC through Origin, .exe is 1.1.641 2018-04-01
Tarkus Alex_SPR: There's actually two different known Origin copies out there, as noted in the Readme. Copies obtained from Origin for free by virtue of redeeming a CD Key are Version 1.1.641 and will run the NAM without issue. Copies purchased from Origin, however, have been reported for some time now to be Version 1.1.610 instead, which is below the NAM's requirements. In any case, if the version is indeed Version 1.1.641, there should be no issue. We would definitely be interested in knowing if you did indeed go the CD key route, or if you did buy it retail off the Origin Store. 2018-03-30
Alex_SPR Hi! Sorry for my poor English.<br /> I have Origin SC4Deluxe. Exe version 1.1.641. Everything is Ok, NAM works correcrly, but in ReadMe I read that NAM doesn't support Origin version. Is that means I can get some issues in future?<br /> Thanks for great mod! 2018-03-29
fritzfarlig I think sim city 4 never died 2018-03-21
Tarkus towerpower1: Both rsc204/mgb204 and I left a response to your post over at ST. The NAM is fully self-contained and does not have any external dependencies, but it seems something went wrong with your installation, giving you the RealRailway INRUL code but not the RealRailway textures/models. 2018-03-14
towerpower1 I love the NAM and have used it at least since the 29th version. However, this time it is having all kinds of problems with default Maxis surface rail tool. All other forms work well, except the Real Railway or any other rail texture disappears. It just looks like a plain green space. Rail from the existing cities before NAM still show regularly as well as any single tile cross of rail. Draggable rail disappears. I downloaded several dependencies and none have fixed the problem and tried several installation options including using the default Maxis rail. I am still missing a dependency? 2018-03-13
Tarkus gypsymemes41: Just run the installer as one would with any other version of the game (except Origin, as theirs is unpatched/unpatchable and cannot run the NAM). 2018-01-16
gypsymemes41 A noob<br /> this is probably asked billions of times, but how do you apply this mod to your steam version of the game? 2018-01-16
meows Thank you so much for this software, it makes a huge difference in game play! 2018-01-12
Tarkus SimNation: Thanks, and it's great to see you around! 2018-01-11
Tarkus Ayren: There are some tram stations included in the mod--we started including stations 5 years (and 5 versions) ago. If you're looking for more, try doing a LEX Power Search, selecting "Transport - Rail" in the "LEX Category" box. 2018-01-11
Ayren where can I find tram stations? 2018-01-09
Ayren where can I find tram stations? 2018-01-09
SimNation Glad to see this is still trucking Tarkus, without NAM Sc4 just wouldn't be playable for me keep up the good work. 2018-01-04
Simcityppl Tarkus: I tried a 3rd time and it seems to be working now, thanks! 2017-11-27
Urbanart1 Thank you very much! 2017-11-26
Tarkus Simcityppl: There's been issues with the Dark HSR mod not installing properly. Regarding the RRW side of things, if you tried to install one of the Alternate Rail Texture options, those are actually for Maxis Rail, not RRW, and the RRW will either get unselected or overridden if you pick one of them. The Single Track Rail will say RAM on it regardless of whether one installs the RRW or uses Maxis Rail options. 2017-11-26
Simcityppl update: I tried to re-install NAM to add the dark HSR texture, the RRW with the modded textures and some other features. When I re-entered the game, nothing had changed apart from some small features. The RRW and dark HSR were not installed. I will try to run the installer again and see if I can get it to work. 2017-11-25
Simcityppl Hey, I have the NAM 36 installed, but I have a concern regarding the rail portion. I believe I am missing portions of the rail mod because I do not have the brown look on my tracks and I don't have anything that says rrw, which I believe is the new rail mod. For example, my single track rail says RAM and not RRW. 2017-11-25
Tarkus daftpunk03: It does work on GOG copies. Corrupt file would be a sign of an issue with either your connection or our server, not the NAM itself. If you can't get a clean download off the LEX, try ModDB, which is another official distribution point supported by the NAM Team. (http://www.moddb.com/mods/network-addon-mod) 2017-11-24
daftpunk03 I get a "corrupted file" error on windows 10 trying to extract the installation exe :( 2017-11-24
daftpunk03 Does this work on gog copies? 2017-11-24
burmi79 2017-11-23
Simcityppl I am just getting back into SC4 and it is my first time using this mod. I absolutely love it! I am having a lot of fun with the new transit systems as well as RHW. I was wondering if I could have tips on what mods that I should get next, such as better utilities or schools or something, as well as maybe a cool texture mod. Thanks! 2017-11-23
Tarkus burmi79: The NAM includes Euro textures and has since NAM 31, when we went to the "monolithic" package. They aren't installed by default, however, so you'll need to go into Custom Installation to select them. 2017-11-21
burmi79 I would like to use newer NAM than I've installed some years ago (I gues NAM32 or so). But as long as I'm using European road textures I'm always waiting for some NAM version containing standard European textures in addition to American road textures. Has NAM team ever thought about providing textures for European users (or those who want to use European textures)? 2017-11-21
Tarkus Mr.Jaffles: Yes, it will work on the Steam version. Steam's copies are pre-patched to Version 1.1.641, and ready to go with custom content. It's Origin that sells the problematic copies. 2017-11-14
Mr.Jaffles Does this work on Steam SimCity? 2017-11-13
Mr.Jaffles Hope this works... 2017-11-13
ricb Whatever the problem was, it was browser specific. Got it now. 2017-09-20
ricb I extracted the archive and there is no file. 2017-09-20
Tyberius06 Thank you very much! :) 2017-09-14
911Diva Your hard work and persistence is really really appreciated. Thank you thank you thank you1111 2017-09-13
TheTeaCat Thank you!<br /> 2017-09-13
Tarkus NAM 36 is now live! Enjoy! 2017-09-13
Dusty Boots whoa, sorry about the triple post, which I'm just now seeing. It must have auto-reposted when I refreshed this page? 2017-08-31
Dusty Boots I've played SC4 many years ago and I can't imagine playing it without this mod. When Steam had their Summer Sale I checked here first to make sure the mod is compatible with Steam's version. I saw a few posts where others had an issue, but in my experience...<br /> <br /> I just installed SC4 Deluxe Steam version on a Win10 64-bit PC and this mod installed, and performs, perfectly. The only advice I'd offer to anyone else is to check the properties of the mod's downloaded Zip File. Win10's security may have automatically 'blocked' the file from being used. Maybe that's causing a bit of trouble for some people.<br /> <br /> Thank you all for your continued support of this fantastic mod! 2017-08-30
Dusty Boots I've played SC4 many years ago and I can't imagine playing it without this mod. When Steam had their Summer Sale I checked here first to make sure the mod is compatible with Steam's version. I saw a few posts where others had an issue, but in my experience...<br /> <br /> I just installed SC4 Deluxe Steam version on a Win10 64-bit PC and this mod installed, and performs, perfectly. The only advice I'd offer to anyone else is to check the properties of the mod's downloaded Zip File. Win10's security may have automatically 'blocked' the file from being used. Maybe that's causing a bit of trouble for some people.<br /> <br /> Thank you all for your continued support of this fantastic mod! 2017-08-30
Dusty Boots I've played SC4 many years ago and I can't imagine playing it without this mod. When Steam had their Summer Sale I checked here first to make sure the mod is compatible with Steam's version. I saw a few posts where others had an issue, but in my experience...<br /> <br /> I just installed SC4 Deluxe Steam version on a Win10 64-bit PC and this mod installed, and performs, perfectly. The only advice I'd offer to anyone else is to check the properties of the mod's downloaded Zip File. Win10's security may have automatically 'blocked' the file from being used. Maybe that's causing a bit of trouble for some people.<br /> <br /> Thank you all for your continued support of this fantastic mod! 2017-08-30
kwakhojung I'm using Steam version, but NAM installer crashes when i go into setup type menu. can u help me? 2017-08-15
biancabillins Thank you for module, I am very grateful. Can you please lead me to an Elevated rail in avenue station. Zoneing is hard when elevated rail over road used. I still love it though. I would like to test if elevated rail in avenue zones differently, however I have seen no Elevated rail in avenue station. Thank you 2017-07-08
petezahad Good mod, but it's not compatible with the "light replacement mod". I don't know why, but it mixes up the LRM-streetlights with the default ones. This only happens on zoned streets, still annoying tho. 2017-07-02
MGB204 It doesn't matter which version of SC4 you use, they are all the same. SC4 just needs to have the EP1 patch installed, which is included by default with every digital version (GoG included). Except for the crappy un-patchable version sold by Origin that puts EA to shame that is. 2017-06-05
* Will the GOG version work? 2017-06-05
Tarkus tikired123456: If you're looking for assistance installing the NAM, you'll need to be more specific. The installer could close itself for a number of reasons. The most common is when users attempt to install the mod on a version of the game (unpatched/non-Rush Hour/Deluxe) that does not support it. There would be a message to this effect if this were the case. 2017-05-24
tikired123456 the installer close itself. 2017-05-24
Tarkus DX3M: You're welcome, and to answer your question, you can indeed update to the next version simply by installing it right over top. It'll read your existing installation and pre-select everything you previously had for installation on the new version. We make every effort to ensure that existing setups continue to work properly with each successive version. 2017-05-22
DX3M Thank you for the message, final question, is updating possible and will it affect gameplay? 2017-05-22
Tarkus DX3M: It's really hard for us to give time estimates, because issues real life obligations can pop up at any time, waylaying development. We did just enter official alpha testing, but it's hard to say how long testing will take. 2017-05-22
DX3M Hello, I have noticed in your latest comment (@Tarkus) that you mentioned (soon to be Version 36), you've placed that comment on 12th of May, We're 10 days further, does soon mean days, weeks, or months? I'm waiting to play simcity4 untill <br /> I can install this mod. Thx 2017-05-22
Tarkus narutoopeningvideos: Version 30 is no longer available or supported, and hasn't been for a few years now, as we're presently on Version 35 (soon to be Version 36). Version 35 can do everything Version 30 could do, and a whole lot more. The NAM Team has long had a policy of removing old versions from circulation, mainly as past experience has shown this to cause a massive amount of unnecessary technical support cases, which hamper our ability to continue improving the mod. 2017-05-12
narutoopeningvideos Where can i find version 30 2017-05-10
renovare First, thanks for the update. I downloaded it, with the patch I was told I needed in installation. I installed the patch but it says my computer is missing the "old file", and cannot proceed with the patch installation. 2017-04-18
markshong setup doesn't open. It keeps saying problem to open. I have SC4 deluxe download from GOG. Any feedback will be appreciated.^^ 2017-04-13
Insomnia Tarkus: Then if I get it right, if it's that cheap, then I'd already get it but they do not go from Point A to Point B (like their shop to my house)... That's the thing I dislike about Steam aside their 75% sales. 2017-02-16
Tarkus 2017-02-15
Insomnia 2017-02-15
nycsc4 Tarkus, just wanted to come back and say thanks for your help! That link you included was exactly what I needed. Now I have everything, outstanding work as usual! 2017-02-12
Tarkus Insomnia: Yes, that is correct. The NAM's version check does not see cracked executables as properly patched versions of the game. 2017-02-12
Insomnia @Tarkus: Do you mean it wouldn't work with cracked executables? .-.<br /> 2017-02-12
nycsc4 Thanks! I'll check out the Mac section. Seems like the the folder z__NAM is the only thing loading. None of the networks themselves are. 2017-02-11
Tarkus Insomnia: Unfortunately, the NAM Team is powerless to speed up your download. We do have an alternate mirror, at ModDB (http://www.moddb.com/mods/network-addon-mod) which may give you a better connection, but that's about it. We're not going to be putting it up on filesharing services.<br /> <br /> As far as the error message you're getting, you'll get that if either a) your version is unpatched, b) your version is improperly patched, or c) you're running a cracked executable. If you are running an Origin retail copy, they've apparently gone back to distributing an unpatched and unpatchable version of the game, which is missing a number of stability fixes and can't run the NAM. If you're running off a disc copy, however, it may simply be that you've installed the wrong SKU of the EP1 Update 1 patch. 2017-02-11
Tarkus nycsc4: There are some installation quirks with the Mac version (particularly with things like the BTM)--it sounds like you've run into them. Unfortunately, we have no one on the team who runs that version presently, so we're extremely limited in terms of ability to provide tech support. I've heard that running the installer in the Plugins folder helps a fair bit, but beyond that, I'd check on the Mac board at Simtropolis. In particular, check out Hamish's post here: http://community.simtropolis.com/forums/topic/72082-nam-installed-but-not-working-on-mac/#comment-1652654 2017-02-11
Insomnia nycsc4: It's because you have a high-speed ISP. I tested it and it showed "4 hours before finishing download." apologies for the triple post tbh net being stuck. 2017-02-11
nycsc4 Insomnia: It took 4 hours to download a 260MB file? That's not a NAM problem...that's an ISP issue. It took me less then 30 seconds to download it. 2017-02-11
Insomnia I meant if it had a Mega Link Download because the file is 260 MB and litteraly took 4 hours and more. . . Downloaded it with IDM but there's still this happens every single time and the link pops up when I already did it.. https://puu.sh/tYEOq/e11800ef66.png <br /> 2017-02-11
nycsc4 So I have noticed some new things...I have what seems like dozens of new train stations. One of which appears to be an el rail over avenue station. There are some other new lots, something about BRT and a puzzle piece that only allows buses on a road. But they, and several of the stations, are just brown boxes. 2017-02-10
nycsc4 Quick question. I downloaded and updated and everything seemed to go fine. But when I open the game, I can't notice any difference from my previous version, which was several years old. The only noticeable difference was the tram on road had a yellow center line instead of a white one. Draggable FARR doesn't work, I don't see any bullet trains either. Also did I see somewhere that there was an el rail over avenue in this? Cause that would be fantastic. Anyway, let me know if I'm missing something. I use a Mac with the steam version of the game. Thanks! 2017-02-10
Tarkus Insomnia: I'm not entirely sure what you mean by that. The NAM in its present form is a 260MB file that incorporates dozens of projects that were once separate downloads, so I'd say it's already a "mega download". 2017-02-08
Insomnia Would make a "Thank you so much" comment if it had a mega download.<br /> 2017-02-06
Salva1914 Wonderful !!! Thank you 2017-02-01
Tarkus sp1900: Unless you are using a cracked copy of the game, the official SC4 EP1 Update 1 patch will install, though you may need to try a different SKU version of it than what you've tried. There are quite a few benefits to the game that the patch provides, beyond letting you install the NAM. We will not be making old NAM versions available again, as this would just create tech support problems. 2017-01-11
sp1900 2017-01-11
AvoMayor Thanks you guys are wonderful!!!! from Bolivia 2017-01-06
Tarkus texas5000: Either a connection issue with your ISP or our server. It's a 260MB file (approximately). If you're having difficulty getting it from here, the alternate mirror is ModDB (Simtropolis no longer hosts it directly and links to ModDB). 2017-01-04
texas5000 why is it taking 3 hours to download NAM 2017-01-04
Radley42 Thank you Tarkus that worked. 2017-01-02
Tarkus Radley42: Try a different SKU of the patch. Due to the somewhat mixed messages the patch installer sometimes gives, even when it fails, it may appear to have been a success. 2017-01-02
Radley42 Hi. I have applied the patch SKU 2 to upgrade to 1.1.638 and the patch appears to install successfully but the NAM installer still says I don't have the patch installed. Please advise. (I'm running Windows 10). Thanks 2017-01-01
Landscaper42 I haven't had a NAM mod since '11! I haven't played SC4 since '11 on a Windows 7 desktop! I now have a Mac OS 10.12.2 and very excited to see how this works on my new Mac! 2016-12-31
Tennyson Nam 34. I do not know why this version does not work for me, but with this I have no problems 2016-12-15
flyfishis thanks 2016-12-07
Tarkus Daderic: Thanks--we will keep them coming! Most of the Light Rail and Monorail work has been frozen for awhile, due to potential spec upgrades. While no new fractional angle intersections are planned for NAM 36, I'd say it's quite likely that we will be adding to that functionality in later release. You can see what we have currently going in the NAM "Of Special Interest This Month" thread, running this November. 2016-11-20
Daderic Keep them coming mate!<br /> <br /> Just requesting, for Version 36, would it be possible to make fractional angle light rail and monorail?<br /> <br /> Also some avenue and road/street FAR intersections would be good too. 2016-11-18
MAN5 R U still alive?! YEAHHH! 2016-11-13
tomvsotis omg yessssssssssssssssss 2016-11-12
Bandarra hohoho 2016-11-11
f3cs Thank you, very very much! 2016-11-07
1_Griffin_1 12 and a half years and still updating. Your dedication is amazing! Thank you! 2016-11-07
AsimPika3172 Oh yeah!!! New version of NAM!!! Time for enjoy it! 2016-11-06
MeMyself&I This is a surprise and a welcome one, at that! Thank you all for everything you do and have done!! 2016-11-06
tigerbuilder Great news! Thank you to all the NAM team for your awesome work! 2016-11-06
Tarkus NAM 35 is alive! Hope you enjoy. 2016-11-05
MGB204 @JackWilds: Your question isn't really anything to do with the NAM. This isn't a technical support thread. The comments here are supposed to be related to the download. If you really want an answer, you'll get one much more swiftly if you ask in the SC4D forums. 2016-11-05
JackWilds enjoy this latest version a great deal... however, my SC4 laptop took a header and I lost everythng... so I am starting over... for give me for asking to be pointed where to go here... quit frankly no idea where to ask this... find all maxis plug-ins, updates, and BAT PIM and other such things, and what is needed for nam to work well, plus the NAM TOOLS... where do I place them... read all readmes an no where did I find a paragraph on these items... THX for any aid on this matter its appreciated... looking forward to NAM Day 2016 with vr35 it ought to be a fun day with a new toy... I am also hoping that a number of batters and such would even whip some goodies together for that month of Nam Day... 2016-09-16
armyantsrule Cancel that, I figured out how to solve the problem. Thank you for the swift responses all the same, such promptness and dedication is rare but greatly appreciated. 2016-08-11
armyantsrule Yes, I am, and thank you for the prompt response. Are those the forums that can be found here? http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=10759.0<br /> <br /> I only ask because...I posted here when I saw that you posted responses recently, meaning this page was still active (much to my pleasant surprise). I didn't know if people still monitored some of the older forum areas.<br /> <br /> If that's not the right forum location, would you mind pointing me to it? Thank you all the same, again. 2016-08-11
armyantsrule Yes, I am, and thank you for the prompt response. Are those the forums that can be found here? http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=10759.0<br /> <br /> I only ask because...I posted here when I saw that you posted responses recently, meaning this page was still active (much to my pleasant surprise). I didn't know if people still monitored some of the older forum areas.<br /> <br /> If that's not the right forum location, would you mind pointing me to it? Thank you all the same, again. 2016-08-10
armyantsrule I liked this when it worked for me, and I can get the program to run, but it won't let me save any of the values;<br /> <br /> It always comes up with the error: "Error! Could not delete files. Simcity 4 is probably running" even though I do not have it running.<br /> <br /> I've re-installed it, I've restarted my computer, I just don't understand what might be the problem. If there's more information I could give that might help you understand what the problem is, I would love to give it, but I may need help tracking down where to find that information. 2016-08-10
Tarkus armyantsrule: Are you talking about the Traffic Simulator Configuration Tool (TSCT)? Stop by the forums, and we can give you more detailed assistance in diagnosing and resolving the issue. 2016-08-10
armyantsrule I liked this when it worked for me, and I can get the program to run, but it won't let me save any of the values;<br /> <br /> It always comes up with the error: "Error! Could not delete files. Simcity 4 is probably running" even though I do not have it running.<br /> <br /> I've re-installed it, I've restarted my computer, I just don't understand what might be the problem. If there's more information I could give that might help you understand what the problem is, I would love to give it, but I may need help tracking down where to find that information. 2016-08-10
redjericho2 Really cool to see a developer STILL answering questions on this after all of this time. Thanks so much for the dedication! 2016-08-06
Gorbatjovi Downloaden this 5 times from various sites. This site was the only one that got a working file! Thanks! 2016-08-06
Tarkus EdwardUV: If you're using a no-CD executable, or have applied the wrong SKU for your particular copy of the game, then the installer will not recognize it as a valid patched install. 2016-07-03
EdwardUV its not working for me.Its says that i dont have 1.1.638 but i patched simcity with it alredy. 2016-06-22
Tarkus We're on NAM 34 now. NAM 34 is newer than all those versions you mentioned, and an improvement over all of them. We don't support old versions, and accordingly, don't make them available for download. 2016-06-10
Jhn_2223 I use a windows but i want to apply 33 or 32 or 31 nam version. Please anyone helpme!!? 2016-06-09
Jhn_2223 How can i instal 31.2 version ? 2016-06-09
Jhn_2223 I need a 32 or 33 version, please update again to thijs version 2016-06-09
Tarkus euan_hogg: It sounds like you've installed some sort of slope mod. The NAM doesn't include slope mods. If you require additional tech help, I'd register on the forums (if you haven't already--they require a separate account) and you can get more detailed assistance there. 2016-05-11
euan_hogg It seems that diagonal roads on a slope dig an almighty hole in the earth and diagonal roads over diagonal roads result in a corrugated overpass road surface. Where can I feed this back to and what additional info would be required? 2016-05-11
ShapeShifter Thanks for your work. 2016-05-08
Tarkus kk77778: False positives created by statistical heuristics. A lot of newer AV programs will initially try to flag files simply because they're not produced by large corporations and have huge userbases. If you do a legitimate scan on the file, rather than listening to the statistics-based false positive, you'll see the file is alright. 2016-04-17
kk77778 but my anti virus keeps on going off why??? 2016-04-12
kk77778 but my anti virus keeps on going off why??? 2016-04-12
Tarkus Tompkin: IIt sounds more like you're talking about download time than install time (there's no time indicators in the actual installation process. It's certainly possible that it could take you 10 hours to download it, which may be the case if you're on a bad internet connection or the server is really busy. It is supposed to be a .zip file on the outer layer. 2016-04-08
Tarkus 24vAlbert: You may have downloaded the wrong SKU version of the patch. Try downloading all five and try each one--one should work, as long as you're not running a No CD hack. 2016-04-08
Tompkin Hi, i'm a real noob when it comes to tech. When i download the file, it downloads as a zip and says it will take 10 hours to install! I have winrar installed as well and cant figure out the issue. 2016-04-08
Lepova Thank you! This mod is essential for Simcity 4. 2016-03-25
24vAlbert I'm trying to install NAM and it asks me for a patch, but in the installation of this patch appears a message saying "Old file not found. However, a file of the same name was found. No update done since file contents do not match" Any solution for this problem? Thank you so much for your work keeping alive and inprooving SC4. 2016-03-25
Tarkus CaneOne: Yes. There is one again. See http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3341 2016-03-17
CaneOne Is there any news on the MAC version? 2016-03-17
CaneOne Is there any news on the MAC version? 2016-03-17
CaneOne Is there any news on the MAC version? 2016-03-17
Tarkus sacrifice65: We are aware of this one. It's not a texture issue, but a RUL code issue. It will be addressed by NAM 35. 2016-02-25
sacrifice65 Texture of some of the road of NAM34 is broken output.<br /> 1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5kPDcyf_RHJMlNNNVNzOVl5SlU/view?usp=sharing<br /> 2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5kPDcyf_RHJUHRRd2RrYkVhYm8/view?usp=sharing<br /> The normal output in the NAM32.<br /> 1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5kPDcyf_RHJYmdLOGdtNVZLUFk/view?usp=sharing<br /> 2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5kPDcyf_RHJNUQwMmh4bEt3d1E/view?usp=sharing 2016-02-24
Tarkus harv0101: Glad you got that fixed. For future reference, the NAM Team has all its official support forums here at SC4 Devotion: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?board=90.0 2016-02-08
harv0101 Now that I will leave the fifth message on here- again I am sorry know this is not a forum.<br /> Windows Update KB3086255 was the issue, game runs just fine now.<br /> <br /> Sorry for all the posts, keep making great products!! 2016-02-08
harv0101 Running windows 7 x64<br /> Updated from package version today (had never done that before) using the update_sku1_to_pa_b638 file at that point the computer complained that it wanted administrator privileges to run the game... so we gave it admin priv and it will not load at all after the update. Not that it will start to load and crash, no, it will not start at all. Also we tried to change the compatibility settings which did nothing.<br /> Any ideas? Posted on simtropolis but questions are going unanswered there!<br /> 2016-02-08
harv0101 on which forum should we be posting questions? 2016-02-08
harv0101 @ Diagonalshadow: http://community.simtropolis.com/maxis_files_for_simcity_4.html/ I know this is not a forum, just happened to still have the page open!! 2016-02-08
harv0101 @ Diagonalshadow: http://community.simtropolis.com/maxis_files_for_simcity_4.html/ I know this is not a forum, just happened to still have the page open!! 2016-02-08
harv0101 My wife has been watching HalJackey's building a city from scratch. She has watched I think 70 or so episodes and has now gotten the courage to actually try the NAM addon. Being the loving husband I am, I am grabbing all the patches and updates she needs (her sc4d is now updated). I wanted to say thank you for NAM 34 being released as a whole, as this saves me a bunch of time!!<br /> Awesome job with the roadways and what not, much better than the stock clunky roads! 2016-02-08
Diagonalshadow really cool mod, so much to say but where i can get the update for Sim city 4? it says i have to go here: http://tinyurl.com/SC4640<br /> but have been unable to see the link for the download. Thanks! five star mod anyway! <br /> <br /> PS is there a station for the on avenue El train? 2016-01-21
Anthracite Thank you a lot (to everyone in the community). All of you have kept this game alive since 2003. It's awesome how it continues growing, although not that much, sadly. But it does :) 2016-01-21
f3cs How do I use Bridge Height Mod properly? I know that it reduces the requirements to 0, but that isn't happen in my game. Can you help me? 2016-01-04
jlpierro thank you so much for keeping NAM alive. 2016-01-03
Tarkus Zeratai: A good chunk of stuff from the RRW RUM was incorporated into the RealRailway Plugin for NAM 33. We are only developing RRW-spec Rail content from here on out, so the old Maxis Rail one wouldn't make sense to include. 2015-12-30
Zeratai Forget what I just posted... bridges for RD4 & RD6 are located under avenue bridges. Thanks a lot for NAM 34 :) I have 1 question, are you ever including Rail Upgrade MOD RUM in the NAM? 2015-12-30
Zeratai Any hint of how to build the bridges for NWM RD4 and 6? 2015-12-30
Tarkus yukiteru: It's possible you may not have installed some of the newer features. I'd reinstall. If you are still encountering difficulties, stop by the forums with more details on your specific issues--we'll be better able to help you there than on this download comment form. 2015-12-28
yukiteru I uninstalled the NAM 33 and installed the new version 34, but there was no change , the roads are the same , nothing I 've seen in this new release , including video tutorials , does not Appear to me ... Can anyone help me ?? 2015-12-27
SimNation Been awhile , when I got back into Sc4 Nam 33 arrived, now Nam 34 is here, nice. Nice job on keeping the Sc4 fire buring bright all these years. With NAM & Mods from various modders continuing to come to sc4 it just makes it the best modern city builder sim there is. Thanks for the hard work and continued effort keeping this game fun. 2015-12-25
SushiKay I just saw this was updated somewhat recently, thanks for the update guys! 2015-12-14
Tarkus !miguel: Neither version is available anymore. We don't provide support for old versions and immediately discontinue them as soon as the newest one is ready. New versions add new features and fix issues with previous versions, so there's no real reason to keep old ones around. 2015-12-11
!miguel i need vesion 32 or 31.2 please , I just find this version and I'm looking the other 2015-12-08
Tarkus Histriounico: Corrupt downloads are the result of a poor connection to the site, either due to site traffic or issues on your ISP's end. I'd try redownloading from here at another time, or try one of our other official mirrors, Simtropolis (http://www.simtropolis.com) or ModDB (http://www.moddb.com/mods/network-addon-mod). 2015-12-06
Histriounico Please help! I downloaded the file but when I extract it. It says 'the file is corrupt'. How can I fix this? 2015-12-06
Tarkus Also, make sure you're installing the correct SKU for your region, or at least, the correct SKU for the region where your copy was originally intended for sale (which, nowadays, may differ). Trying the other SKUs will have no ill effect. 2015-12-05
Tarkus juenglis: If you are running an unofficial "No CD" executable, it'll always fail, as it has a different checksum. There needs to be an official, patched executable and game files in place for the installer to run. 2015-12-05
juenglis I downloaded the required patch (several times) and the install still requests that I download the patch. 2015-12-02
star6 it dont play 2015-12-02
Tarkus deanva: The installer has been improved such that you can install safely over top of your old installation. This will also give you the added bonus of the installer (provided your existing version is new enough) being able to determine your previous installation settings. As far as knowing which version you had, if you have the old installer from that version, that'd tell you. Additionally, the NAM icon at the bottom of the Roads menu will tell you when your controller file was compiled. If it's NAM 30 or earlier, there will be an "r" number shown. With newer versions, provided you installed them when they were the newest NAM: <br /> <br /> -March 2, 2013-April 5, 2013 = NAM 31.0<br /> -April 6, 2013-June 3, 2013 = NAM 31.1<br /> -June 3, 2013 - December 18, 2013 = NAM 31.2<br /> -December 19, 2013 - January 13, 2014 = Either NAM 31.2 or NAM 32 Pre-Release<br /> -January 14, 2014 - July 28, 2015 = NAM 32<br /> -July 29, 2015 - November 25, 2015 = Either NAM 32 or NAM 33 Pre-Release 2015-11-29
deanva How do I know which version of the NAM is already downloaded and do we uninstall any previous versions?<br /> 2015-11-29
Tarkus plastic98: Make sure the NAM installer is the only thing running. If you are still encountering difficulty, stop by the forums, where we can give you more detailed assistance.<br /> Jeffrey_Meijer: As long as they're not installed in a NAM directory, they should be fine.<br /> 2015-11-29
Jeffrey_Meijer So, i have a few modds which work in company with the NAM. Did i need to reinstall those? 2015-11-29
Jeffrey_Meijer So, i have a few modds which work in company with the NAM. Did i need to reinstall those? 2015-11-29
ohai147 This game owes a lot to the NAM team. Who would've thought that fresh content and improvements would still be here 12 years after the original release? Incredible, thanks guys! 2015-11-29
plastic98 The installer keeps crashing after the important information page. I reinstalled the game and running it on administrator's privilege, but nothing worked. Makes me frustrated. 2015-11-29
elenphor Many thanks for your awesome work, guys! 2015-11-28
caspervg Thanks a lot NAMites! 2015-11-28
vinlabsc3k Yahoooooo!!!! A great present for my birthday!<br /> I would like to thank my mother and father for having grown up me and the NAM Team for making my favorite game immortal!! :P 2015-11-28
IllusiveCone Thank You! 2015-11-27
Von F. This is officially awesome. Terrific job chaps 2015-11-26
shushujing Thank you, happy holiday 2015-11-26
SimNation Fantastic! I think I will start playing this again with a new start and a fresh city. I have been wanting to revisit SC4 for awhile and his seems like a good excuse to start again. Nice work NAM team. 2015-11-26
Tarkus The official release of NAM 33 is now here--enjoy! 2015-11-26
Dencor 832 votes.Whats wrong with all the downloaders.It should 8,000,000 votes 2015-11-22
Dencor Thanks to you to all the guys who is part of Nam.Without Nam and all the other addons and mods i don't think anybody would<br /> be playing SC 4.A big thank you to everybody that contributes to this lovely game. 2015-11-22
glebqip1 My problem was resolved by removing SFBT Rail Textures Mod 2015-11-16
glebqip1 https://youtu.be/fggKuGbXtB0 2015-11-16
glebqip1 https://youtu.be/fggKuGbXtB0 2015-11-16
glebqip1 i cant see the railway after installed 2015-11-16
asd123456789 My PC hard drive is NOT recycle bin! So, I need ONLY NAM mod, NOT other junk files! :( 2015-10-20
mcqueen88 i cant see the railway after installed 2015-10-15
sonofsim need to get rid of doubles in my tranport menus cant remeber how to plus turning lanes extentoins notshowing up 2015-09-18
Stannington Version 33 Pre-Release--July 29, 2015. Some of the texture mapping on the ramps are off line. The RHW intersections appear to be missing in the menu and when creating a RHW crossroads the middle squares of the the junction have no texture at all. I'm pretty sure you're aware of these problems. Keep up the good work 2015-09-12
jjanggukin Help! installer keep crashes in setup type page! 2015-09-12
Tarkus pablocmg: If you're referring to One-Way Road Roundabouts, it's possible you had the One-Way Road Roundabouts arrow reduction plugin installed previously, and didn't reinstall it this time. Try clicking in the vicinity of the roundabouts. If not, try reinstalling the NAM. If you require further assistance, please stop by the forums--we can give you more detailed help there. 2015-09-11
pablocmg Why can't i see my roundabouts? HELP please!<br /> 2015-09-11
pablocmg Why can't i see my roundabouts? HELP please!<br /> 2015-09-11
Tarkus PsydonTester: It is possible to run the Controller Compiler manually--it sits in the NAM Auxiliary Tools folder. That said, it sounds like there's probably something more to your issue. The installer is supposed to install a full version of the latest controller as a failsafe for when the Controller Compiler can't/doesn't run, so it's possible there's still bits of an old NAM release in there. Try reinstalling the NAM and running the Cleanitol option in Custom Installation. If you still encounter issues, stop by the forums, and we'll be able to help you better there than on the comments here. 2015-09-09
PsydonTester I have a complete fresh installation of simcity 4 deluxe (german version) on my machine. I have updated the game with the newest patch, installed the java package but cannot use any of the NAM textures... It says in the menu (in game) that I have an outdated NAM controller (which wasn't built during installation because it has not found JAVA (which was installed before)). Is there any help on this? I still have a 32-Bit machine...<br /> 2015-09-09
edved Thanks so much for NAM. It really makes SC4 modern and realistic! 2015-09-05
Gurning_Chimp Thanks Tarkus. 2015-09-01
Tarkus Snowycali: Glad you're enjoying the mod! The interchanges for the stock highways are extremely difficult to make (the trumpet took 18 months by itself!), so unfortunately, it's not looking like there will be any additions there. 2015-09-01
Tarkus Gurning_Chimp: Odd. It's possible the installer I was looking at was a slightly newer one. In any case, I'll put it up on Dropbox and post the link on the forums. 2015-09-01
Gurning_Chimp Yeah, it's not there. The one at the bottom is the MIS bridges. 2015-09-01
Gurning_Chimp Yeah, it's not there. The one at the bottom is the MIS bridges. 2015-09-01
Tarkus Gurning_Chimp: It's there, but it's very well hidden. Expand out Additional Features and Customizations > Additional Bridges > Real Highway Bridges, and at the very bottom, you'll find a checkbox for "DD RHW-4 Basic Bridge". 2015-09-01
Gurning_Chimp Hmm, seems that the DD-RHW bridge doesn't even show up in the installation options. 2015-08-31
Gurning_Chimp Tarkus: Ahh, that's probably why it's not showing up now. Well, best go re-install! :P 2015-08-31
Snowycali Ive been trying out the v32 for Mac. I really love the additional highway options for use with the stock highways, such as the additional interchanges. One thing that seems to be missing are elevated versions of the Trumpet and Partial Y 3 way interchange. Otherwise the kit is great. 2015-08-31
Tarkus Regarding the DDRHW bridge, though, you may need to check to ensure it's checked on your installation options. There's a vestigial issue stemming from the way it was packaged in an earlier release that has been known to cause it to not get installed now. 2015-08-31
Tarkus Gurning_Chimp: You're in luck--they already have been lowered for the pre-release. 2015-08-31
Gurning_Chimp I'm hoping the DD-RHW4 bridge will be lowered too at some point? As well as the various transition pieces?<br /> <br /> Either way, good work! Can't wait for the full thing! 2015-08-31
Tarkus acacacaxcxacacac: There isn't a Mac version of the NAM 33 Pre-Release--the latest Mac release is NAM 32.1. We're waiting until we have the official NAM 33 release ready to make a new Mac version. 2015-08-30
acacacaxcxacacac Hoping to find the Mac version. There is just a .exe in the download. 2015-08-30
Cyborgedunit Thanks I might end up playing it for another 5years! 2015-08-28
Tarkus WktSimCity: You're welcome, and thanks for the kind words. This development cycle for NAM 33 may have taken a long time, but our plan is to keep going with SC4 as long as we can. 2015-08-17
WktSimCity Thank you very much unremitting efforts. I always thought that to 32 in relation to stop , but you has always insisted . Come on , SimCity has been in our hearts ( from Google Translate) 2015-08-17
Tarkus deeznuts168: How exactly is it not letting you download it? My admin control panel shows you've downloaded it 10 times, and as there is a cap on how many times one can download a file in one day, as well as filesize over a certain period, it's possible the system has locked you out. 2015-08-16
Tarkus Zeratai: Unfortunately, you can't try both at the same time. The best you could do, theoretically, would be to install it, then remove the y_RealRailway folder from the z___NAM folder to revert to default, and re-add the folder when you want to go back to RRW. As far as the duplicates, they appear to be safe to remove. The Japanese locale technically isn't a duplicate, but it's not strictly necessary if you're not running the game in Japanese. We've already gotten the FARHW one reported as an issue to fix for the installer, whereas the lightcone ones are simply an vestige of the original packaging of some of xannepan's bridges. 2015-08-16
deeznuts168 it wont let me download it<br /> 2015-08-15
Zeratai Tarkus thanks for the reply.... Yes, I know I can't install both, but I wish to try both so I can decide later which one to use. Installing again the NAM (even in different destination folder) will cause Z_Nam to be replaced. <br /> Also I would like to know if you could check the duplicates I mentioned, to know if they can be erased.... As far as I know, the Japanese and english files are different in size... 2015-08-12
Tarkus Zeratai: You can't install both RRW and default Rail, as the RRW is a new specification for the default rail. They're mutually exclusive of one another. I don't know what's causing those other duplicate files, though I could take a look at that. 2015-08-12
Zeratai I have some problem... After installing the pre release I've encountered some duplicates in different folders. I don't know if I should delet them. Some of them are:<br /> <br /> JENXPARIS_Prop_Bridge_Light_Cones_R1<br /> ML Shinkansen MOD_locale_english<br /> ML Shinkansen MOD_locale_japanese<br /> RealHighway_FractionalAngleNetworking<br /> <br /> Also, I want to install both RRW and "Default" Railway... so I can choose later which one I prefer but if I install RRW installer wont let me install Darker Textures by SFBT, and if I install 2 times the NAM it will override my first installation even if I change the destination folder (Z_NAM I mean). Any help of how I can proceed? 2015-08-12
binnsbre Hi Tarkus. Thank you for the response. I actually did some digging yesterday on the forums and found that us users are just a little lazy to think for ourselves. If you check the documentation currently available you will find some basic direction on how to use the NAM. You will just have to take each menu open a sandbox region and build each puzzle peace. Then take a picture and print it. Now you have a nice example of what is on each menu. In the existing documentation there is also a few forums you can visit showing you how to build the intersections. This was also suggested by one of the users on the forums. <br /> I also have a request to the unsatisfied people out there about the documentation. Stop moaning the NAM team is working really hard for us to enjoy the game. Thanks again NAM team still looking forward to the official release. 2015-08-04
Tarkus binnsbre: You're most welcome, and hope you're enjoying the mod. The one interesting situation we have with the documentation is that we are actually killing off a lot of the puzzle pieces in favor of draggable and/or FLEX implementations, which will greatly reduce the number of pieces needed, so things are in kind in flux right now, too. 2015-08-03
binnsbre Hi. First I would like to say thank you for all your hard work in order for the rest of the community to enjoy SC4. I have also been trying to find documentation on the NAM specifically where to find certain puzzle pieces. I am new to using NAM and really strugle with finding the correct puzzle pieces. If you really have to re do the documentation can you specify where in the menus you can find the puzzle pieces as this would help a lot. I know this is a lot of work. Thank you again for the hard work. Looking forward to the official release. 2015-08-03
Tarkus LReyomeXX: No idea at this point. The documentation is in kind of a transitional stage. All those nice shiny PDFs we made for NAM 31.2 are practically impossible to edit because the source files are so large, and a ton has changed, so we may end up having to start from scratch, which is an absurd amount of work. 2015-08-02
LReyomeXX However I have noticed that the RHW manual has not been updated since Version 31.2 and it still nags at you to print. Is there any indication on when the next manual update is? 2015-08-02
Melosz Excellent, thank you for clearing that up! 2015-08-01
Tarkus Hi Melosz, the plugins folder in Documents is the correct location--the game is set up to recognize it as a valid path, and that's actually the main/default Plugins folder that you should use for anything you download from here and/or Simtropolis. No additional configuration is needed. If you install it in the one in the game's directory, there's a good chance that the mod wouldn't work (there's only a couple things for which that folder is used). Hope that helps! 2015-08-01
Melosz It looks like I unintentionally escaped the backslashes in the URLs I provided?! 2015-08-01
Melosz Hi Tarkus, you seem to be the authority here with all of your prompt replies so I will direct this question to you.<br /> <br /> I extracted/installed everything but I was never presented with the option to choose where to install, and I fear it may not be in the correct locale. It seems the installer created a new directory: 'C:\Users\{myName}\Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins' instead of installing to my existing SimCity4 DE location: 'C:\GOG Games\SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition\Plugins'.<br /> <br /> Was the installation supposed to be the plugins folder in my SimCity4 DE? It seems to me there is no way for my game to pick up the contents of the mod without some sort of intentional configuration or cmd instructions. Any advice on how to proceed?<br /> <br /> Thanks! 2015-08-01
Tarkus YINYI 911: The more people download the pre-release, the better the official version will be. More user feedback means a more robust final product. 2015-08-01
YINYI 911 Wait for the official version 2015-08-01
Tarkus ccppcc: We don't have a Chinese locale file yet, but if anyone is considering translating it, we'd be very interested.in hearing from them. 2015-07-31
ccppcc Must support, NAM has done is good, a lot of traffic function, but some bug, I think NAM interchange do smaller, too much is accounted for position. 2015-07-31
ccppcc &#24076;&#26395;&#26032;&#22686;&#20013;&#25991;&#25903;&#25345;<br /> I hope the new Chinese language support<br /> 2015-07-31
NAM Team The NAM 33 Pre-Release (Windows) is now available. Enjoy! 2015-07-30
Tarkus Cookie Town23: It's the stable NAM 32 release at present. Some pre-release graphics were left in, but we didn't think it was worth the trouble of spending all that time re-uploading it just to fix that. 2015-07-19
Cookie Town23 NIce Modd! 11/10 BTW This is a Pre-Release? for Version 32? 2015-07-19
Tarkus stalin187: The fix is to have a properly updated legal copy of the game. If you're running a NoCD version of 1.1.638.0, the NAM will not recognize it as a valid installation. 2015-07-09
stalin187 I HAVE 1.1.638.0 VERSION, BUT THIS PLUGIN WONT INSTALL!<br /> <br /> WHERE IS THE FIX? :@ 2015-07-08
elwray Thanks a lot. Great as always! 2015-06-23
Tarkus miles99: If you're on Windows, there's a built-in decompression tool that can open .zip archives. Alternatively, there's 7-zip out there, which is free, open source, and the most full-featured extractor out there. 2015-05-26
miles99 2015-05-26
edellei Nice 2015-05-25
Hilmar13 Tarkus: Okay i'll check that out. I did manage to open the boxes though ;) 2015-05-21
Tarkus Hilmar13: That other download has dependencies. I don't think it's been added to the Dependency Tracker system yet, so you'll want to check its Readme documentation. As we're off on a non-NAM-related tangent, I'd recommend either moving over to the comment thread for the schools, or, better yet, I'd suggest posting on the SC4D Forums instead, which will get a lot more views than the comments here (which very few people check). 2015-05-17
Hilmar13 I downloaded those schools but i can't see the image of it because it has a image of brown package marked with simcity.com. I also found some highschool and i can see it. But when i click on it i don't see information about it or the ability to change bus and student funding. 2015-05-17
Tarkus dethras: It sounds more like an issue with your internet connection. I'd try again later. The other official mirror you could try is Simtropolis. 2015-05-17
dethras File is broken. Downloaded twice: 1st is in this site (zip file) and 2nd is in modDb (exe type).<br /> Any workaround with the downloaded parts? 2015-05-17
Tarkus Hilmar13: deadwoods did a couple. Try http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=489 and http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=490. 2015-05-15
Hilmar13 Okay thanks it worked this time. I am just missing one thing from the last time i downloaded the mod in my old computer and that was the rural highschool. Perhaps i can download it here? 2015-05-15
Tarkus Hilmar13: That is indeed another thing that isn't the installer. It's a self-extractor we put over the installer in order to get the download size down and conserve bandwidth (the download would be 900MB instead of 250MB without it). As far as the file you refer to having and clicking, is that the Network Addon Mod Setup 32.exe? If you're on a newer version of Windows (Vista, 7, 8, or 8.1), generally, you'll see that Yes/No dialog box pop up about changes to the computer. You'll see it when installing most programs. Click "Yes", and the installer will run. 2015-05-15
Hilmar13 Tarkus: Thanks for the response. I did install this file with the name: "Network Addon Mod Setup 32 SFX" that's another thing? But when i click on the file i have, i don't get the option "run". I just get yes or no if i want to download and make changes to the computer. 2015-05-14
Tarkus Hilmar13: If you've just hit "Extract", you haven't installed the NAM. You've only just extracted the installer that you ultimately need to run from the initial download package. Look for "Network Addon Mod Setup 32.exe" in the same folder and run it. 2015-05-13
Hilmar13 I downloaded it. But i don't see it in my game. I opened the file, pushed Excact and still nothing. I had lost my password so i got the game through Origin. Any ideas what could be the problem? 2015-05-13
Diesel Look forward to this...especially the RRW 2015-05-02
Tarkus Lukesoltis: It sounds as if you merely ran the self-extractor, which does not install the mod, but merely extracts the installer (we've had to do this in order to shrink the filesize down from 900MB to 250MB or so). In the same directory as the self-extractor, you should now see a file called "Network Addon Mod 32 Setup.exe". Run that to get the mod installed. 2015-05-01
Lukesoltis I downloaded and extracted the file, but it does not appear in my Plugins folder. I'm not sure what to do at this point. 2015-04-28
Tarkus mitchell508: You don't put the file anywhere. First, you run the self-extractor to extract the installer, and once you run the installer itself, it'll automatically take care of where things need to go. 2015-04-23
mitchell508 newbie here. not too sure where to put the file once installed 2015-04-21
Tarkus The file isn't broken, but it's possible that your connection and our servers aren't getting a good link going. I'd advise trying another mirror, such as ModDB. 2015-04-18
setiawanx this file is broken, I downloaded it 4 times, and every extract always coropt 2015-04-17
little bear i get brown boxes for HSR station, straight, diag, and overhanging monorail stations. I don't remember if I had choices during installation to install all HSR pieces. 2015-03-26
little bear i get brown boxes for HSR station, straight, diag, and overhanging monorail stations. I don't remember if I had choices during installation to install all HSR pieces. 2015-03-26
Tarkus Amodii: It's possible you still might not have the right SKU for the patch. The patch will partially install if you have the wrong version, and might not give you a good indication of that fact. 2015-03-11
Tarkus killeroftheweek: We don't offer old NAM versions or encourage their continued distribution. Don't have the staff to keep supporting them. I'd try reinstalling. 2015-03-11
killeroftheweek i installed the the mod and its not working if i click the game its not opening please<br /> give us a link for older nam. 2015-03-11
Amodii I have been trying to install this mod but i keep hitting a brick wall. the nam installer keeps thinking i dont have the pathc even though i have, 1 a legitimate copy of the game without a no cd hack, 2 followed all the patch instructions and have definately installed the right version of the patch for my region. any ideas how to fix this? 2015-03-07
Amodii I have been trying to install this mod but i keep hitting a brick wall. the nam installer keeps thinking i dont have the pathc even though i have, 1 a legitimate copy of the game without a no cd hack, 2 followed all the patch instructions and have definately installed the right version of the patch for my region. any ideas how to fix this? 2015-03-07
Amodii I have been trying to install this mod but i keep hitting a brick wall. the nam installer keeps thinking i dont have the pathc even though i have, 1 a legitimate copy of the game without a no cd hack, 2 followed all the patch instructions and have definately installed the right version of the patch for my region. any ideas how to fix this? 2015-03-07
Valeru27 Hey!, Thank you very much!! 2015-03-04
sodoshi26 Thank you so extremely much to the entire NAM team, for their continued and excellent work! Frequently I find myself turning back to SC4 from newer games, and doubt I would without tools like the NAM :3 2015-02-28
tataboom i update v.1.1.638 so i download \"networkaddonmod setup 32 exe\" but have a Alert so i update patch already do you help a setup to me and people download plase 2015-02-07
Tarkus steve14737: You might have just run the self-extractor, rather than the actual installer (which is extracted by the self-extractor). Look in the directory where you ran the self-extractor for \"NetworkAddonMod Setup 32.exe\", and run that.<br /> <br /> skinnykenny6066: My suggestion would be to buy a legitimate version of the game. The NAM installer will not recognize a NoCD hack, especially as it\'s possible to have a 1.1.638 NoCD hack with unpatched 1.1.610 versions of the default .dat files, which will cause NAM issues. Steam, GOG.com, and other sites periodically put SC4 on extremely cheap sales (down to as low as $5).<br /> <br /> fballjones: The patch is available here at SC4D. From the site\'s homepage, scroll down and look for the \"EA Support\" button on the left sidebar. Then, find the page for EP1 Update 1, download it and install it. You may need to check to ensure you have the correct version of the EP1 Update, which depends on the region in which your copy of the game was originally intended to be sold (which, with newer copies, could be somewhere other than where you actually live). Also note that if you\'re running a NoCD hack, the installer will not recognize it as a viable installation. 2015-02-05
fballjones Where can I download a supposed patch? 2015-02-05
skinnykenny6066 So if I read through the comments right u must have a purchased version of the game in order for the mod to work? A downloaded nocd hack, there\'s no way for it to work? I have a nocd version 1.1.638 and it keeps telling me I have the original version of the game and no option to download the patch... Any suggestions? . 2015-02-05
steve14737 when i down load and extract these to my pc how do i get them to sim city 4 that is on my pc already it wont show up the mods i mean when i play the actual game 2015-01-29
Marbour Bartacus Installed a fresh Deluxe edition of Simcity4. Updated it to version 1.1.638.0 as the NAM installer advised me to do in order to install. But now my game is up to date ( version 1.1.638.0 ) the NAM installer keeps telling me i dont have that version installed yet, therefore cannot continue.. Anyone got a solution / help / or way around this ?<br /> <br /> I had the same problem be sure to check what region update you have mine was japanese version so i had to install the japanese patch 2015-01-28
fefenc For some reason, everytime I select the Persistant Automata mod to prevent my cars from disappearing too quickly, it does exactly the opposite, it vanishes with 98% of the Radical automatas on my cities with busy roads and interchanges at rush hours :S 2015-01-27
BlueWarlock Thank you for your hard work and time spent! Well done! 2015-01-20
Tarkus pickleman1924: Be careful with the language and tone. <br /> <br /> The NAM uses an installer, and in order to get the installer to run quicker, while minimizing the download size, it includes an extra self-extractor layer (NetworkAddonMod Setup 32 SFX.exe). When you run the self-extractor, it doesn\'t matter where you extract to, as you\'re extracting the actual installer, not the mod itself. All that matters is that you choose a folder where you\'ll be able to find the installer when it gets extracted (NetworkAddonMod Setup 32.exe). The actual installer will put the mod into your Plugins folder. This exact setup we have for the packaging is actually used in the professional computing world with some regularity, with patches, mods, and driver packages. That said, we\'re always looking to improve things. Generally, we\'ve had very few problems with the current setup--even without any sort of extra explanation in there. 2015-01-19
pickleman1924 Absolutely no instruction given on where to extract these files too, i have no idea what im even extracting. What the hell is this, isn\'t this mod the most popular one, and its this unprofessional? unbelievable 2015-01-18
Bartacus Installed a fresh Deluxe edition of Simcity4.<br /> Updated it to version 1.1.638.0 as the NAM installer advised me to do in order to install.<br /> But now my game is up to date ( version 1.1.638.0 ) the NAM installer keeps telling me i dont have that version installed yet, therefore cannot continue.. <br /> Anyone got a solution / help / or way around this ? 2014-11-27
killuariz anyways i had instal patch to 1.1.638.0 but still cant instal nam and why ?<br /> 2014-11-05
Tarkus IainMc2014: Out of curiosity, how much RAM does your system have? It\'s possible that you might have ended up with the \"3GB\" option, which was an option we implemented to give the game a bit more memory on 32-bit systems, but we\'ve gotten complaints that sound much like what you\'ve described with it. See <a href=http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=1444.msg471620#msg471620>here</a>. That change involves a modification to the boot.ini file. You can reverse it by replacing the boot.ini file with its backup, boot.ini.bak (created as part of the patch operation). NAM 32 should work fine for you if you remove that modification--I\'m going to stress that this functionality is removed for NAM 33. We don\'t offer old versions (and actively try to prevent sites from offering old NAMs), because we don\'t have the support staff to handle it, and to avoid the potential for \"Frankenstein\" NAM installations (where a user has mixed parts of different versions). 2014-10-22
IainMc2014 Not that I don\'t \'like\' it the features are great but when I install it on Windows XP the screen graphics are messed up when I reboot the system and only runs at minimum 16 color resolution. I\'ve tried three times and the first time I ended up having to reinstall windows (possibly because I also had a virus at the same time). The next couple of times I\'ve been able to do a system restore to fix windows but it seems something is happening to the display driver because of the NAM installation.<br /> <br /> I\'m running XP Pro SP3 (32 bit) on a Core i3 system / AS Rock Mobo with just the integrated HD graphics. Simcity 4 with the rush hour expansion pack (both purchased around 2004) to which I has to apply the SKU patch to be able to install NAM. Previously I was using NAM 2009 with no problems apart from the bugs (like the ferry ports causing the game to crash).<br /> <br /> I\'ve tried installing from different download sites with the same problem.<br /> <br /> I\'m going to try a Wine installation in Linux. Failing that is there an earlier version that I can get hold of (eg v 30?) that is rated okay for 32 bit XP?<br /> <br /> I\'ve installed the latest Java if that\'s relevant.<br /> <br /> I don\'t really want to mess about with this because the first time I nearly lost a whole drive partition and had to use a partition tool to recover it. 2014-10-22
isfanqd thanks u Nam team :) 2014-10-04
YINYI 911 2014-10-03
thiakwon thank you so much for making this awesome mode. 2014-10-02
takoma620 just a love note from a long time leech - CAN NOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR WHAT YOU ALL DO!!!! :) :) :) 2014-09-27
Tarkus Yes, we are definitely planning on a NAM 33. And a NAM 34. And a NAM 35. Really, we have no end point in sight. As long as people have interest in the game and enough of them have the necessary skills, the NAM Team will keep going. 2014-09-08
bsceebull Ever plan on 33? this game is so old though. 2014-09-08
Tarkus Also, some of those seemingly \"missing\" features are likely hidden under the \"+\" boxes in the custom installation mode. Click the \"+\" to expand the options. There\'s a lot in there, so it doesn\'t hurt to double check to ensure you\'ve looked in every nook and cranny of the installer. 2014-09-08
Tarkus Jataro and Disasterjunkie: All full copies of NAM 32 will say \"NAM 32 Pre-Release\", regardless of which site you download them from. We simply forgot to change the splash art, and didn\'t feel it necessary to completely re-upload the mod for such a minor cosmetic change to the installer. 2014-09-08
Disasterjunkie Jataro, you can get your full copy of NAM from simotropolis. <br /> thanks for the head up about this copy/ 2014-09-07
Jataro This is supposed to be the full release right? But the splash art on the left side of the installer wizard says \"NAM 32 PRE RELEASE\". And many of the features seem to be missing. What is the case with this? 2014-09-07
Leebee Wonderful!<br /> 2014-09-01
Tarkus @Schoeche: If you\'re looking for tech support help, we\'ll need more info about how it\'s not working. Stop by the NAM Place board on the forums. 2014-08-31
Schoeche Ever since I installed nam, simcity wont work 2014-08-30
Tarkus FYI, Origin has updated the version they\'re selling to 1.1.641. It\'s safe to buy from there now, and if you\'ve bought it from there already, there should be an update waiting for you, which will allow you to install the NAM without issue. Those who activated CD keys already have 1.1.641. 2014-08-27
geoman.lin 3Q! 2014-08-25
aphantom big 2014-08-25
Jamant25 @Tarkus: It\'s been a while since I\'ve played Sim City 4 Rush Hour, and I basically have no clue how to download the mods from the website into the game. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 2014-08-18
Tarkus @Jamant25: Just how is it \"not working\"? We\'d need more specific information than that (version of Windows usually has little impact). Is it not installing and telling you that you need to be running Version 1.1.638? Have you installed it and not noticed certain features you thought you\'d selected? Or is it something else entirely? 2014-08-18
Jamant25 I just downloaded SimCity 4 onto ,y new computer that has Windows 8. I was hoping to get this transportation mod to download into the game, but it;s not working. Can you help? 2014-08-17
SimNation Great to see Sc4 modding is still going strong. I took quite the break myself but found my way back cannot wait to jump into see all the new stuff in the NAM since I last played sc4 back in 2011. Nice job keeping the fire going.On a side note, anyone that wants a Good digital version of SC4 I suggest GoG (drm free fully patched) or steam. <br /> <br /> I have it on Origin & retail and after finding out the origin version is not patched and patching it is a pain got the GoG version.Its works wonderfully. Read up on it at their forums. Only thing i have seen is changing resolution after initial setup you may need to edit the .ini file,but thats pain free. 2014-08-12
revilo Found it lower on the page (duh...), and everything seems to be working. Thanks, 2014-08-10
revilo Increasing frustration. I got the EU1 patch working after reinstalling the game to the default directory. Now the NAM installer says I should get the Night Lighting update available with the Sim city 4 Buildings Update. It takes me to a page instructing me to go to \"recommended downloads\" a link that doesn\'t exist. I\'ve searched for all the file names mentioned in the NAM patch installer, but can\'t find anything that matches. Where can I find this file, please? 2014-08-10
thorntot Thanks for the info and background Tarkus. I\'ll have to buy another copy of the game it seems. 2014-08-01
Tarkus Origin seems to be still selling Version 1.1.610, but with some slight modifications to it to work with their system. Those slight modifications render it unpatchable, unfortunately. Why they\'re doing this, we have no idea, and it makes little sense. If it\'s not too late, see if you can get a refund, or at least the properly patched game from them.. The other digital distributors (Steam, Amazon, GOG.com) have fully-patched copies (Version 1.1.641). Amazon has it on sale for $14.87 at present. Steam and GOG have sold it for as little as $4.99 on flash sales. 2014-07-27
thorntot Tried to install each one of the SKU patches and I\'m being told each was successfully installed with pop-up boxes, but it didn\'t change the result with NAM. I did buy my current installation of the game in June 2014 from Origin online. Does this mean I have an \"unpatchable\" version and wasted my money or is there a work-around? 2014-07-26
thorntot Tried to install each one of the SKU patches and I\'m being told each was successfully installed with pop-up boxes, but it didn\'t change the result with NAM. I did buy my current installation of the game in June 2014 from Origin online. Does this mean I have an \"unpatchable\" version and wasted my money or is there a work-around? 2014-07-26
thorntot Tried to install each one of the SKU patches and I\'m being told each was successfully installed with pop-up boxes, but it didn\'t change the result with NAM. I did buy my current installation of the game in June 2014 from Origin online. Does this mean I have an \"unpatchable\" version and wasted my money or is there a work-around? 2014-07-26
Tarkus @thorntot: It\'s possible you may not be running the right SKU version of the patch for your particular copy. See the advice I gave wilsonbiggs below. 2014-07-26
thorntot \"Your version of SimCity does not have a required patch from EA/Maxis. The game must be patched to at least version 1.1.638.0 in order for the NAM (and almost all custom content) to work properly. Do you want to install patch now?\" OKAY...I\'ve installed this patch three times now. NAM installation keeps getting hung up. How do I fix this? Thanx in advance... 2014-07-25
Tarkus @wilsonbiggs: You\'re most welcome--hope you enjoy the mod!<br /> @rcc1225: It does indeed. It\'s part of the RealHighway (RHW) plugin in the NAM. 2014-07-24
rcc1225 Does this have the diverging diamond interchange? 2014-07-24
wilsonbiggs I was installing the wrong patch. Thank you! 2014-07-17
Tarkus Make sure you\'re installing the correct SKU patch for your version of the game. With disc copies purchased in more recent years, copies originally intended for other regions have ended up in surprising places. Also, the patches are only designed to work with retail disc copies of the game. If you\'re running a digital retail copy (i.e. Steam, GOG.com, etc.), it should be patched already (though some unpatched and unpatchable copies were apparently sold on Origin in the not-so-distant past). If you tried to install on a NoCD hack, it will fail. 2014-07-17
wilsonbiggs The installer keeps telling me the patch is not installed, even after I have installed the patch... ??? 2014-07-17
Disasterjunkie thank you. 2014-07-07
Tarkus wugmump: See <a href=http://simtarkus.wordpress.com/2014/05/10/the-lowdown-on-nam-32-and-the-mac-re-release-of-simcity-4-as-of-may-10-2014/>here</a>. 2014-07-02
wugmump Now that Aspyr has released the updated version of SC4, any chance of another native Mac version of NAM? 2014-07-02
mimolay I\'ve been playing this game for almost ten years now, and I want to thank all of you for doing what EA would never care to do. Your creativity allows us to make badass cities. Keep innovating! 2014-06-21
Bigdaddy85 installed nam but it doesnt work when i launch simcity. not sure what im doing wrong but i tried an gave up. im not computer savy so ive lost all hope. 2014-06-09
Bigdaddy85 installed nam but it doesnt work when i launch simcity. not sure what im doing wrong but i tried an gave up. im not computer savy so ive lost all hope. 2014-06-09
iPodnano2 Bigger ! 2014-06-09
cefien I don\'t understand why the others have so much problems with this mod. I installed it, played with it and it run fine,..no excellent, even in my weak computer, (it takes time though to enter big cities but...) this is by far the best mod for SC4 i could find. Thank you NAM team!!!! 2014-06-08
Tarkus Ying.Blanc: Thanks for the feedback. We\'ve been trying to optimize the \"Monolithic NAM\" installer\'s load times as much as possible (hence the extra little self-extractor on the package before you get to the installer--it allows us to store the installer in a less compressed form that runs faster), but there are limits to what we can do.<br /> <br /> We do not, however, have any plans to go back to the separate downloads for other NAM components. Our current approach has allowed us to go from having to support and maintain 30-40 different packages (between the old separate release RHW and the like, and individual custom bridges), to dealing with just two, the NAM and the Diagonal Bridge Enabler. 2014-05-08
Ying.Blanc Because of the issues with my current computer, I cannot install NAM 32 from the actual installer because it just won\'t load in general unless you give it an absurd amount of time. I understand that you want to make this NAM product the one and only stop for getting all the mods, but I feel if you split the installer itself into the separate mods, then a computer as weak as mine can handle it. This isn\'t a sole situation as well as I know of others with this problem in installing NAM 32 with a weak computer. 2014-05-05
Tarkus Link-kun and Wildstar1: After running the self-extractor, there should be a file in that same directory entitled \"NetworkAddonMod Setup 32.exe\". That\'s the actual installer. Find it in the directory, and then run that. 2014-04-28
Wildstar1 How do you link the mods to the game? 2014-04-26
Link-kun Sorry.. i ment when i finish extracting Nam. 2014-04-26
Link-kun After I run Nam from the self extractor nothing appears. i need help beyond this point. what am i doing wrong? 2014-04-26
Tarkus aamitkumar: Start with the EP1 patch, which will update the mod to Version 1.1.638. If you\'re on the EU version, you\'d most likely want SKU2. You can find that <a href=http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?page=16>here</a>. After that, run the self-extractor, then run the installer that is extracted from the self-extractor. That\'ll install the NAM. Just follow the directions in there. 2014-04-25
aamitkumar please help me to install NAM: can anyone tell me how to install step by step? and how to patch?? my version is 1.1.610.0 EU 2014-04-25
Scuka I updated my Sim City 4 + Rushour to version 1.1.638. but the installer still gives me a message \"The game must be patched to version.....\" Any suggestions? 2014-04-18
Timsup2nothin One complaint.<br /> <br /> On the download page the very good advice is given \"read the enclosed readme file\"...unfortunately with a self extracting installer I have to decide where to extract it before I can get to that readme file. Small thing, but a quick \'extract to here\' instruction would be helpful for first timers. 2014-04-14
noah48 anyone have full tutorials 2014-03-23
Disasterjunkie Sooooo, I\'m guessing I download the file and then it works orrrr I have to do something else to it? LOL, sorry, like I said, I\'m new here, I was getting bored of the limited choices the game had. 2014-03-08
Garwood I\'m a mac user (Intel machine with Snow Leopard 10.6). I used WINE to extract the \"Network Addon Mod\" and \"z___NAM\" into my Plugins folder. The game starts up fine, but when I select a city from my Region, it loads the city up, but freezers. Have I done something wrong? 2014-03-05
Garwood I\'m a mac user (Intel machine with Snow Leopard 10.6). I used WINE to extract the \"Network Addon Mod\" and \"z___NAM\" into my Plugins folder. The game starts up fine, but when I select a city from my Region, it loads the city up, but freezers. Have I done something wrong? 2014-03-05
JLA123 I have a problem with the tracks, im trying to get the real version of the tracks, but the curves and long switches are not in the texture. anything I can do? 2014-02-27
noah48 Takes time to understand the plugin but amazing! For mac users I found a program to run this. Here is a link to the vid<br /> <br /> link to vid tutorial:<br /> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRyNgaUFI5k<br /> <br /> link to program download:<br /> http://wineskin.urgesoftware.com<br /> 2014-02-27
Tarkus nathkel: We host the patches here at SC4D, under our EA support page. http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?page=6 2014-02-25
nathkel I\'m having a helluva time trying to find the 1.1.638 patch online! I thought though that I had already patched my copy of SC4. How do I found out if I had in fact patched it? Am I looking for a version number on the main exe? Is some other file introduced so I can tell? (BTW i\'m trying to install NAM 32 one machine with Windows XP update 3, 32-bit, 8xx RAM.) 2014-02-23
Tarkus Rehermann2: It\'s a lot more complicated than that. The NAM includes a lot of different options, a number of which are either/or options that are not compatible with one another--the amount of documentation that\'d be required to ensure that .zip users didn\'t completely bleep up their installation would be absurd, plus the download itself would be close to 1GB (the installer package we use has better compression than even a RAR or 7-zip file). 2014-02-12
Rehermann2 The problem is that I need only the bare files extracted in the setup, and else, I would need admin permission (I never have) to extract the files. Problem, huh? Check... do one setup-free (or setupless) package (.zip/zipped folder) where you just move the \"bare files\" to SimCity 4 folder (i.e. Plugins), that worked with every other mod/lot (except the \"setup\'ed\" ones like this)! 2014-02-11
Rabbyt Re: comments for use of Keka on MacOs. The app only decompresses \'NetworkAddonMod Setup 32 SFX.exe\' & does not extract the files within. At least that is the case for the version compatible with OS X4.11 PowerPC (no intel chip /binary patch related crashes here). WINE only works with Intel platforms not the PPC plaform for which SC4 was ported to. I\'ve tried File Juicer but the original file & folder names get replaced with a truncated name+id number. 2014-02-09
adjiebrotots Thank you very much! 2014-02-08
Lackadaisy NAM 32 is here!!!!! Get down and thank the lord! :D 2014-01-24
Papercut mine says it cant find Simcity4.exe cannot be found in its installation directory, what should i do? 2014-01-22
Sabratha Great Mod but how can change this ugly Railtextures? 2014-01-21
Feline_o1 Ignore my other post, I just suck at using computers, got things to work, just had to save file to desktop, then extract 2014-01-21
Feline_o1 Kody729, what other folder did it extract it to? I can\'t find it and I\'m having the same issue you were, it extracts, then, nothing 2014-01-21
taycarlson NWM starters have disappeared... 2014-01-21
Kody729 Oh never mind extracted it to another folder all is well. 2014-01-20
Itazuki Why am I still getting the patch error when I\'ve already installed the patch? 2014-01-20
Kody729 Hmmm. All my install says is \"NetworkAddonMod Setup 32 SFX.exe\". It starts 7zip and stuff, but nothing happens. Meh. Now to NAM 31.2! 2014-01-19
rikqu zhenxin thanks true heart saying thank you. 2014-01-17
jack_wilds Concerning the manuals set... exceptional, wonderfully and thoughtfully done, can\'t say well enough how impressed I am for the manuals... if only other things would take such care to create effective meaningful manuals, then the frustration and confusion would be alot less... now if could get that horse, just brought to water, to drink up... [that is get folks to read stuff] 2014-01-16
mgarcia So awesome. I\'m a kid with a new toy! Thank you so much NAM Team! 2014-01-15
Tarkus desa0510: If your plugins are files that conflict with the NAM, the installer will move them out of the folder. You might also see things like that if you try to move the uninstaller and then run it--which we\'ve noted in the documentation is a big no-no. 2014-01-15
desa0510 The new NAM 32 deleted my plugins all of them, but i have a backup. just fix it if it happen to others. 2014-01-15
vinlabsc3k I\'m waiting for this!!! 2014-01-15
sundayadam Thanks guys this awesome mode! 2014-01-15
Tarkus And we\'re back--thank you for your patience, and apologies for any inconvenience. Enjoy! 2014-01-15
AngryBirdsFan436 Why is it taking too long???? :( 2014-01-15
Tarkus Locked again temporarily. Outdated controller ended up in package. 2014-01-15
Tarkus Now updated to Version 32 (full release). 2014-01-15
Tarkus Locked temporarily for update purposes. 2014-01-14
brownmamba Good work, <br /> playing with NAM is a real BIG change . <br /> <br /> Building the town, possibilities, textures, final aspect of the elements... all is better!<br /> <br /> Thanks a lot. <br /> <br /> I had a small download problem probably due to my low connectivity (the downloading failed \'cause \"out of time\") but all is fixed now.<br /> <br /> By the way, I did not found how to build hsr ways between the stations but I suppose I will find the solution by searching in this or that topic. It\'s surely included in a hsrp pack...<br /> <br /> Thanks again ! 2014-01-12
Kody729 Tried to survive a day without NAM. Lasted 10 minutes. That\'s a good thing. 2013-12-30
mikyahel Thank you very much 2013-12-24
Vinmisticc456 2013-12-14
Tarkus EridanT: The NAM Team only supports and distributes the latest version. We do not offer older versions, nor do we provide tech support for them. 2013-12-14
EridanT My apologies, but isn\'t it very no way to find a former version instead ? 2013-12-13
Tarkus EridanT: We discontinued the NAM for Mac package, due to a variety of reasons, including issues with the Aspyr port on newer versions of OS X, the fact that we are not able to provide adequate tech support for it, filesize, the fact that there are ways to use the Windows installer on a Mac, and the small userbase (3-4% of all NAM downloads). Ultimately, we recommend that Mac users run the Windows version of the game, either using a dual-boot or a Wineskin wrapper, both of which also allow the user to run the installer. 2013-12-12
EridanT Hi ! Just have reinstalled SC4d-eluxe after a reboot on my 2009 white ibook, NAM used to work quite normally so long, so I\'d like to find back the NAM latest working version for mac ... where to find ? Thanks 2013-12-12
EridanT Hi ! Just have reinstalled SC4d-eluxe after a reboot on my 2009 white ibook, NAM used to work quite normally so long, so I\'d like to find back the NAM latest working version for mac ... where to find ? Thanks 2013-12-12
EridanT Hi ! Just have reinstalled SC4d-eluxe after a reboot on my 2009 white ibook, NAM used to work quite normally so long, so I\'d like to find back the NAM latest working version for mac ... where to find ? Thanks 2013-12-12
xio 2013-12-07
Tarkus Herzlt: I see no problem there. You have Street intersections in those spots where the props drop off--that\'s normal. 2013-12-03
Herzlt Hello!<br /> <br /> My problem is about aveneu, after i installed nam (2013 version). The are green grass line in my avenue textures. How i dissappered it from the game? Please help! Thx! Sorry for my english.<br /> <br /> http://postimg.org/image/g8d5gi2jt/<br /> 2013-12-02
Tarkus dk0423: You have to unzip the package and run the installer that\'s contained within it. 2013-11-26
dk0423 Hey, If I install it to my computer does it automatically update the game or do I have to do something? 2013-11-26
damo566 I have solved my issue by removing all my previous plugins during the NAM installation and putting them back afterwards. These plugins were fooling NAM Installer, causing it to think I hadn\'t patched. THIS MAY HELP YOU. YES, YOU! 2013-11-25
damo566 My patch is SKU1 because I am in Australia. I have Deluxe, and it\'s not pirated. I can take a photo of the box if you want.<br /> When I try and patch, it says \'Old File Not Found... No Update Done\'. It also later says \'successfully updated\' but NAM installer disagrees and shuts me out. What do I do? 2013-11-23
Feuermanncho Hi, I try to install it, but the program freezes after I choose what type of instalation I want. 2013-11-23
Feuermanncho Hi, I try to install it, but the program freezes after I choose what type of instalation I want. 2013-11-23
DarkStar0ne Thanks, but I didn\'t get to try it yet. I have a legit version of sc4 deluxe SKU1 and I can\'t install the new NAM without the SKU1 update to 1.1.638? something like that... Why doesn\'t the update work? it says old file not found... It\'s an un-modified legit game.Any help please? 2013-11-15
DarkStar0ne Thanks, but I didn\'t get to try it yet. I have a legit version of sc4 deluxe SKU1 and I can\'t install the new NAM without the SKU1 update to 1.1.638? something like that... Why doesn\'t the update work? it says old file not found... It\'s an un-modified legit game.Any help please? 2013-11-15
wasteofspace The alt components guide says the SFBT rail textures darken the rail & provide grass textures but the NAM installer only provides the darker rail; the grass textures aren\'t included (the separate download for the textures still exists :) 2013-10-22
Jay Jay James This mod has bought a whole new level of enjoyment to a game that I got a lot of fun from years ago. Now it\'s like having a brand new game all over again :-) All I need to find now is a Monorail to Subway and Subway to Monorail links then it would be awesome. Once again Thank You 2013-10-17
lorelei2002 I downloaded Network Addon Mod v.31.2 now when I click on the setup to install it I get a big X and the message \"Application not found\" Any idea? I have windows 8. 2013-10-09
Oliwero I just patched my game (Deluxe) via the NAM installer provided links. I checked that patching is correct (http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?page=16). However, I get the Notification, that I do not have the required patch and the installer exits. Any advice? Is the installer only way to get the latest NAM working? 2013-10-02
Oliwero I just patched my game (Deluxe) via the NAM installer provided links. I checked that patching is correct (http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?page=16). However, I get the Notification, that I do not have the required patch and the installer exits. Any advice? Is the installer only way to get the latest NAM working? 2013-10-02
Tarkus IBPME: Original + Rush Hour = Deluxe. As long as you do indeed have Original + Rush Hour installed, and you\'re running a legitimate, non-cracked executable with the proper patches/updates, you shouldn\'t be seeing an error like that. 2013-10-01
IBPME hi I try installing NAM , I have Rush Hour only , when I try to install is Says that the rush hour isnt gennerally available so i have to buy the duluxe edition , problem is its really hard to find the duluxe edition here they only got rush hour ... Plz help 2013-09-30
Jorge_carrillo I am having problems with the TSCT It can\'t save changes claiming not to be able to change file due to SC4 being open but it is not. 2013-09-28
metam0rph Awesome! 2013-09-23
pall Thank you all,<br /> <br /> just one problem, the server is too slow to download 2013-09-20
pall Thank you all,<br /> <br /> just one problem, the server is too slow to download 2013-09-20
pall Thank you all,<br /> <br /> just one problem, the server is too slow to download 2013-09-20
Tarkus bmkhadafi: The NAM does not require external dependencies, nor do any of its components. It sounds like you may have experienced an installation error, which may not have installed all the internal components necessary for proper HSRP operation. I\'d try reinstalling. 2013-09-18
LegoManilaShow 2013 thanks!!!! i have tram now in simcity 4! 2013-09-18
LegoManilaShow 2013 thanks!!!! i have tram now in simcity 4! 2013-09-18
LegoManilaShow 2013 thanks!!!! i have tram now in simcity 4! 2013-09-18
bmkhadafi but ,why when i drag HSRP with monorail line..a box appear?...it\'s looks like need a dependencies 2013-09-18
bmkhadafi thanks for your hardwork NAM Team... 2013-09-18
EstRus-TV-Poklonnik Greatest Mod! Thank you very much! 2013-08-28
Daddiogrif Origin install...of SC4 and using Vitivs Launcher .exe from origin SC4DE folder back is Apps folder Nam will now install... Not using launcher??? make sure Apps path is clear as Nam needs ..exe in Appps folder to install.... Damn will not work unless .exe is OUT of Apps folder put exe in SC4DE folder Cut NOT copy... so move accordingly install NAM and return .exe path for installer and or DAMN it will work Trust go to SIMPEG4 not here often to follow.<br /> Nam has bugs yup CTD one be careful not for feint of heart any more than DAMN worth the effort and you get to learn how PC\'s work too! little help here this is comment page look around...<br /> Daddiogrif 2013-08-25
cefien There are still lots of bugs inside. Oh, well, guess i just have to wait till\' NAM 32.<br /> Savy? 2013-08-24
cefien There are still lots of bugs inside. Oh, well, guess i just have to wait till\' NAM 32.<br /> Savy? 2013-08-24
Tarkus akmalfirman: I\'d recommend downloading and trying all 5 SKUs. 2013-08-23
akmalfirman But , sorry , my region is not including in all region . I\'m from Indonesia 2013-08-23
akmalfirman But , sorry , my region is not including in all region . I\'m from Indonesia 2013-08-23
Tarkus akmalfirman: As with all previous NAM versions, NAM 30 has been discontinued, is no longer supported in any capacity, and will not be made available. As far as the patch goes, make sure you are installing the right SKU for your region, and that you are running a retail copy of the game (the patches will not install on any sort of cracked .exe, e.g. a NoCD crack). 2013-08-22
sdd1396 Thanks a lot! im gonna build a real city i couldnt with the simcity stuff 2013-08-21
akmalfirman Sorry , my SimCity 4 can\'t be updated for NAM Installer . So , would NAM team give me the link to download NAM 30 ? :( 2013-08-21
NAM Team nyhryan99: That\'s more technical support than we can provide on a download comments section. I would recommend heading over to the <a href=http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=1444.2800>NAM Issues Thread on the forums, and ask there.</a> 2013-08-18
nyhryan99 It crashes when I choose setup type, please help me 2013-08-17
NAM Team coo400: Make sure you have the correct SKU version of the EP1 patch. Also, if you\'re running any sort of cracked game executable (e.g. a NoCD version), the patch will not install, and neither will the NAM. 2013-08-16
NAM Team pena: Download the file, and run the installer in the .zip file. There\'s also documentation included in the .zip to give you a better idea of the lay of the land. 2013-08-16
coo400 i cant get it to pass the patch part it keeps saying i dont have the right patch even though i did and downloaded it 8 different times. 2013-08-16
hafidzz Very useful 2013-08-15
pena how to instal help<br /> 2013-08-15
Szanelka1 It\'s great page! Many interesting addons!!! Thanks - me and children my brothers. :) 2013-08-14
Szanelka1 It\'s great page! Many interesting addons!!! Thanks - me and children my brothers. :) 2013-08-14
jays Just. Great. As always, the best and essencial mod for SC4! 2013-08-10
Tarkus Unfortunately, it\'s not an easy process to extract things a la carte from NAM features like that, unless you have enough technical expertise to perform \"surgery\" on the RUL files (which, along with the traffic simulator exemplar, are the most critical files in the mod). 2013-08-08
Daddiogrif Hi Is it possible to thin some of this down..ie remove the parts I will NOT be using like 6/8 lane RHW 2013-08-07
Tarkus tdstarmanw44: You don\'t need the BAT or the Lot Editor to run NAM 31.2. The file you need is the EP1 patch (SKU1 in your case). You\'ll find that here: <a href=http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?page=16>[link]</a>. <br /> <br /> Note, however, if you\'re using a NoCD crack or the like, the NAM will not install. 2013-08-07
StarshipTrooper thanks i been waiting for along time for new verion too come all others had bugs but this one will doo thanks NAM team 2013-08-05
tdstarmanw44 Howdie tarkus, I have BAT and I have the Lot editor that I just downloaded for 31.2 what else do I need because it tells me I don\'t have the proper match for this Nam 31.2 2013-08-04
Tarkus james.bourke: Make sure you are installing the correct patch for your region. There\'s 5 different SKU versions. Also, any sort of NoCD/cracked version will not be recognized by the NAM installer, or the patch installer. You need to be running a retail copy, off the disc or off a digital distributor (e.g. Steam, etc.). 2013-08-03
pranacity23 Good ! 2013-08-03
james.bourke@gmail.com ... It says I don\'t have the right patch, Why? :( 2013-08-02
elfsen Great 2013-08-01
zalvador gracias :D 2013-07-24
K114 thanks... 2013-07-21
NAM Team It\'s not that they \"aren\'t allowed\", so much as that the Mac version became way too difficult to support properly. Mac OS X users represented, at most, 4% of our userbase. The 10.7-and-later crowd (a growing majority of OS X users) can\'t use the NAM without CTDs, and the remaining 10.6-and-earlier folks required a disproportionate amount of tech support. Additionally, with the switch to the Monolithic NAM for the NAM 31.x releases, the Mac version would be about 750MB. 2013-07-20
heman123 didn\'t see that last comment sorry NAM.so yeah i guess mac versions arnt really aloud hmmm. Oh well 2013-07-18
heman123 needs to have a version for mac 10.4 :l 2013-07-18
elwray My congratulations to everyone involved in the making of all the content here. Simply outstanding! There is no need for another SimCity game with this. 2013-07-18
rstefek great addition to SC4 2013-07-16
jicesuyi 2013-07-14
liz1234567890 NICE:D 2013-07-09
NAM Team heman123: We used to have one, but it\'s permanently discontinued. You can thank Apple for that, for removing Rosetta from later versions of OS X. 2013-07-05
heman123 Needs to have a mac version ._. 2013-07-05
Natsudie Do I have to replace existing NAM folder to install it? 2013-07-03
Coopernello SOLVED TAB ISSUE, THANKS 2013-07-03
Coopernello I cant cycle in menou choices with tab button, can u help me? 2013-07-03
eoin24 The patch says, cant find the original file... i cant install the NAM 31.2.. what to do? ?????????/ 2013-06-29
juliok102013 Valew cara (Thank you man) 2013-06-27
a-may I have the patch and I don\'t care to undo my nocd to get it to recognize a patch I already have. I assumed that was probably the issue. It just seems odd people would not have the patch by now making it necessary for everyone else to undo and redo work. -Don\'t worry, I don\'t ask for tech support. 2013-06-18
fruitkweek And again it gets better..... 2013-06-17
NAM Team a-may: The check for the patch was only added in Version 31.2. We added it because it\'s really necessary to have the patch to use the NAM, and we had issues with people without the patch blaming us for things the patch fixes. Also note that you need to have a fully-legal copy of the game in order for it to properly detect the patch--the NoCD executable won\'t cut it. Also note that the March version has a lot of issues, and you won\'t be eligible for any tech support. We only support the most recent version. 2013-06-16
a-may It just keeps saying I do not have the EP1 patch installed. Though somehow I magically installed NAM back in March... I give up and will undelete my March version I guess. 2013-06-15
amanwithoutporpoise Love it--vastly improved! You are an amazing team! 2013-06-13
fEcAlMaTTeR wow this file really grew since i was last here 2013-06-11
rzk01 Thank you NAM team. This is great! :) 2013-06-09
LeWalrus Thanks. Amazing work! kudos 2013-06-05
tafen 2013-06-05
eisn3535 AWESOME 2013-06-05
otis1099 Love the double elevated rail lines and the new stations with more capacity. I can now crisscross my rails without any interruptions. Nice job, guys! 2013-06-04
PreLighter Good job :) 2013-06-04
torontosubway 31.2, yes!!! thank you!!!! 2013-06-04
Cougar2004 Yay its NAM v31.2! Thank you NAM team for all you do. 2013-06-03
NAM Team liris91: It was locked earlier today, in preparation for the NAM 31.2 release. We didn\'t want people downloading the old version this close to the new one. 2013-06-03
NAM Team NAM Version 31.2 is now available. 2013-06-03
liris91 Why is this lot download locked ? Where can i find the latest NAM please ? 2013-06-03
canzan100 good 2013-06-01
Hix Thanks, SC4RH+NAM+CAM > SC2013 2013-05-22
NAM Team supermodelcoolguy: Are you certain that you\'re running SimCity 4 DELUXE/Rush Hour? It\'s required to use the NAM. NERANTZAKIS: See above. Also, what are your system specs? If you\'re on a higher end system, you\'ll want to install a 4GB patch on your game\'s .exe file. The next NAM release\'s installer will have the patching functionality built in. 2013-05-22
NERANTZAKIS supermodelcoolguy this is happening to me as well.it seems that NAM causing it. i stopped playing SC4 until getting fix it 2013-05-19
supermodelcoolguy when i downloaded nam 31.1 & installed it,everytime i load a city it crashes back 2 the desktop. Here\'s my system specs: Windows XP Service Pack 3 Version 2002 Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.26GHz w/512 MB of RAM. Do I need 2 get a new age computer? Can any1 please help? 2013-05-17
lonei It\'s Great 2013-05-15
daringdan3721 The fact you are still updating this is both insane, and amazing. Shine on, you crazy diamonds! 2013-05-14
luxhit awesome 2013-05-11
Phneno Nice... Thks... 2013-05-09
Queso34 Thanks for all your efforts in taking this game to to next level! 2013-05-05
weekny cannot install on win7 64bit... plz fix the problem 2013-05-01
kagamiya Terima kasih banyak = thank you very much 2013-05-01
Li-An Thank you for your work ! 2013-04-25
masatakeza thannk you 2013-04-23
NAM Team Locked on 4/22, while we investigate a potential issue. 2013-04-22
scopey guys im new too all this how do I do it ??? 2013-04-22
asterixthebuilder Nice job NAM team!!! Looking forward to seeing the improvements. 2013-04-21
jcluvzgamez By far the best mod on the LEX. Nice job NAM team!!! 2013-04-19
NAM Team File now corrected and unlocked. Thank you all for your patience. 2013-04-17
Pthaos Awesome! 2013-04-17
KatoSim I wish I could download it - it looks fun. 2013-04-17
hpv1111 waiting the download link to be available 2013-04-16
shanghai kid thank you... and happy to help testing for you guys :) 2013-04-16
Metalpuritan While this is downloading I am going to go ahead and delete from my system the NAM V31, just to be on the safe side. No harm in extra precautions. I look forward to completing my RHW projects I have started and were unable to complete with V31, thanks guys. Only a little over a month from release, you guys must have been working your butts off, good to see you were not distracted by the new SimCity game, that is a relief for sure. 2013-04-16
NAM Team Now updated to NAM 31.1 2013-04-16
soph1st This file does not installing on win7 x64. please fix......^ 2013-04-15
parikksit I\'m not a spam or anything, you really have to register in order to see a download link on this page. Quite mysterious I suppose. lol.. Here\'s a link: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_userreg.php? 2013-04-09
bombcar Amazing 2013-04-08
aldoelapache Great 2013-04-08
DilchDaddyC I have a windows system and I have downloaded it before, but when it was finishes downloading the download window just closed and I wasn\'t able to extract it to my plugins file. Where could I look for it? 2013-04-04
sisisi Amazing ! Great job ! 2013-04-03
Ciunio22 This file was corrupt for me. Couldn\'t install it no matter which option I chose. The STEX one worked great. 2013-03-31
juhov Awesome work, thanks! NAM Team really is best pony! 2013-03-30
rozek123 Thanks! 2013-03-30
Kl408 Eerste mod, eerste poging en net begonnen met sc4.. Of het me nu wel of niet lukt:BEDANKT voor alle tijd en moeite 2013-03-24
BlakeWCM I can\'t even use this mod on my laptop. It crashes no matter what I do. I\'ve tried everything. I just had to completely delete NAM and just play without cool and realistic streets and the game runs fine now...never crashes or makes sounds like the computer is fixing to blow up. The mod is almost a little too technical...no one wants to sit down and read that three page readme file to make sure this mod doesn\'t completely fry the game. 2013-03-23
Wodong Well I kind of freaked out after I installed NAM 31 and it deleted all the older stuff it replaced instead of archiving it through Cleanitol. Which is why I waited a few days to calm down and actually play around with it a little bit before leaving any comments. Was a bit disappointed that I couldn\'t just read the documentation BEFORE installing, or having a separate cleanitol file to do my own sweeping up. Then I realized that most if not all of the bugs I\'ve read about so far seem to be a lot more advanced stuff than I\'ve ever done with NAM/RAM/STR/SAM/etc. Looking forward to the patch addressing the bugs, but so far so good with v31! 2013-03-23
tros Staying away from Sim\"Town\" Online... 2013-03-17
CityDog17 Just found out about this. Looking forward to trying it. Thanks a bunch! 2013-03-17
onigiri512 thanks!! 2013-03-17
madmartigan88 simcity 5 crap brought me here. much better than the 2013 simcity version :D thanks so much fellow simcity fans! 2013-03-16
tombcn Looks great! 2013-03-16
sammymaddog thanks a bunch! great stuff 2013-03-16
shank909 thanks 2013-03-15
blewis3363 Lookig forward to making great looking highways 2013-03-14
mojoc1969 with the nam update...still having problems with connection of roads to rhw and other areas. please check for errors 2013-03-12
mgarcia Awesome work - almost freaked out after discovering flex avenues and I love the new PS Highway! Spent 3 days \"updating\" my cities - awesome work!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2013-03-12
niko62460 Thanks !!!!!!!! 2013-03-12
Andrew_C Thanks for the update! Especially for including plugins now, that\'s a pleasant surprise. 2013-03-11
bardya_oracle Thank you soooooooooooooo Much............ 2013-03-10
jerante Thank you NAM Team for doing such great work, for spending so much time on the specific details, for putting all these pieces together and for showing the community that you really are valuable!!!!!! 2013-03-10
Scud.NZ Thank you for your efforts. I\'m back here after trying SimCity 2013...not a patch on SC4. 2013-03-09
Gordon Dry That is it - thanks very much - and a finger to SC5. 2013-03-09
vitsed1987 2013-03-09
skiffcoffee I still love SimCity! 2013-03-09
Unassigned Nice to have a brand new & very interesting NAM ready for me as I look at plying sc4 again. Thanks! 2013-03-09
1990JAIDEN Excellent!!!!!!!! 2013-03-09
pjc1965 Thank you very much ! 2013-03-07
yotrinity2 Ok!!! Thanks 2013-03-06
Buzzit This is fantastic. i don\'t have words to describe this! Thank you so much 2013-03-06
GreatWesternUK This is just awesome!! Thank you ;) 2013-03-04
1109545194 2013-03-02
dsdude123 YESH!!!! \\^o^/ 2013-03-02
uristmctera very nice 2013-03-02
jack_wilds all the accolades seem to be spoken for... THANK-YOU... much appreciated... reaching through the screen to the entire NAM-Team and Tarkus one big \'thinking gorilla\' \"atta-boy\" slap on the back... 2013-03-02
Markh0z I installed this new version and see that I have gone viaduct parts ... not meeting the tram. 2013-03-02
Tarkus There are no more separate Mac versions. Download this version and open the executable with Keka: http://www.kekaosx.com 2013-03-02
pieman101 were did the mac version go 2013-03-02
scheudt001 I can\'t seem to download it. It says I\'ve exceeded the download quantity. 2013-03-02
Yild 0.o over 200 mega... nice 2013-03-02
Monti300 Thank you! 2013-03-02
AnimeDivine YES!!! 2013-03-02
peterjan23 thanks! I\'m speechless! 2013-03-02
dickwen Thank you very much!!Excellent stuff! 2013-03-02
Cube44 no words... just beautiful~ 2013-03-02
Delecto Fantastic work NAM-Team 2013-03-02
Jimbo_Holton Awesome!!! 2013-03-02
shanghai kid To use a a little of \"The Rock\" Dwayne Johnsons(WWE) catchprase..... Finally \"The NAM\" has come back to Sim City :-D Thank you to the NAM team for all your hard work. 2013-03-02
titanica Whoohoooo nam31 2013-03-02
buddy911 Amazing, you guy just keep out doing yourselves!!!!!1one 2013-03-02
peterjan23 thanks! I\'m speechless! 2013-03-02
Will12 Woo hoo NAM 31 2013-03-02
McDuell Thank you NAM team for yet another great iteration of this wonderful addon :-) 2013-03-02
smf_16 Allriiight, download started! Central heating broke down at my house, but I feel like I\'m getting warmer! 2013-03-02
alvinheriadi yay! nam 31 is near! 2013-03-02
AngryBirdsFan436 @Asmodaan, Be sure you download it again because the NAM will be updated today or tommorow!!! 2013-03-01
Asmodaan Thank you 2013-02-28
boots8087 Thank you very much for this add-on. I can\'t wait to try it. Thank you for all the long hours put into making this. Thanks again. 2013-02-24
nic77ita Great work 2013-02-18
Godzilla3184 Great addon.keep it up 2013-02-17
shimiken31383138 Translation: It\'s finally there, many thanks Andreas! 2013-02-07
foxfck nice ;) 2013-02-04
bablight Thank you 2013-01-30
TheHacker Like the turning lanes ;D 2013-01-18
Powerful Nikita Good! 2013-01-18
Ferrarisucks What? @cool1234 2013-01-15
cool1234 FUCK OFF YOU BITCH 2013-01-13
palmtown Thank you very much ;) 2013-01-12
rhs_adp cool ! 2013-01-12
lol1234 :D! 2013-01-10
jadix09 awesome! 2013-01-05
eisska thank you a lot 2013-01-05
dysse thx 2013-01-04
alan03 un grand merci 2013-01-02
morris_cosentino@inwind.it is it possible to creat an underpasses for highway? 2013-01-02
andikal thanx 2012-12-30
warszawerer One of the greatest thing for sm4 ever. tnak you :) 2012-12-29
hinojo thank you so very much 2012-12-29
Kevin Enrico I love this 2012-12-29
hero52 THX !!!!!!! 2012-12-24
ripjarr good work 2012-12-23
un_fumeta Gotta love this mod and their creators. Thank you for keeping developing and improving this awesome game. 2012-12-22
rainlor niceee 2012-12-20
Simolean123 KOOL :D 2012-12-19
alphaXchaos thanks i like it 2012-12-16
folder0503 awesome 2012-12-15
rajpoot GREAT 2012-12-10
luyuchen GREAT 2012-12-10
edellei This is just gorgeous, thanks a lot 2012-12-08
fogy18m is great 2012-12-08
DFBeck Thanks! It\'s great! 2012-12-04
roachant Thank You!! 2012-12-03
nairobi27 very good congratulation 2012-12-01
niigata Thank you! 2012-11-29
Lovezu Thank you so much 2012-11-28
scks55 Thank you so much!! 2012-11-23
rajpoot GREAT 2012-11-22
Bandoleros tnx 2012-11-22
Bart22H Thank you very much, great 2012-11-20
manuks22 thx 2012-11-19
roah Thank you mod team, you guys are amazing! 2012-11-18
Spyro It\'s my first time with SC4, it will be great with this mod! 2012-11-15
ramadantis great work 2012-11-13
skyline101 great work guys 2012-11-12
grekos6200 Thanks! 2012-11-12
kingofsdtw Thanks!! 2012-11-10
kevinmiss gggg 2012-11-06
rajpoot Excellent 2012-11-05
stantheman1959 this is ssooo great thanx 2012-11-04
Piwii Ha! Amazing! The new SimCity is going to be trash so I\'m stocking up on SC4 mods! 2012-10-28
pixielay :) I Like this mod thanks to NAM Team 2012-10-27
sophiachang Thanks, I lost my old data and need to redownload NAM. 2012-10-27
TonyNobo Re-installed 2012-10-10
melkor merci 2012-10-08
huai005 Thank you very much 2012-10-07
supatpong2038 i can\'t dowload it \' thx . 2012-10-07
cpufreak101 ahh, simcity 4 is losing its spot as one of the best games in the simcity series, only thing keeping it there for now is plugins like this, only thing keeping it alive 2012-10-02
kallo9999 very good 2012-09-27
NAM Team sfbaynate: There\'s a few on YouTube. Check out ErwinNegentig2\'s channel. darxtar2: The Hotfix is not included. You\'ll need to download it separately. 2012-09-23
darxtar2 Most likely a noob question, but after I download this, is the Hotfix package included, or does it remain a separate download? 2012-09-23
sfbaynate Ok so I must be pretty dumb....is there a video that demonstrates how to use this? Thanks! 2012-09-15
sleeping forest very nice, thank you 2012-09-13
Lyner Awesome stuff :D 2012-09-10
Mindmagestic Great Job ! 2012-09-08
M0bid1x1 im 22y/o...it\'s 2am...sims city 4...need i say more :/ 2012-09-07
mschneidt This is Great, much thx! 2012-09-02
junuzi 2012-08-26
hakata great! thx 2012-08-26
mady97 great, thank 2012-08-18
tahta998 Terima kasih untuk NAM team. semoga terus ada perbaikan. kami tunggu kedepannya. 2012-08-16
tahta998 terima kasih banyak untuk NAM team. 2012-08-16
ezahafiz oh my...this is what i need... 2012-08-14
hacanuti Great!! Thank you so much! =) 2012-08-11
vegeta60510 nice 2012-08-07
paturuzu426 Usefull ;) 2012-07-26
jaffa this is amazing 2012-07-26
muc19 s 2012-07-26
chickenonabun Its the knees 2012-07-25
janetmadley thank you :) 2012-07-22
Billionaire I\'ve been search for a century this file...:p Thx!! 2012-07-20
onli_child thank you very much..^^ 2012-07-18
NAM Team faceless252: There\'s no dependencies for this mod, so it cannot be the cause of brown boxes. Also, ensure that you\'re running Rush Hour/Deluxe with the EP1 patch--otherwise, crashes are inevitable. 2012-07-14
faceless252 Still getting the brown boxes and crashes the game. I have tried half a dozen downloads and deleted all plugins but still not feeling the love for this. Sorry. 2012-07-14
chinafans aaaaa1234542@163.com 2012-07-01
NAM Team CsB._LorD: We honestly don\'t know. It\'d be inappropriate for us to give a specific date or timeline for release in light of that. 2012-07-01
tkstbddl cool 2012-06-27
CsB._LorD I know when you will exit the NAM version 31? 2012-06-26
agustyan thank u sooo much 2012-06-24
Nerit Thank You 2012-06-22
ajaxboy11 i like that mod 2012-06-19
NAM Team rt300h: The .zip file contains an installer which you need to run. If you just unzip it without running the installer, you\'re not going to see anything in game. 2012-06-18
rt300h I am a bit frustrated. I downloaded it and put it in my plugin folder and unzipped it, but I don\'t seem to be able to find anything. can anyone help me out please? 2012-06-15
rt300h I am a bit frustrated. I downloaded it and put it in my plugin folder and unzipped it, but I don\'t seem to be able to find anything. can anyone help me out please? 2012-06-15
andrevous Nice 2012-06-13
Mindcrack Thanks for the hard work. :D 2012-06-12
d4rman Thanks. 2012-06-10
ariota thanks for making and uploading this great plugin ^^ 2012-06-10
novaharisa gooood mar soo good 2012-06-09
Syihan16 awesome :) 2012-06-06
guigounet thank you ! 2012-06-03
14dominico Mine is having an error. I\'m using the right-hand drive but the intersection signs are in the left 2012-06-01
butchy805 NIICE!! 2012-06-01
jakub12314 lol 2012-05-24
colco2121 This NAM gets better and better! ColCo rating: 5/5!! 2012-05-24
thst43 great 2012-05-23
virus75154 goood 2012-05-17
YutCity Thank you !! 2012-05-14
zigzag40 Thanks for all the hard work! This is amazing! 2012-05-13
isiqaqa Thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss 2012-05-12
Staticdad Well worth the log-in trouble I seem to run into when I do come here. Great mod from the NAM Team 2012-05-09
makotaru thank you. 2012-05-09
shadowgrass great 2012-05-09
missjny Just great ! Thank you !! :) 2012-05-08
asoulfinder This add a great deal of re-playability thanks for creating it! 2012-05-04
awezcps2 Great WOrk 2012-05-03
Blackheart Excellent work! Thanks :) 2012-05-03
rhytoverm nice 2012-04-29
nathancola13 you saved my city :) 2012-04-27
harryfernet great !!! thanks 2012-04-26
shall great. thanks ... 2012-04-25
qq1195041698 Very good 2012-04-21
evic7 super I love this 2012-04-16
JabberWocky I loved the Nam mod on my old computer, I love it even more on my new computer... ITS GREAT!!!!!!(thanks) 2012-04-12
setsunaseiei sankyuu 2012-04-12
gyd2 thank you 2012-04-11
fabricer1 Thats great thank you very much 2012-04-11
GaeSim2012 Thanks :) 2012-04-11
endo3630 Nice,thank you. 2012-04-11
beam41 thank 2012-04-11
AAAAGGGG This is so GooD!!! Thank you! 2012-04-10
tacohot Thank you a lot 2012-04-07
ASDWER Cool 2012-04-06
carlosreymx Thanks 2012-04-05
supersqn ty 2012-04-05
thiensuvn Thanks so much 2012-04-04
twobob thanks crew 2012-04-04
artjung thank you.... 2012-04-02
ThePrototype It\'s like this mod makes SC4 the way it was supposed to be. The game feels incomplete without it. Thank you. 2012-04-01
NoeyiizZ thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2012-03-30
NoeyiizZ &#3626;&#3623;&#3604;&#3618;&#3629;&#3604;&#3604;&#3604; 2012-03-30
bugsteele Thanks a lot. full of good stuff. had to explore more. 2012-03-27
Alteregoe Perfect! it\'s wath I needed 2012-03-26
MayorCheese Fantastic work NAM Team! SC4 wouldn\'t be as good without it. 2012-03-25
amiens Excellent!! 2012-03-25
mentiss Awesome mod! thanks people. 2012-03-24
Stranger0195 Thanks for your great work. It\'s great to have more variety in the game! 2012-03-21
IchimaruOO Very many thanks, guys!!! 2012-03-20
archiboy Thank you. this mod is awesome and make sc4 stil alive. 2012-03-20
archiboy Thank you. Yhis mod is awesome and make sc4 stil alive. 2012-03-20
lomoless need this right now ,thx for sharing 2012-03-18
jojolapin great ! 2012-03-18
keokiracer This is so awesome. Thank you guys very much!!!!! 2012-03-18
Itapetininga Obrigado! 2012-03-18
ragingmidget i cant download, theres no button, nothing is happening at all and im logged in 2012-03-17
kei1424 thank you! 2012-03-17
kei1424 thank you! 2012-03-17
pachado GRACIAS!!!! 2012-03-17
Llorence Thanks 2012-03-16
portomapfre Yes!!! 2012-03-15
mkoksal thanks! 2012-03-10
hulejia Sweet especially the draggable glr. The installation/cleaning was a bit tedious but once it was done it worked perfectly. 2012-03-09
mehrezsatouri i think it will be AWSM <3 2012-03-06
Bonds Thank you &#3586;&#3629;&#3610;&#3588;&#3640;&#3603;&#3588;&#3619;&#3633;&#3610; :) 2012-03-05
DrJosecito Incredibly awesome mod!!!! 2012-03-05
bengkol007 thank you 2012-03-04
HotSauc35o4 Thanks so much! 2012-03-03
munolou I can\'t believe I\'ve waited this long! 2012-02-27
NAM Team tim10: Either uninstall and reinstall, or remove the \"z_Left Hand Version Plugin\" from your NAM installation folder. Also note--the NAM DOES NOT CHANGE DRIVE SIDE, so if your vehicles are driving on the left, removing the NAM LHD Plugin will NOT revert you to right-hand drive and will just leave you with a less-functional LHD game. 2012-02-24
tim10 I already got this installed. I by mistake installed the UK version. I want the U.S version. how do I change this? 2012-02-24
t_m66 Thank you 2012-02-24
kdoes excellient!! 2012-02-21
kdoes excellient!! 2012-02-21
cosmicstring This is absolutely fantastic! Thank you! 2012-02-17
kmadz2012 thanks!! 2012-02-16
kelik123 greats!! 2012-02-14
Barboufat and the town goes on 2012-02-11
Thony great!!!! 2012-02-07
nakkisormi This is perfect. Everyone needs this :) 2012-02-05
luxhit Amazing! 2012-02-05
bluetiger Thank you^^ 2012-02-04
NAM Team Rocker65: The Network Addon Mod (and pretty much every other SC4 addon out there) requires either SimCity 4 Deluxe or SimCity 4 with the Rush Hour Expansion Pack. The \"original\" SimCity 4 is NOT compatible with the NAM and will cause the game to crash-to-desktop after loading. 2012-02-03
Rocker65 Hello Im unable to use the new modd, when I try to use one of the new options my computer just exits the game what is missing or is there a fix for it, Thanks 2012-02-02
bougnat 2012-01-31
prince_amy Thank youso much! 2012-01-31
NAM Team ILLUMIN: No. There\'s an installer included in here--just extracting it to your plugins will do nothing. Extract the .zip and run the installer instead. 2012-01-26
ILLUMIN Do I extract this into my plugin folder? 2012-01-26
bennnnn Great work folks! Thank you! 2012-01-25
Juca Lets see 2012-01-24
luisfeliped1993 muy buen mod 2012-01-23
goroshkin.91 2012-01-23
Ste_JDM Thanks! 2012-01-23
Phyr Best thing created for SC4 ;) 2012-01-21
dikki thanks 2012-01-20
parth4041 awesome 2012-01-17
dikdiego Awesome!!! 2012-01-14
Rhino66 2012-01-14
junaedi27 i\'have tried ,is wonderful 2012-01-12
dhaniduduls thanks man, it was great,, i\'ll make great city from it. :D 2012-01-11
ladesman error here: http://img684.imageshack.us/img684/7784/errordai.png please hellppppp!!! 2012-01-11
bathory_108 thank you 2012-01-04
roughsoul great 2012-01-03
phoenixone Many thanks... 2011-12-30
phoenixone many thanks 2011-12-30
Yob Thank !! 2011-12-30
wassupdude im so exited!!! 2011-12-28
sjliteblue thank you 2011-12-28
sjliteblue perfect :) 2011-12-28
ganava Thank you very much!!!!! 2011-12-28
ErwinNegentigNo2 thank you NAM Team. You are the very best. 2011-12-26
dmhama Thank you very much :D 2011-12-25
awan Oh my God, this NAM make my city REAL!!! Thanks. 2011-12-23
hyrhen thank you for the hard work of the NAM Team. May I suggest to create an elevated rail over road station, elevated rail over avenue, and elevated rail over avenue station. 2011-12-23
461755825 Thank you :) 2011-12-22
aldebarantaurusfalcon Awesome. 2011-12-21
triglyzerid dusted off my sc4 CDs. Got really delighted to see people still working on NAM. Nice job! 2011-12-20
nikojavier Thrtank 2011-12-19
zazizuzezo amazing ! 2011-12-18
Auiza great 2011-12-17
NAM Team otis1099: There are no other files you need to download. Quite the opposite in fact--there are conflicting files (old pre-NAM RUL-bound transit mods, most likely, such as the \"Transit Supplement\" file from 2004) that are sitting in your Plugins and preventing the roundabouts from working. 2011-12-10
archkorn thank you! 2011-12-08
marianoarenaza Muchas gracias! 2011-12-06
otis1099 I\'ve downloaded this file and it\'s not working. The roundabouts are not showing up. Can someone lead me to any other files that I need to download so my roundabouts can show up? 2011-12-03
lilwolfe2000 i just downloaded it so let\'s test this puppy out!! 2011-12-02
csc_mccoy@hotmail.com Fabulous. 2011-12-01
tipejo Thank you very much. 2011-11-30
beardelicious2 thank you so much! i\'ve been playing SC4 for 7 years already and it never bores me 2011-11-30
singh nice 2011-11-28
Kasiu thanks! 2011-11-27
juankmilo e 2011-11-25
loudpack thx buddy 2011-11-25
bank8844 Thanks so much ^-^ 2011-11-21
tatsuomiJP 2011-11-21
Highstorm Greatmod! 2011-11-19
AbMay Thanks to you, this game is better and better. 2011-11-13
ketel Thank you 2011-11-13
chingao_re I\'m very happy, this plugin is a great help.. so thanks 2011-11-13
nabiaga amazing!!1 this is what i want 2011-11-11
Sly4Good I love this mod, It adds a whole diffrent traffic level to the game, drasticley improving it. Thanks for all who worked on it :) 2011-11-10
tarmiji thanks 2011-11-10
mantisman Aahhh,good!!Thanx 2011-11-05
Ewan K thanks a lot! 2011-11-05
suzghy Thank you :) 2011-11-05
RacheleRoss Grazie! Cheers! 2011-11-04
damien58 merci 2011-11-03
UseNAM You can delete my account, I signed up with a temporary email to download NAM. 2011-11-03
ponjaba Thank you sooooooo very much 2011-11-03
seigfred Thank you! keep up the good work :) 2011-11-02
Hardy Liu thank you!i\'m still playing simcity 4,it\'s the only game i like it 2011-11-01
Simnewbie Thank you!!! 2011-11-01
matej122 thx 2011-11-01
ReneeFox45 Underground subways are blue instead of brown. This is my first exposure to NAM, and when I removed it from the plugin directory, all the subways went back to the original color. I think I\'ll leave out NAM 30 until a fix is created. 2011-11-01
PPMAU 2011-10-31
DoneyOlarte ^^ 2011-10-31
goesoer thank u,,, really funny 2011-10-30
amirsmart where is the download button 2011-10-30
Township777 YES! Awesome work, NAM-TEAM! 2011-10-29
fungi special thanks to you! 2011-10-29
fred wu very nice 2011-10-29
rumi Thank you! 2011-10-28
rumi Thank you! 2011-10-28
bingbang123 THX 2011-10-28
mantisman why is it so complicated? Getting plugins from 3 or 4 different sites,installing dependancies,uninstalling previous mods,Pretty tricky stuff. 2011-10-27
PUTPUT135 in kinda new to the mod thing hope it gooes well 2011-10-27
pjc1965 This is great! Thanks ! 2011-10-27
moswarichai thx 2011-10-24
rifleman13 Great work!!! Thanks for the hard work! :D 2011-10-23
otonee GREAT 2011-10-23
Devaithers great is I Founded !!! thanks to admin and maker simscity is helpful my city !! 2011-10-22
ravedax Excelente, probando! 2011-10-18
Corndead Thank you very much! 2011-10-16
savio008 Thanks heaps! 2011-10-15
CityDog17 Thanks a bunch! Been looking forward to this! 2011-10-14
uzzman thanx 2011-10-13
Mn3mic Thanks, haven\'t been playing Sim City for over 4 years :) 2011-10-12
kawaiinanase Thank you!! 2011-10-11
ilabsn Thank you very much!! 2011-10-11
lak1234 kool stuff 2011-10-10
KaraMuratx80 Thank you very much 2011-10-10
mariog OMG, nice job... now trying to learn about xD thank you!! 2011-10-09
luxhit Thank you for all the hard job :) . . . awesome . . . 2011-10-09
Ariel Muchas gracias! 2011-10-03
NielsC OMFG! A new Simcity xD 2011-10-03
alfrdchen 2011-10-02
blebell first time trying the nam but sounds like an amazing addition and a lot of work - thank you very much 2011-09-30
Klatsch After all these days another NAM, thank you very much 2011-09-29
davimattos1992 thank you 2011-09-28
zhu_esther Nice! I\'m downing right now. 2011-09-25
sejr99999 thank you have gotten so much improved play with the original and now this major update you guys keep this game fresh! 2011-09-24
hexamon Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! 2011-09-23
sonansu So cool ! Thank you very much for this updated version ! 2011-09-21
titanica An update to the last one- Nice- Hope its better. The last one is sweet but changes have been needed. 2011-09-21
Traff Just came back to SC4 recenty, and find this.. Amazing!! Thanks Nam Team. 2011-09-20
ralds HEBAT 2011-09-20
keruak NAM Atualization!! Finally!! Tks!! 2011-09-19
WILSHIREBOULEVARD Awesome!!! 2011-09-19
julietta thank you!!!!!!!!! 2011-09-19
thsumi42 thx 2011-09-19
kasanawi terima kasih 2011-09-19
Jmouse \"Thank you\" doesn\'t sound like much for all the work the NAM Team has done, but I guess it will have to do! :) 2011-09-18
hashan_lanka you guys have really outdone yourselves this time! 2011-09-18
simlove Thank you :) 2011-09-18
jlpierrot thank you a lot Nam Team ! 2011-09-18
dwelln8hss32 Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. You guys rock! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your many months of hard work and honing to perfection! 2011-09-17
berger_msk thanks!!! 2011-09-17
the_landrover thank you! nice work! 2011-09-16
emperordaniel emlukin@u: No, you don\'t, just install the new one :) 2011-09-16
emlukin@u i have the previous version intalled, do i have to uninstall it? 2011-09-16
emlukin@u i have the previous version intalled, do i have to uninstall it? 2011-09-16
Unassigned Yay, v30! Changelist looks promising! 2011-09-15
Alysaar omg this just keep comin and coming nice work no more essentials 2011-09-15
Phillip9999999999 oh my god !!! NAM 30!!! 2011-09-15
nukeu123 YES THE LONG WAIT IS OVER!!!!! 2011-09-15
basileus WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!! 2011-09-15
Mulu2065 @ilhamdatha I\'ll make sure to report you to the moderators, maybe your idiocy got in the way for you to not install it right and say a**hole! No cussing on the LEX! 2011-09-15
Mulu2065 I\'m going loony on waiting to use this, I love it! 2011-09-15
emperordaniel OH. MY. GOSH. NAM 30 IS OUT!!! 2011-09-15
Karlito4 thanks, you made me the day 2011-09-15
joshcriss Thank you 2011-09-14
joechin88 Without it, my sims just don\'t go anywhere. Thanks very much for this! 2011-09-11
romuseeuw45 nice 2011-09-09
RahmanYH THANKS :) 2011-09-08
Lagaffe Magnificent 2011-09-07
xmliang OK .thank you!!!! 2011-09-03
xyathn Must have mod! 2011-08-31
172sp great mod :D 2011-08-30
halfwayer cool 2011-08-29
ilhamdatha doesn\'t work at all , asshole 2011-08-27
ilhamdatha doesn\'t work at all , asshole 2011-08-27
ikandesyo thank you 2011-08-24
imunknown Thank you very much 2011-08-23
imunknown 2011-08-23
alvinheriadi mangstab!!!! tinggal nunggu yg versi 30 nih 2011-08-21
crazygamer259 Thank ya! Thank ya! 2011-08-21
anyuu7 thank you very much..!!! God Bles U 2011-08-20
bettlerin thanks 2011-08-20
Nibrik Tanks :)) 2011-08-19
sc980 I CANT ROTATE ANYTHING 2011-08-15
zyw5713808 2011-08-10
willietomcat Awsome!!! 2011-08-10
suebwongsa thk u 2011-08-07
nuraxx Still gr8 2011-08-06
samsung793 Thank you very much :) 2011-08-06
djedu without this, SC4 is not completed. 2011-07-30
andreasnovier NAM still slow down my computer 2011-07-26
manut9901 Thank You 2011-07-26
jlpierrot thank you ! 2011-07-26
kcosmic amazing! 2011-07-24
djedu keren gan... so great... 2011-07-24
djedu SO F*CKIN\' AWESOME!!! 2011-07-24
carlosolivar thank you 2011-07-21
Mocha2007 How is this the most popular download? 2011-07-15
simarxos thanks!!!! 2011-07-15
Lugnuts250 Good 2011-07-14
scor247 thanks! :DD 2011-07-08
fendy3002 Thanks! 2011-07-08
skyeagle great 2011-07-08
Tarkus simon123: There's no download for it, but see here: http://sc4devotion.com/forums2/index.php?topic=3961.msg282741#msg282741 2011-07-07
dhelaocha thank you terima kasih arigato matur nuhun 2011-07-06
simon123 Ok it goes now, thanks :D But I have left side driving version of game and can i download something to change it to right side driving? 2011-07-06
Tarkus And it's back now. 2011-07-05
Tarkus The LEX has been moved to a new server, and some files (including the NAM) haven't made the move yet. Rest assured, it's a high priority and being fixed as we speak. 2011-07-05
simon123 Why i cant download it? When i click download here, there is "sorry i have a problem" And some monkey:D 2011-07-05
70naon thank you! 2011-07-05
riemogerz jancuk..... is very good... :D 2011-06-23
getuyoubi gutto 2011-06-20
fisherwei very well 2011-06-18
edd101 I\'d forgotten how indispensable this mod is since I reinstalled, thank you 2011-06-17
TheronGuard This mod is insane! Thank you so much! 2011-06-15
TheronGuard This mod is insane! Thank you so much! 2011-06-15
sonansu thank you very much for the nam ! 2011-06-15
Rainsinger Okay I really need some help with this. I have looked everywhere for an answer, and I can\'t find a single thing that answers my question anywhere. And I can\'t imagine I\'m the only one with this problem! After installing NAM, when playing my game, I go into Data Views and Zones, and all my zones look funky. I can see bits of trees, fences, bushes, cars, and even some buildings. The main reason I use Data Views > Zones is for a clean map clear of clutter! It\'s the only complaint I\'ve had about this addon (and it\'s also the only one I use) and I can\'t find anything anywhere that talks even talks about it! Am I really the only one with this issue? 2011-06-14
asdfghjkl1234567890 cool 2011-06-13
bigbossdf Cool 2011-06-11
triton thank you 2011-06-07
Phlogiston Thanks, :) 2011-06-03
oninter Thx u 2011-05-30
s22394123 GREAT 2011-05-26
dotm Thanks! 2011-05-25
gongyiju 2011-05-22
kenzo91 thank you 2011-05-20
ee002208 download is OK Thanks^^ 2011-05-20
s08085 The link works !! 2011-05-17
mto08 good 2011-05-15
Ghost123456 THX,That\'s great! 2011-05-10
kaitokid cool!!! 2011-05-09
bedro This is shock for me .... THANK YOU !!!!! It\'s very nice ^ ^ 2011-05-08
Sepultor Very very good work !! Thanks :) 2011-05-05
Matthew94 This is really good, thanks for making and uploading it :D 2011-05-04
Antdeville can\'t play*** 2011-05-01
Antdeville I can\'t sc4 without this... 2011-05-01
ovaq0893 GREAT 2011-04-22
anthony98 I have Downloaded it and the first time i started the SC4 it crashed after a few minutes can that be Fixed or it is not liking the CAM download i just made 2011-04-20
wanglianglyg thank you 2011-04-12
onemore GREAT 2011-04-10
Deschamps Great set! A must-have without any doubt. Thanks. 2011-04-05
Stars/Dover Thak you. I download it. It\'s very great! 2011-04-03
aketi thank you!! 2011-04-02
konoyoru Great 2011-04-02
derakon pero que mierda es esta 2011-04-01
Atymis Love it! 2011-03-30
Juniper i think this is a great add on, im not that good at Sim City 4 but i think this would make it more fun. 2011-03-28
jcasserly This is great, the only thing it keeps crashing when i try to use the elevated pieces in my city, its fine on empty terrain 2011-03-28
wangbiliao cool 2011-03-28
Aretur cool 2011-03-26
iserlohnfestung thank you very much. 2011-03-24
martinus I quit SC 4 a few years ago because of the poor pathfinder. I only wish I found this add on earlier. Thanks you guys, this is an excellent piece of work. 2011-03-24
geindoll thank you very much! 2011-03-22
Sunny Chicken It sounds a lot better playing with it than without. 2011-03-20
svlie 2011-03-16
yuha Thank you! 2011-03-15
nusty thank you! 2011-03-13
tbieszczad Does this only work for Deluxe? Or will it work for my Simcity 4 standard copy? Maybe that\'s where my problem is? 2011-03-12
evol23 awsome!!!! 2011-03-11
evol23 awsome!!!! 2011-03-11
chorp many thanks.... this shit make my city better than before :D 2011-03-09
tbieszczad I am also getting a crash when clicking on the new icons. Is there a problem with running this on Windows XP 64 bit? Otherwise I\'m at a loss. Tried installing via the instructions 4 times. Crashes each time I try to click on one of the new items. Any ideas? Thanks! 2011-03-08
limzito great!! 2011-03-07
gapawa thanx 2011-03-07
Lipslide holy molly,this is so nice! 2011-03-07
bobbyburns Amazing. Thanks! :) 2011-03-06
tourertt Super 2011-03-06
Pants_87 Thankyou. Looking Forward to trying it 2011-03-06
kord123 THIS....IS.....AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2011-03-05
panga Thanks for the NAM. I think its great with so many new features. If you could have provided a tutorial or a small help file explaining or demonstrating how to implement the new features it would be helpful for the beginners because it takes some time to understand what puzzle pieces mean and how to implement them(eg how to put trams on roads) cause sometimes its confusing. But thats just an opinion. Thanks again and great work people! 2011-03-04
qwertynus Thank you! 2011-03-03
AlbW thanks 2011-03-03
chadfox just installed this and it is so cool, it was difficult to find out how to install it and where to find it after i installed it but besides that, it\'s the bomb. 2011-03-01
manong tx for this 2011-02-28
baramdolly It\'s very nice! 2011-02-27
AAA90 It doesn\'t work for me:( I get \"thumbnail missing\" or something, when I click on those new elements that you can choose, the game crashes and goes back to Windows. Please, anybody knows how to fix it, I really want to try that mod:( (Sorry for mistakes) 2011-02-26
AAA90 It doesn\'t work for me:( I get \"thumbnail missing\" or something, when I click on those new elements that you can choose, the game crashes and goes back to Windows. Please, anybody knows how to fix it, I really want to try that mod:( (Sorry for mistakes) 2011-02-26
sunny-face Thanks. 2011-02-26
l1nx2 thanks 2011-02-23
aaron213 thanks. but i have now trojan, 2011-02-23
xxxx 2011-02-20
shinigamieyes13 thank you 2011-02-17
speed_b 2011-02-10
micvbn Thank you 2011-02-10
kiddragon thank you 2011-02-06
tmz256kb thx lot! 2011-01-31
pablo1991 rav todot, friend 2011-01-30
gothe thank for NAMteam with this outstanding work..after update this NAM my automata went disappear, but the problem was the \'persistent automata\' plugin by Jeiman2008 http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=23362- i have the 1st ver. but this is 2nd ver. (not yet try this 2nd - maybe this revised ver. will work fine) i delete this file from my plugin folder and my automata appear again - 2011-01-30
JAPUONLINE i love you 2011-01-29
Zeratai this is essential 2011-01-21
bynom79 yuiyui 2011-01-20
mizzum727 Can u make diagonal bridges with MOD??????? 2011-01-18
mayor rully thank you.. :) 2011-01-17
erebor thx a lot 2011-01-13
humanpitchpipe Thank you!:) 2011-01-08
gotrock sdf 2011-01-08
fi_gu_kamura Thank you 2011-01-08
drew0718 It just keeps getting better and better! 2011-01-06
PVA Muchas gracias a todos!!!!! 2011-01-03
ppok71 Good!! 2011-01-03
demius78 thxs 2011-01-02
oisik awesome! 2010-12-28
TC1dude Gee thanks! My friend Suggested this to me and now I owe him 5 dollars.. -_-\'. Thank you NAM team. 2010-12-28
TC1dude Gee thanks! My friend Suggested this to me and now I owe him 5 dollars.. -_-\'. Thank you NAM team. 2010-12-27
dondum It seems good! 2010-12-24
Xperian I\'ve been using this mod for years and have never thanked the people who made this. Thanks. :) 2010-12-24
egguerrero hey, tnx, i hope that function succesfully. tnx new :) 2010-12-19
0864mojo does anyone have a problem with not sein anytrains 2010-12-18
rafetash i\'m happy again 2010-12-13
obukuro thank you :-) 2010-12-08
Serendar ^_^ 2010-12-07
emileneth Best mod ever 2010-12-04
Hallo Nice! 2010-12-04
Kennebec4 WOW!.......... 2010-11-30
shinryong Thank you for create NAM^^ 2010-11-30
nukespresso thanks you 2010-11-28
sorakira GREAT 2010-11-27
GuyverScythe Probably the single most useful mod created for this game. 2010-11-25
Pfourie It is a must be done! 2010-11-21
erazer32 wow!! nice to see that SC4 is up and running, thx a lot to all contributors!!!!! 8))) 2010-11-21
Ferrari_Cali48 WOW!:) 2010-11-19
fredg22 yeah! 2010-11-14
mokoisthebest thanks masbro.... 2010-11-13
yanglingxiao 2010-11-11
yanglingxiao 2010-11-11
xv thx! 2010-11-11
Kyu Thanks 2010-11-10
korbinbill thank you 2010-11-09
suginoki2 2010-11-07
anemonefishlab Thank you! 2010-11-05
habo Thanks 2010-11-05
STEPHEN5153 THANKS 2010-11-04
xintrinity Thank you. Great!! 2010-11-02
pppaaattt thx... 2010-10-29
danieltsay Thank you very much for the work! 2010-10-29
chrispleasants How do I get this to work? 2010-10-28
earthgalz love you 2010-10-28
Freighter This is awesome, it is soooo great. I have only had one problem, that was with the underground avenues, they don\'t like to line up for me. And I have one question, how do I delete the turning lanes for everything except avenues. Thank you again for this amazing package. 2010-10-27
ggg Thank you sooooooo very much 2010-10-27
citymayor07 yes its still usable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2010-10-23
citymayor07 this is beyond the transit limit of sim city 4, it also looks great and realistic, can one of you guys make a demand building so i can do my city \"the ultratropolis area\"city? 2010-10-23
xx-fan-audi-xx EXCELLENT !!!!!!!!!!!! 2010-10-17
leodex ty 2010-10-16
hatedemon AW... wait for it... SOME! 2010-10-15
kknd wf 2010-10-15
leodex ty ty ty vm 2010-10-15
7412 I\'m crying because this is so Great!!!! 2010-10-12
1707mania this is great stuffs! 2010-10-10
citymayor07 I want an existing road plz!!!! 2010-10-07
Jezalt THANKS 2010-10-06
majorpickhead god tier 2010-10-03
fakeQQQ nice 2010-10-03
stuartmcd25 yess 2010-10-02
jetfuel5543 Makes simcity4 much more enjoyable!!! 2010-10-02
franzgaara you always do incredible stuffs! I wish soon there will be designs that are similar to Philippines 2010-09-30
Blitz6804 I like how the roads and avenues automatically place turning lanes themselves. I am not sure why there is no auto-placement of road/avenue intersections, only road/road and avenue/avenue. Also, I would like to see the turn lanes by default be a fuzz longer. As to the manual extension of turn lanes, it is a tedious process to say the least. 2010-09-28
citymayor07 best transportation ever!!!!!! 2010-09-26
athimber Thanks much for allowing me to download this. 2010-09-25
Nocturne awesome work! thank you very much!! 2010-09-23
onmytide awesome! thank you so much! 2010-09-23
chreo fail to download, is it still usable? 2010-09-21
milktea49 thank you 2010-09-20
citymayor07 I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2010-09-14
citymayor07 I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2010-09-14
mjj911 some people who are awesome 2010-09-14
mjj911 ty ty thx thanks thank you 2010-09-14
mjj911 w00t thanks 2010-09-14
waterdragon7788 thank you very much. 2010-09-14
houmed thank you.. 2010-09-13
yaoming so cool thing. well done again. 2010-09-12
sakura4649 cool very thk 2010-09-11
Aldini10 You\'re awesome guys! 2010-09-10
maezpro thank you so much! 2010-09-09
RazgrizGa12 EPIC 2010-09-09
cibercompy thanks a million 2010-09-09
joeyjoejoe Yes what a fantastic edition! 2010-09-08
mark45 The best, thanks for the updates. 2010-09-07
bast13 thank you 2010-09-07
trygle12 Thank you so much. Your work is greatly appreciated. 2010-09-04
sobsob Thank you for create NAM^^ 2010-09-04
ts998s Thank you. 2010-09-03
Medial1963 Super Danke 2010-08-27
brandbrand32 great! 2010-08-26
notdoppler83 its one of the greatest things i saw yet. thanks! 2010-08-24
wang72327 thank you very much!!! 2010-08-23
TheDarkwalker Here we go again! The most important mad in SC4 continues to improve 2010-08-22
frankiewizz my garbage disposal has stoppd working! says it hasnt got any road access!! 2010-08-22
akira1923 it can install to rush hour? 2010-08-22
ycandoit Wonderful!! 2010-08-20
Cloudwalker91 When I use some functions of this mod, I have one question: How can I play without it? 2010-08-19
Barnaby How do I create starter pieces? 2010-08-19
xx-fan-audi-xx CONGRALUTATIONS !!!!!!!!!! 2010-08-18
Mortimer thanks 2010-08-17
joshriddle577 Super Love it! 2010-08-17
Titanor Use Tab to change the piece and Home to rotate it. 2010-08-16
Liggle-Hayzitt great 2010-08-16
samerton Version 29!!?? Wow..! The NAM just keeps getting better...! Thanks! 2010-08-16
uae27 i cant figure out how to work it it says that i need a placement string can anyone help me but it is good but i wish that i could use it though 2010-08-16
pipacrue GREAT!!! 2010-08-15
Aldini10 Good GOD! Thanks a lot NAM! This surely must be SC4\'s long awaited update to SC5! 2010-08-15
diaspora01 Cool 2010-08-13
pjc1965 LOVE IT! 2010-08-10
wodbs3081 ad 2010-08-06
Bryce29 Fantastic..you upgraded this spectacular NAM system. Thanks guys! 2010-08-03
BenGunn A triumph,you are the gods of sim-olympus 2010-07-28
pjc1965 i cant seem to get it to work? I seem to be going round in circles. 2010-07-13
hittwice99 Awesome work as always! 2010-07-13
Sid_P Thanks for ur great work. :) 2010-07-10
hobeat69 Thank you a lot. Yeahhhhhh!!!! 2010-07-10
Interaffix Thanks 2010-07-09
rymy I tried to find the download button for whole day and didn\'t find it, and finally I learn that you have to add this page to your download list first! 2010-07-08
Dubbel Thank you very much!! I\'m so happy with this!! 2010-07-03
dj756 This mod is like the best it makes playing SimCity 4 Deluxe much more interesting and fun! 2010-07-01
maniv Thank you very much :) 2010-06-29
donidoni perfect 2010-06-27
Hermina thanks a lot :) 2010-06-26
hupermann merci beaucoup 2010-06-25
dallen70 Thank you i love it 2010-06-19
chastelou Thanks to you of restore a second youth to city sim 4 2010-06-18
Aa51132155 2010-06-18
Aa51132155 2010-06-18
orgiowowo :) 2010-06-18
raston_89 AWESOME. Thankyou so much. You guys are the best! 2010-06-15
cmrsc4 Awesome!Thanks 2010-06-15
joy17 thank you! 2010-06-14
joy17 v 2010-06-14
first69timer thank you! 2010-06-09
miau0123 Thank you guys 2010-06-09
magicman580 THANK GOD JESUS!!! THANK YOU NAM!!!!! I Would Kiss You Guys!! 2010-06-07
tomtomsimcity thanks great work 2010-06-01
Gregren thanks guys for your hardwork i look forward to playing this 2010-05-30
GranLeon_10 Thnx man, but I have boxes when I put some pieces of this mod. Can you give me the links to download all dependences of NAM MAY 2010, please? I search but I not find nothing. Please help me man! 2010-05-29
yysdu thanks 2010-05-29
LeeDude Awesome Awesome Awesome!!! 2010-05-28
zeezo3 awesome.. but it made the game slower than usual 2010-05-27
Joetropian1 The guys who make this are so generous for taking the time to do so and absolutely genius! We <3 NAM. 2010-05-23
Djohnso1 -nevermind, I should have read the comments. 2010-05-23
Djohnso1 PLEASE FIX THE FERRY FROM CRASHING THE GAME!. I am not the only person who is experiencing this. System Windows XP. 2010-05-23
asterixthebuilder Re ferry crash, it is being addressed see forum http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=124&threadid=115146&startpage=1 Sorry mods for referring to another site but seems to be a big issue 2010-05-22
ohmdoreamon Best!!! 2010-05-22
Rebs07 The NAM just keeps getting better and better, this one here is sooo awesome. It makes the game just go by so smoothly. Thank you very much The NAM team for allowing us to use such an exceptional mod. 2010-05-21
juss2fr3sh@aol.com Thank you 2010-05-21
delta9 My goodness, you guys, I can\'t believe it\'s here. Here\'s to never dinging 80 in WoW thanks to this! Thank you NAM Team! :D 2010-05-20
Bris Installed the Update 2010/05/16 - but the game still crashes, when I try to plop a car and passenger ferry. very sad, cause I\'d really love to use the new NAM - but without ferryports it\'s completely useless :( 2010-05-18
arakele I get the ferry crash issue as well. 2010-05-15
Rucies Thanks!! 2010-05-15
jjanggukin I got ferry crash too 2010-05-14
huai005 Thank you 2010-05-13
lgmills Fantastic. Another feature-rich update to this powerful and dream-come-true mod to the game. Thank you for your hard work. I really really appreciate it. 2010-05-13
tcx Thanks! 2010-05-11
Bris the game crashes when i try plopping new ferry ports - very dissapointing. and i cant find out where the problem is :( 2010-05-11
Bris the game crashes when i try plopping new ferry ports - very dissapointing. and i cant find out where the problem is :( 2010-05-11
Aldini10 This truly is a simcity 4 devotion 2010-05-11
Aldini10 I will praise the NAM Team for as long as I play this game(forever). Thanks, NAM Team! 2010-05-11
Subbub11 Amazing Work! Cant wait to try this new version Out! 2010-05-10
gaets Thank you. Keep up the good work.... 2010-05-10
samerton THANKS!!!! =) 2010-05-10
Simcitler Thanks for the new NAM. Probably the best Mod for SC4! 2010-05-10
FinallyHere Thank You Very Very Much!!!! 2010-05-10
NewEra Thank You Very Much A Million Time!!!!!! 2010-05-10
rsdworker its very good but i got the Mac version by mistake but sorted out now 2010-05-10
mallow Awesome new tools to play with!!! 8-) 2010-05-09
lylemartin Thank you for all the hard work. Simply amazing 2010-05-09
hogs29 Very nice additions here. Thank you! 2010-05-09
Exodia the forbidden one THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!! 2010-05-09
vagaga YES! Thank you so much. 2010-05-09
ricardogtc merci 2010-05-09
ryandanielgava Awsome 2010-04-26
thiagolane Thank you NAM devs! You guys / girls have made an already outstanding game even better! 2010-04-23
Spinners21 Thank you very much :D Merci beaucoup! ;) 2010-04-21
mardevolt Thanks!!!!!!!!! Mario 2010-04-21
elangesh Awesome 2010-04-19
china-0778 2010-04-15
flyin9sky 2010-04-15
dhf528 лл 2010-04-15
lazaruzz thank you very much 2010-04-14
magicman580 On The Highway Stack Interchange, It Looks Like The Interchange On Interstate 30 @ US 75, And Interstate 45, In Dallas, Texas 2010-04-04
tuxsim Muchas gracias!! Excelente trabajo y mucha diversion!! XD 2010-03-31
kongtie I miss u! 2010-03-29
windwalker99 great tools!! i love it 2010-03-28
Pieman6711 Awesome. 2010-03-26
tsukasa02 Thank u so very much! 2010-03-24
momotarou_08 2010-03-23
anumel gooooood! 2010-03-21
anumel gooooood! 2010-03-21
magicman580 Thanks! :) 2010-03-18
thsumi Thanks! i was needing it 2010-03-14
Floekr Great! 2010-03-07
alnigseid thanks 2010-03-05
CRI069 thx!!! 2010-03-04
Tarkus MrKnife: Sounds like an installation error to me. Check out the NAM FAQ on the forums. http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=5094.0 2010-03-01
MrKnife I\'ve just installed and all the other transportation system stopped working, my commute time went to the skies and suddenly I had a lot of abandoned buildings. Is this some kind of bug? 2010-02-22
kemble1234 each time i go to use the downloaded pieces, it shuts down. :( 2010-02-15
NodCultLeader Really enjoyed this mod and recommend it to anyone. 2010-02-14
sestro thank you very much! 2010-02-12
doanri Very Good thanks to NAM team!!!!! 2010-02-12
KaelMaelstrom This thing ROCKS !!! 2010-02-11
ss7e0094 2010-02-03
Andoria Thank you. 2010-01-29
leos2000171 Great mod for me!Thanks 2010-01-23
Oreoz This is my first time into simcity modding, but i am a huge fan of the game, Thank you very much 2010-01-16
derikichi great 2010-01-14
thijzer95 GREAT!! 2010-01-12
kurde_faja SUPER 2010-01-10
wrc495 awesome stuff thanx :) 2010-01-03
Madley Superb!! 2010-01-02
lugorios1 just amazing this work 2009-12-31
sourdeaux Thank you very much ... 2009-12-30
rwm10711 thanks 2009-12-29
plai thank 2009-12-29
Andy khun park Thanks a million~ 2009-12-28
martian94 Well. Hope this version is better than the other one who shut down the computers. I really like this Mod and as everyone else i want it free of bugs =) 2009-12-28
palmtown thank you very much !! :D 2009-12-26
lolasimon hey 2009-12-25
senz perfect mod! 2009-12-24
MachinaeCity \'marciomaco - just install in the plugins folder, called \'\'Network Addon Mod\'\' 2009-12-11
marciomaco Please help me: where I put the folder? In Apps? In Plugins? 2009-12-08
Flamer259 Thx! Great! 2009-12-08
bgm74 thanks 2009-12-06
sejr99999 I\'m almost afraid to try this it will be such a radical change but also can\'t wait to try it thanks a lot! 2009-12-01
brandbrand32 thauk you! arigatou 2009-11-29
Huupetti xD 2009-11-28
Coolsam1111 Nice, I love it 2009-11-26
Marsridge Thank you very much!! 2009-11-24
ohyes247 ty 2009-11-16
Sniperz38 THE must have for sc4 2009-11-15
Root_Kat Not installed yet, but I have heard good things and more about it :) 2009-11-13
jared_001 TY!!!! 2009-11-09
puresimcity Best SC4 Mod (so far) :) 2009-10-26
CWS2710 Great Thank you very much 2009-10-25
Awwe the files is too big 2009-10-24
osker286 thanks so much! 2009-10-24
Awwe Last comment i very like it... 2009-10-23
arkray7 i think this is the best nam update ever 2009-10-22
arceus Nice! 2009-10-21
denden55 good 2009-10-13
maximumevil every time i put NAM puzzle pieces (high mono/EI pieces) and tram segments, the game just stops and quits by itself without an error sign! Is my computer contaminated or what? This NAM is corrupted! P.S. my copy of simcity4 rush hour is pirated and cracked... can this lead to the \"mysterious fairies in my computer\" problem? 2009-10-11
Kalium Arigatou 2009-10-10
MasterT82 Anyway Im kind of new here... 2009-10-10
MasterT82 I don\'t know how to download this stuff... can anybody help! 2009-10-10
ivandb NAM is wonderful! 2009-10-10
chsc4d TY!!! 2009-10-07
fleetlordavtar OMG...OMG,OMG!!! Very appreciate all the time and work to accomplish this BEAUTIFUL mod!!! 2009-10-05
ake 2009-10-05
Lelouch86 Good stuff =D 2009-10-05
hyler Many thanks, awesome!!! 2009-10-03
khunnieoppa I have some problems here: 1. When I try to use the U-Drive it Passenger Train, the UDI will just cancel and return back to menu 2. The cars will just disappear on the road (maybe because of the Traffic Plugin) can you help me..thanks (and sorry for my wrong grammar : ]) 2009-10-01
Daws007 Thanks so much! You\'ve revolutionised the way many of us play the game! 2009-09-28
jarppi thanks 2009-09-27
josh6 Awsome. Thanks you vey much!! 2009-09-24
Biwdc Greaat 2009-09-15
roni-m3 Rocks thanks soo much 2009-09-14
DiRkPiTTbt1 thanks! 2009-09-11
HelloCity This is very important for me to play the game. Thank you so much. 2009-09-10
lepashujan Great. Actually it is more than great! 2009-09-08
roundeye721 Not sure if i did something wrong but it didn\'t work for me....... 2009-09-02
drew0718 Thanks! I\'ve been a NAM fan for a long time, and I\'m amazed that you guys keep coming up with new things to add. 2009-08-28
kenndy2002 ths so much i love sc4 !! 2009-08-28
subfly09 Thank you very much 2009-08-27
archiboy Thank a lot 2009-08-26
dkoone i have problem :( new addons doesnt work me a ihave obnly red arrow if i want to build, a tram puzzle and another new addons 2009-08-26
dkoone i have problem :( new addons doesnt work me a ihave obnly red arrow if i want to build, a tram puzzle and another new addons 2009-08-26
drexlerwu beautyful.....wow 2009-08-26
student1301 2009-08-26
kellokitten33 i think the nam team should have a commercial like this: our people from NAM are creating better transportation a better world a better life think safe think NAM 2009-08-24
marao iyahoooooooooooo 2009-08-22
chjlogin thk 2009-08-21
Marushun Sound great! Amazing work done with this... 2009-08-16
tamazoudon thank you very much! 2009-08-16
vito888 very good,i just need it 2009-08-15
exupheros wow!! amazing 2009-08-15
ilovehighways1 I LOVE IT Thank you! 2009-08-10
12amy it won`t werck 2009-08-08
Mickie every player must have this! 2009-08-08
cleaner thank u very much! bd 2009-08-08
nemmy700 A tip o the hat to you, sir. 2009-08-06
mrbarham Thanks for making my simcity experience that much better! 2009-08-02
cman1791 Thanks a lot 2009-08-02
hamideteru Thank YOU!!! 2009-08-01
wzzz Thanks for doing so much for everyone. I can only imagine all the time put into this. Thanks! 2009-07-31
marlon cool 2009-07-29
kejsu160913 Very nice! 2009-07-28
marcosgyn2 That\'s really great!!! 2009-07-19
k808j What has changed in the Jul 18 Mod? 2009-07-18
Strategist01 Yes! It\'s finally here! I will have to experiment with the Panam, sorry, CAN-AMs :) 2009-07-16
dastardly and trying this too 2009-07-14
Dilz Isn\'t this game lovely with downloads like these thanks keep em coming :) 2009-07-13
ihatebetachannels YES!YES! thank you. 2009-07-13
krovina very good, thank you~ 2009-07-12
hiltunen1236 Fantastic!.. I\'m looking forward to see what\'s included in the next update.. 2009-07-11
Georgezapa Thank you!! 2009-07-09
yohinori Thanks! 2009-07-04
YOKOM thanks! 2009-07-02
agou633 so nice mod supply 2009-07-01
punkrockgoth1988 I have found it impossible to play my game without this mod! 2009-06-30
kimcar Great work peoples. Thanks a lot 2009-06-29
gottago Aupdate already?--wow you guys are busy! Thanks for remaking the game! 2009-06-28
BoB_unknowing Awsum stuff!!! 2009-06-28
qkrdmsghks I LOVE NAM!!! 2009-06-24
heitomat New update! Yee-haw! 2009-06-23
heitomat New update! Yee-haw! 2009-06-23
struckar I love you NAM team (not in the gay way =P) 2009-06-23
froelicher123 Finally. 2009-06-22
Ienzo Now with Can-AM 2009-06-22
FrankvU Fantastic, as always! 2009-06-22
simmaster07 I could hug you right now. Thank you! :D 2009-06-21
bacakmaniac OK I NEED HELP! so i click on the download link and that dialog box pops up and asks open/save/cancel. Do i open the file? or save it and if save it where do i save it? this is the first MOD i have downloaded and i have no idea what to do. 2009-06-18
Hamata (^0^) 2009-06-16
stalin187 SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Y) 2009-06-16
hippo the best 2009-06-14
harth thank you!!! 2009-06-13
pier thank you! 2009-06-08
taisa01 GREAT 2009-06-08
tafu thank you! 2009-06-08
Conquerors good thing 2009-06-06
sakurasheep Thank you a lot 2009-06-03
chickenonabunya YAY 2009-05-30
tslater Download is broken. Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/jeronij/public_html/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php on line 207 Warning: mysql_fetch_object(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/jeronij/public_html/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php on line 217 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/jeronij/public_html/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php:207) in /home/jeronij/public_html/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php on line 242 2009-05-28
Tomaslukas You did wonderful job! Thank you 2009-05-25
witfreeman thank. 2009-05-24
bukko305 much betta but how do i save it at ? in the plugins? 2009-05-21
bukko305 much betta but how do i save it at ? in the plugins? 2009-05-21
pochi03 ty very much 2009-05-20
loudrock1218 Thank you!!! 2009-05-19
buff797 Thank you !!!!! you are the man~~~~~~~ 2009-05-18
kingkong another sleepless night for me 2009-05-17
Klarifai This is what I wanted!!! Thank you! 2009-05-15
imiracle thanks 2009-05-14
silentdo That is really great !!! 2009-05-14
lolonnn very nice 2009-05-10
kakkiy GJ! thank you 2009-05-10
Sap59 An excellent mod, Thank you !! 2009-05-09
mastarick love it! thank you guys :) 2009-05-08
bigechotihaya BSC Essential Files 2009-05-08
isotatu GREAT!! 2009-05-04
007man Thanks That Great 2009-04-30
sugaikun thank you It\'s very great. 2009-04-30
aquaotaku thank you! 2009-04-29
ratin Thanks!!! 2009-04-28
Stekor Thank You for good job THANK 2009-04-26
h45sjtj Good!! 2009-04-21
KILLDEROUGE sanks lot teem ! 2009-04-19
wallst02 It is awsome I want to live in Manhattan and it made me think of the Elevated 1 subway train. THANK YOU 2009-04-19
kidmx The citizens of KIDO VILLE are gratefull, jijijiji 2009-04-17
impshum Roundabouts. Wooooooooooooooooooooo. Cheers. S.x 2009-04-16
WillBlundell wow 2009-04-15
Theirishnintendonerd when is this going to be on STEX? 2009-04-12
fauleygirl Wonderful - thank you very much! 2009-04-12
Subbub the guide that comes with it did not open!! wierd 2009-04-11
Mietono Its an essential mod ! 2009-04-11
mafukw Thanks 2009-04-08
seanny I hated the other versions but i like this one 2009-04-06
Glothrenite My avenue intersections don\'t work :( .. what gives? 2009-04-05
xPeKaSx Coooooooool!! 2009-03-31
Guismo Thank you! 2009-03-31
jwhijm super 2009-03-26
S>S 2009-03-24
jsonrt thank you 2009-03-24
sim-fan192 Some of the interchanges and all the roundabouts have disappeared! Whats wrong? 2009-03-24
muratosan 2009-03-22
stiffeg thanks! 2009-03-22
Theirishnintendonerd when is this version comming to ST ? :( 2009-03-22
BombINdyBoy thank a lot 2009-03-20
budbudbadaf hey im not a guy who know much about computers. where do i add this mod 2009-03-20
Limskj Thank YOU guys! Great work! 2009-03-19
Candiria9578 thanks 2009-03-19
Derbert I\'ve been trying to download this but it comes up with the message \"download quota has been reached\". Is it any different from the version I downloaded in February?? 2009-03-10
b22rian another outstanding job by the NAM team,, thanks... Great surprise so soon after the jan. nam !! 2009-03-08
diegoPPbr YES Thanks 2009-03-08
gfv1974 Thanks so much to all who worked on this. :) 2009-03-07
trondi10 thanks a lot! 2009-02-19
Shockwave Very nice, good job guys....thank\'s 2009-02-19
oka02 you guys are the best! for real! 2009-02-18
struckar I have a problem with it!!! My AUTOMATA doesn\'t appear anymore... does anyone have the same issue? if someone could please help my email: strucka_r@email.si thanks!! amazing work guys!! 2009-02-16
Herdervriend This is the best thing every Simcity 4 site can offer.:D I download it always, follow it\'s thing:D Simcity should use the stuff NAM uses:D 2009-02-14
mafukw Thank you! 2009-02-13
mynaamisalan die beste!! dankie! 2009-02-10
Cronoz998 This MOD has become the only thing that keeps be playing now a days. Thanks muchly! 2009-02-08
booly thanks for NAM 2009-02-07
CZGame thanks 2009-02-01
arbecks 2009-01-30
lhj9809 wow! Great! Thank you 2009-01-30
Deven123 NAM is simply superb. i hope many will donate and get either the STEX or LEX 2009-01-30
Jessai WOOOOOW 2009-01-28
majorjet thanks to NAM!!!! how can we use T-RAM if there are no T-RAM stations? Am I missing something?? 2009-01-25
Joetropian1 This is by far the greatest thing that has ever happened to SC4. NAM has brought new content to this game for years, enhancing gameplay in ways unimaginable. Its one of the resons I still play this amazing game! TY NAM! 2009-01-25
Joetropian1 This is by far the greatest thing that has ever happened to SC4. NAM has brought new content to this game for years, enhancing gameplay in ways unimaginable. Its one of the resons I still play this amazing game! TY NAM! 2009-01-25
clearlypowa Great work . great Update. thanks for sharing this formidable mod. Happy new year from Morocco. 2009-01-23
jake_shaw137 GOOD GOD 2009-01-23
txbeatz OMG it took me 5 days to realize that you have to register at http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/ before you can download this file 2009-01-23
The_Z2 It\'s ok now I made another user account. 2009-01-22
The_Z Hi everyone. I just joined BSC and I\'m having some trouble. I tried to download this file earlier, but cancelled since the filename had a 2007 date in the name. Then I read around and found it\'s just the filename on the server, so now, when I try to download it, I get a message saying \'download quota exceeded\'. What can I do to resolve this issue ASAP? Thanks. BTW NAM is fantastic! 2009-01-22
berbecu greatest team in the world . lots of thanks 2009-01-22
lucasfilm Thank you 2009-01-21
jeffypop Where is the Mac version? I can\'t seem to find it anywhere. 2009-01-21
supercoiling 2009-01-20
taksan21 oops sorry i found it, it was at the bottom. t 2009-01-20
stingstingsting thanks all who made the new NAM possible!! You make this great game ever better and better@@@@:::)))) 2009-01-19
skyscraperC3 NAM Team Rocks! Thanks for this update. I didn\'t expect it for awhile! 2009-01-19
simlove Thank u for all the hard work.... amazing.... 2009-01-18
taksan21 when i downloaded the latest nam, my monorail went missing 2009-01-18
kevin1996 A+++! The NAM is great! And thanks you Andreas for the german version^^ 2009-01-17
Lwito JUST SIMPLY THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!! 2009-01-17
DJP absolutely Fabulous, Thank you very much for all your work again 2009-01-16
SimBa1911 Beautiful!!!! Thank you SOOOOOOOO much, NAM Team! You Rock! 2009-01-16
trainboy2004 thank you 2009-01-16
stormfantasy wow...fantastic! you are real creator! Yay! 2009-01-16
The Arrowz Oh wait that\'s for the whole time. Still awesome! 2009-01-15
The Arrowz 36,000 downloads in ONE DAY. Incredible!!! THANKS FOR DOING THIS!!! 2009-01-15
ss7e0094 Oh!Good things,thank you! 2009-01-15
citymaster13 Yes! Yes! Yes! I have waited so long for it! It\'s great! 2009-01-15
TheTeaCat Thanks very much for the new update to one of the best addons for the game. 2009-01-15
sandrasim1 You have spoiled us so much that I can\'t even think of playing SC4 without NAM installed. Thanks for all the hard work you are putting into this! 2009-01-15
knurft32 Awesome! 2009-01-15
darraghflah I can\'t believe it. I wasd not expecting this 2009-01-15
Pharaon-kheops downloading the last NAM update has become as downloading the last official patch.... I definitely have to ask EA when they intend to edit an \"Automatic NAM Updater\".... 2009-01-15
Gastry OMG thank you soooooooooo muuuuuuuch!!!!!! 2009-01-15
jacqulina excellent thankyou 2009-01-15
IsaacTham Thanks guys for the Jan 09 NAM!! 2009-01-15
metarvo Oh, yes. I remember that the NAM was my first download, and I can no longer imagine SC4 without it. Great job, NAM Team! 2009-01-14
gfv1974 Today is truly a great day to be an SC4 player. Thanks, guys, for your work on this! You rock!!! 2009-01-14
SimNation Nice 2009-01-14
yoder7652 Holy Buckets...fantastic! 2009-01-14
ironmaiden :O I LOVE YOU FOREVER!:O:) 2009-01-14
pappybill much needed and appreciated. 2009-01-13
pappybill much needed and appreciated. 2009-01-13
Mia007 Thank you 2009-01-05
jcmigl ffff 2008-12-22
Rave Great! Good work guys! 2008-12-21
bobwinship This is the reason I reloaded Sim City 4 back on my computer. A friend showed me this and so many new wonderful mods and lots... I had to start over again 2008-12-19
pcesars Thank you for Great MOD!! 2008-12-17
baidusimcity THANK YOU. 2008-12-06
qualityking awesome 2008-11-30
htex thanks 2008-11-28
rK_ wow, i haven\'t played simCity since 5th grade. Im am amazed and adicted once again, THANK YOU! 2008-11-26
heinzwolf cool!!! thats just what i need 2008-11-15
MANIACAVE Thank you!! 2008-11-11
meyvyn Thanks 2008-11-03
thinboy88 2008-10-26
pappybill There is more to come....the NAM Team is the cream of the crop. 2008-10-21
sportybenjamin Great 2008-10-15
p.commando Thanks a ton. 2008-09-30
panu68 WOW ,Thank you 2008-09-27
Herdervriend I think, after trying this a lot of times, this is one of the best mods for SC4 ever made. 2008-09-22
kenneth22 Thank you so much~ 2008-09-20
snluckies vbvb 2008-09-05
Daedalus40 The mod crashes on me. 2008-08-22
tiesto70 thank you~~^^ 2008-08-19
robin8868 very good indeed 2008-08-15
feelingshehides Thank you so much 2008-08-06
hanjinn 2008-07-31
jaykk128@simcity phenomial this is great best mod yet 2008-07-30
caspervg How come I\'ve never commented here before, on the download that made me continue playing SC4. Awesome works guys, it\'s unimaginable how much you all contributed to the community in general and how much you have kept me busy playing in particular. 2008-07-21
fzmocha Japan was going to Daundord it. Thank you. 2008-07-16
maxis29 Thank you very much ... 2008-07-14
Jean Baptiste wonderful 2008-07-13
jasoncrossland Gracias 2008-07-12
z_killemall Great stuff! Highly recommended :D 2008-07-04
z_killemall Great stuff! Highly recommended :D 2008-07-04
deion30311 Noice Noice! 2008-06-27
Costandara thanks 2008-06-17
tomodachi ty 2008-06-17
krizlyn69 I can\'t get this to work on my game! Someone tell me why!!! sugadaddyproductions06@yahoo.com 2008-06-06
semstr8 When you come to sections it kicks you out of UDriveIt Mode! Intersactions you could not use UDI Mode, Why is this? 2008-06-03
htex thank you@ 2008-06-03
Theirishnintendonerd Good :D 2008-06-02
eriolindalie Thank you so much for your fantastic contribution to make sc4 the best game ever... 2008-05-31
jax .... 2008-05-28
z Fantastic - now I can finally build a realistic version of the Chicago Loop. 2008-05-06
bwavin Simulation A & B look to be a big improvement but using those mods there is considerable monorail pollution which was eradicated in the earlier versions of NAM. As my cities heavily depend on monorail I\'ll have to stick with the older versions unless this will be added in an update? 2008-05-02
bwavin Simulation A & B look to be a big improvement but using those mods there is considerable monorail pollution which was eradicated in the earlier versions of NAM. As my cities heavily depend on monorail I\'ll have to stick with the older versions unless this will be added in an update? 2008-05-02
fabrimura So funny! 2008-05-02
shortaznboi ty 2008-05-01
hungryryno Anyone else lose many of default textures to the default buildings (such as the parking lot to elementary school, for example) ???? 2008-05-01
Stewey Fantastic, this mod just gets better and better. You guys have managed to do the impossible and improve on perfection time and time again. Thankyou for your hard work and dedication! 2008-04-29
nozomi arigatou gozaimasita(^^)/ 2008-04-29
Regalia Thank you 2008-04-29
scorpio28th OMG...this is sooo cool!!!Kudos to those who worked hard on this!! 2008-04-28
rjkrox aaaalriiight! 2008-04-28
Biwdc Perfect the new Nam. 2008-04-28
Gosswin Excellent! Thank you! 2008-04-28
nerdly_dood WHOA. 11MB. i was expecting another \'update\' style thing, not a whole new NAM...oh well, ya gotta pay one way or the other for a KICKASS mod like this. 2008-04-28
Rodney99 Thank You! sooooooo much! :) :) 2008-04-28
Rodney99 Thank You! sooooooo much! :) :) 2008-04-28
FrankvU Thank you (as usual)! 2008-04-28
claydog You guys do such great work! Thank you. 2008-04-27
sobol Looking good as usual. Excellent. 2008-04-27
rkdtksdlsla thank you :) 2008-04-26
jukesta thanks! 2008-04-26
Tarkus GMT, just reinstall your RHW again. There is no conflict between the current version and the April NAM. 2008-04-26
Jim94 OMG!!!!!!! yes!!! thank u NAM team! 2008-04-26
Lila I wonder , Do we have to uninstall the NAM and reload it again? 2008-04-26
nofunk wonderful!! 2008-04-25
smarty218 Amazing update! So many new capabilities! 2008-04-25
Oidaas Thanks alot! 2008-04-25
Cosmic10065 Awesome! This made my day (even though I\'m 1 day too late lol) 2008-04-25
vistla Is est valde. EGO diligo is. Gratias ago vas. 2008-04-25
GMT My RHW is gone... apart from that, it\'s a great new effort, as ever NAM release is! 2008-04-25
sandiegonative This is a pleasant surprise to see another NAM update. The work you guys do (the NAM team) is amazing. Thanks again. 2008-04-25
streetwise Thanks much. I can\'t wait to start using it! 2008-04-24
TheFuse Great, and Happy Birthday NAM. Thx 2008-04-24
ggzagor Grazie al prestigioso NAM Team ! Thank you for your prestigious work ! 2008-04-24
jacqulina wonderfull work thankyou 2008-04-24
Heblem Thanks! 2008-04-24
paperboy15 Gold! 2008-04-24
iifjhy 2008-04-12
little 2008-03-26
F50CIMA Hereafter, I can enjoy further SC4 life. 2008-03-19
izumi8791 Thank you!! 2008-03-15
izumi8791 thank you!! 2008-03-15
eekng1 thanks 2008-03-12
qtalow55 Thanx alot! 2008-03-05
pqlala thank you 2008-02-29
bobbygraves I have bought and hated every version of this game going back to the original on my Commodore Amiga. NAM\'s pathfinding fix changes everything. Bless you. 2008-02-23
Ho229a0 Exellent!! 2008-01-20
seokousuke589 Thank you for Great MOD!! 2008-01-16
shinshin Thank you :) 2007-12-29
Two in the pink Thanx!!! 2007-12-29
Someone THAANK YOU So much SC4devotion!! I\'ll try to install the famous \"NAM\"!! 2007-12-16
XdyeDelSol Great Work!!!:) 2007-12-11
9ball arigato!(thank you 2007-12-10
gensdupays Hi! I just changed from windows to Kubuntu and I can\'t use NAM anymore! Do you have any advice? I use Cedega to run SC4. 2007-11-28
vetram is it the same file like NAM (june2007) in ST? As i can see there are different Lot Descriptions , what\'s happening? 2007-11-21
isasaka thank you! 2007-11-11
yuichi7 2007-11-11
floikka great. But i used to have this before i uninstalled my simcity. and now i installed back and NAM too, but where are the avenue roundabouts? Or were there any? 2007-11-09
Masochist I haven\'t commented on this yet, but yes, this has basically changed my life...:-D 2007-11-03
eurocity83 I\'m a huge fan, thank You all! :-) 2007-11-03
nikofu Thank you for Great mod!!! 2007-10-28
terch thank you! 2007-10-17
cammo2003 Many thanks! 2007-10-11
elpie Coming back to SC4 after a long break has been a great experience because of NAM. You guys rock! 2007-10-06
khronyo thank you! 2007-09-20
nashail It\'s very nice! 2007-09-05
Serkanner You people never stop to amaze me! 2007-08-27
vieaux thank you!! 2007-08-19
okafuji Arigatou(Thank you) :) 2007-08-09
tamago08 Thank you! 2007-07-29
aleph5121 2007-07-25
mutan great, time to instal simcity again 2007-07-06
ndr206 thank you 2007-07-01
once Great job. 2007-06-27
MayorSoul I don\'t know what I\'d do without it... 2007-06-21
Pierrot1972 thank you 2007-06-16
TheYogiya Yogiya here. Completely emptied my mod files and starting over. I will pitch a few coins in the PatPall meter and start making my 1st city journal. What a great site. 2007-06-13
Darko1979 I love this mod..enhances my game a great deal! 2007-06-11
ironmaiden good work guys! but can i make a suggestion or 2? you should make more types of intersections (the boring Maxis ones just wont do 2007-06-10
Gogogadget Good.... thx all 2007-06-08
Alex2602 I went to d/l this but it says the \"download quota has been reached! I have spent the past three days trying to register here just so I could get this NAM!! Please help! I know nothing about this site... 2007-06-05
patfirefghtr Thank you sooooooo very much 2007-06-04
Silur This is shock for me .... THANK YOU !!!!! 2007-06-03
maxpio Thank you a lot 2007-06-03
maxpio Thank you a lot 2007-06-03
Bigdogx4 oh,oh......I made a mess! 2007-06-02
delldimensions Excellent stuff! 2007-06-02
dede89 Just Great!!! Thank u! 2007-06-02
AlbatrossDomain TY TY TY TY TY... it\'s almost like SC5 b4 SC5 2007-06-02
Mulefisk My god you guys are incredible! Thanks so much for making this game better and better! :D 2007-06-02
Burro Whoop! Christmas comes early for me yet again! 2007-06-01
Frigid Sweet especially the draggable glr. The installation/cleaning was a bit tedious but once it was done it worked perfectly. 2007-06-01
oyd thank u for all the hard work.... amazing.... 2007-06-01
OwenYoman Thank you very much :) 2007-06-01
Scififan68 thank you! 2007-06-01
Vario Endlich ist es da! Vielen Dank Andreas :-) Translation: It\'s finally there, many thanks Andreas! :-) 2007-06-01
bokrif GREAT 2007-06-01