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Creator: Colyn Upload Date: 2007-05-10
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The CSX Rural Waste Tech plant will help manage garbage in your smaller communities and provide a small amount of power. This lot is a Special BSC Lot and you need to have the BSC Tracking Enabled Farms and fields in play in order for this to work. Do not rely on this for power as the amount of garbage dealt with is not enough to provide a steady supply. This has been re lotted and will overwrite any previous version.
bldgprop_vol1 available from the official site where you must be registered.
CSX Rural WasteTech - included
SG_LandfillProps included. Please check if you already have a copy of this anywhere as I cannot track down which lot it was installed with.
CSX MEGA Props - Vol02
CSX MEGA Props - Vol06
BSC MEGA Props - JES Vol01
BSC MEGA Props - Gascooker Vol01


couchpotato This is perfect for my rural areas. Thanks :) 2007-10-25