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This is an older model that has been sitting on my computer since December last year. It's a Gründerzeit style R-§ corner house that was probably half destroyed during WWII and then rebuilt, partially with what remained of the facade, but mostly fairly blandly. I've since seen that this house is much more extensive than I orginally thought, covering the entire length of the block, but it doesn't get any prettier. The Building stands in the Portuguese Quarter, half way between Michel and Landungsbrücken, not far from Ditmar-Koel-Straße houses. Because it's not particularly pretty, I'd class this as a "take it or leave it" house, or filler corner house. :-).

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- SFBT Essentials


sejr99999 thank you makes a good corner and fills low wealth housing needs 2011-05-08
Pascal Endlich ein nuetzliches gebaude fuer meine arbeiterviertel! Ausgezeichnete arbeit ! 2007-05-25