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Cooling towers are structures for cooling water or other working medium to near-ambient temperature. The primary use of large, industrial cooling towers is to remove the heat absorbed in the circulating cooling water systems used in power plants, petroleum refineries, petrochemical plants, natural gas processing plants and other industrial facilities. The SFBT Cooling Tower was planned as part of a large power plant complex, but due to time-constraints, the BAT has been on hold for quite a while. Therefore, we decided to release the cooling tower as an I-D lot in the "SFBT Classics" series.

Dependencies (see readme file for links):

- SFBT Essentials


sejr99999 thank you I will make this a prop and use it in a power generating complex nice model 2017-05-09
Andreas @RJ Chint: It\'s a growable industrial BAT, so it provides some I-D jobs. :) 2007-05-05
RJ Chint does it do anything? 2007-05-04