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Creator: Andreas Upload Date: 2007-05-08
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This set of parks was made long time ago, shortly after the Lot Editor was released. They are rather simple, but have turned out quite well, and I still use them frequently. I never came around to upload them to an exchange, so they are now part of the SFBT series. The original values have been overhauled, and many improvements were made to the icons, UI etc. The paths are using ArkenbergeJoe's new alignment props that only show up in the lot preview when you are plopping the lots. Then they disappear and never come back.

The current version of the download contains 22 different lots. Apart from the orthogonal paths, it also features new diagonal paths, as well as various curves, a four-way intersection that was requested by a couple of users, and finally a new playground lot that fits in better than the in-game one by Maxis. To make the set complete, there are also two diagonal fillers which can be used to cover the jagged edges that are caused by diagonal roads and avenues. All lots feature a new query window, which shows the wealth of the park lots.

Dependencies (see readme file for links):

- SFBT Essentials - Plugin Landmarks Props by ralphaelninja


kandi17 Merci ♥ 2013-09-10
Nihei Would be nice with some night lighting on these :) 2013-06-03
enterzandman You have to install this download along with installing SFBT Essentials and Plugin Landmarks Props by ralphaelninja which can be found at simtropolis. 2013-02-13
archiboy THANKS 2012-09-09
yumayo884 thank you very much 2012-09-03
ipp4ever I can\'t get all the lots from the install program 2008-11-03
The Big Z When I look on the menu, the straight path, and a few others don\'t show up. Why am I only getting some of them? I installed using the program, and all the lots are in my plugins folder. what should I do? 2008-04-01
jacqulina wonderfull thanks 2007-05-09
wouanagaine Thx you so much for the revision ! I use the original one everywhere, and I know I\'ll get used to the new one very quickly 2007-05-09