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Helsinki Central railway station is a widely recognised landmark in central Helsinki, Finland, and the focal point of public transport in the Greater Helsinki area.
This is the first multilingual railway station, with both the name and description available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Portuguese.
In addition to being a rail terminus, it acts as a bus and subway station as well.
Swamper77 has created special path files for external roads. The tiles on the left and right edges of the lot are pathed and functional. The tiles at the corners are transit-enabled for oneway roads. The rest of the edge tiles are transit-enabled for streets. The pathfiles are designed to take the two lanes of the oneway roads coming in and merge them together. At the other ends of the single lane strips, the paths diverge back to the two lanes of the oneway roads.
All four railroad tracks terminating at the station are pathed with u-turns, allowing UDI missions to enter and leave the terminus.
An updated GC_Essentials is included and will be installed to the root of Plugins. If you have moved a previous version to another location please remove it before installing this.


cronop44 Thanks 2017-09-11
Disasterjunkie Nice, I have started experiencing with trains, sure beat the highway. 2014-07-08
harrythecat Perfect balance of functionality and looks. Fantastic work, by far the best train station I have ever used. 2013-04-09
biubol how can I say I really love this station thanks 2012-03-07
SuperLaku THANK YOU! 2012-03-02
Zirbs Beautiful! 2012-02-21
archkorn Thank you! 2011-12-11
chastelou grandiose, merci 2011-09-23
franky_boy very good! 2011-07-07
1337C0PK1LL3R 2011-04-23
elangesh Good detail indeed... 2011-04-08
eXStream cooL!!!!!! 2011-04-04
mcmacmx REally nice work!!! Congratulations!!! Greatings from Mexico. 2011-02-26
sejr99999 thank you very beautiful and appreciate the detailed description of the pathing 2011-01-29
Romerjon16 That what I want!! A finish lane :D 2010-07-02
TehSmokeyMan Sweet! now i can finally have a grand terminus in my cities... 2010-05-26
eclipticalstorm The Bat looks great, but the streets on the side of the station don\'t show up. Do I have to drag a street over them for it to show up? 2010-05-04
poshbakerloo love it 2008-04-12
Two in the pink Wow, not only is the station itself gorgeous, the description is amazingly informative and well done. People, take a look at what an upload should look like. 2007-12-25
floikka Thanks, or as a finn would say \"kiitoksia\" 2007-11-23
gi Looks good. 2007-06-22
ardecila I love it! Great early example of Art Deco. 2007-06-19
ExiLe beautiful! takk! 2007-06-19
mathmos increiblemente bueno 2007-06-09
kwakelaar This is a beauty. 2007-06-08
SimFox Beautifull recreation of spectacular building! 2007-06-04
janbaserul That\'s a great station, awesome! 2007-06-03
Bengt Nyt steissille! Excellent, the best station ever for this game. 2007-06-02
mattb325 Brilliant job guys. Well done 2007-06-01
kimcar Very well done Thanks 2007-06-01
Vario Kiitos man, great work! 2007-06-01
Molibdo BrillianT!!!! 2007-06-01