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These two R-§ houses are on the Seilerstraße and the busy Simon-von-Utrecht-Straße (SvU), the two streets running parallel to the infamous Reeperbahn in St. Pauli. They stand almost back-to-back on the same block and were both built at roughly the same time, hence the design similiarities. The rest of the block is made up of Gründerzeit (Victorian) style houses, and brand new hotels, offices and expensive appartment houses, some of which are still under construction. They demolished my sock shop to build them. :-( The Seilerstrasse house has a Kindergarten on the ground floor, and at the back of the building on the kindergarten roof is a play area with sandpit for the sprogs, whereas the SvU house has parking lots inside.

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oyefor very good thanks! 2012-04-26
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